People Divulge The Weirdest Advice They've Gotten That Was Surprisingly Effective

People Divulge The Weirdest Advice They've Gotten That Was Surprisingly Effective
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Life is full of obstacles and challenges. Sometimes you find a way to succeed on your own. Other times, you need a little help.

The help isn't physical. The people you need can't always be there in person, but their wisdom is always with you.

You've been given advice, and that's all you really need to succeed.

Some advice is sound from the start. I was once told that you can get rid of hiccups by putting a little sugar on the tip of your tongue and swallowing it with water. It works every time!

Other pieces of advice sound strange at first but turn out to be amazing once you're put in a situation that relies on that weird advice.

That's probably what Redditor memereda_vanwolf was thinking when they asked:

"what is the weirdest advice you have heard that is strangely effective??"

When It Gets To Be Too Much

""Do you understand, that if you try to endlessly stack bricks, no matter how perfect you do it, they will fall over?""

"My boss told me this after I burned-out. Just says that no matter how well you plan your work, too much is too much."

– IsabellaCps

Sit Still, Look Competent

"“If you sit quietly while everyone else F*CKS UP, you’re going to win big!” - John Oliver. I’ve gotten multiple jobs and school opportunities by just doing my work and not being a loud moron."

– Redqueenhypo

From The Corner Of Your Eye

"If looking for something in a low light environment, try to use your peripheral vision."

"I read about it in an old WWII manual about aerial combat at night. It has something to do with how eyes work."
"It has helped me many times over the years. For finding stuff in a darkened room, or outside in a field at night, not aerial combat."

– BMLortz

Need Something To Do?

"One time the guy who came to fix my refrigerator told me "If you don't know what to do, drink some water". It's actually surprisingly solid advice."

– FearlessLingonberry

If You Have Good Acting Skills

"From my 7 year old daughter…I still laugh about it today."

"If you’re ever in an awkward situation with someone or need that to just go away- you could always pretend to choke on something. I don’t know where this came from but it’s funny AND it works. You just run away to get a glass of water."

– Typical-me-

Do You Really Want It?

"If you want to buy something, wait 24 hours and if you still want to buy it afterwards then buy it. This has really cut my impulse buying down and has made saving money extremely easy."

– ThaMuffMango

Don't Send Too Early

"When writing an e-mail, leave the recipient field until last."

– Ocsttiac

Eye Of The Beholder

"Honestly I had self image issues until I heard someone say, "I'm not ugly, I'm just not my type" which I'll always remember. Everyone's someone's type damnit."

– mossybeard

Like Magic!

"A coworker told me that when someone has the hiccups you tell them "you're not a fish.""

"The amount of times this has worked has convinced me she's a witch. I have texted her at least a half-dozen times whenever it worked."

"At one point while I had the hiccups and asked a friend to tell me I'm not a fish. Worked. F*cking sorcery."

– sinisterSoup

Only Have A Minute

"When doing things tell yourself you have one minute, and then do as much as you can in that minute."

– Reddit_fan777

Just Do It

""Procrastinate the task by doing the task itself." This is how I accomplish anything during the day."

– ReallyCoolCarrot

Always Get What You're Worth

"If u are good at something never do it for free - Joker"

– Able_Locksmith_6166

I Can't Talk For Long

"When you're in a call that you don't want to be in the first place. Always start by telling them your battery is about to die. So you can hang up on them anytime you like. But remember to call them back after awhile so they don't think you're making excuses."

– NyaNyaMadafakas

This Is Kind Of Depressing

"Every dead person on Mount Everest was once a very ambitious and motivated person. So maybe calm down and don't be ashamed of having modest, achievable goals."

– Lex_luthor_with_hair

I'm Not Crazy, I Just Have A Cold

"Saying “Watermelon” repeatedly when your about to sneeze(but like say it really quietly or just mouth it out cause if I heard someone randomly start screaming watermelon I’d think they escaped from a insane asylum)"

– Despacitoian

Show Them Who You Are

"If you want to make friends but are shy just put stickers of shows/interests on your stuff and people will come talk to you"

– emobanana_

Stop Those Hiccups

"If you have hiccups that you can't get rid of, lightly press the tips of your pinkies against your eyelids. Worked every time I tried it."

– jadeeyedcalico

What Does This Even Mean?

"My dad told me … “All women go to the same college.. watch how you study” …… it has helped me immensely through life"

– Public-Lawfulness975

"What does this mean? Are you a dude or a girl?"

– Main_Manner_2904

"As you experience life and relationships,,, you too will discover the meaning of this….. I am a straight man!"

– Public-Lawfulness975

"Meaning don't go to college because you think the women are cute and it's fun. Find something to study. Every college has cute girls"

– Solo_is_dead

An EpiPen For Your Teeth

"Teabag dipped in abit of warm water then placed on your sore tooth so the liquid touches it, for 20 minutes or so helps take the pain away till you see a dentist."

– Reddit_fan777

You'll Need It Eventually

A wise man once tole me: Buy a plunger before you need a plunger"

– BigT2190

Yes, some of this is very weird, but it seems to have positive effects on the people who listened. I definitely want to know how that one person figured out telling someone "You are not a fish" gets rid of hiccups.

And I'm totally ready to try pretending to choke to get away from the myriad of awkward situations I find myself in.

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