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You know what they say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions". Because the people who have our best interests in mind typically have good intentions when they give us advice, but there's a chance that that advice can go horribly wrong.

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Life doesn't come with a blueprint, instructions, nor a roadmap of what to expect in the days and years ahead. It does, however, contain all kinds of people who've lived life for longer than you.

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When I started my career as a performer, I was terrified about auditioning.

For actors, there is no other vulnerable moment than when you show strangers your capabilities, passions, and everything you've dedicated yourself to learning only to be dismissed with a "Thanks for coming. Next."

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Having a heart attack is one of my worst fears. Well, honestly, death is my worst fear and a heart attack is on the list of "least favorite ways to expire." I've witnessed people fall prey to matters of heart health and it is not fun. Nowadays we are all blessed as a society to have so much knowledge on this issue so the chances of survival have grown exponentially.

And the people who come out the other end do seem to grasp a new lease on life. I'd rather grow from reading Brené Brown, but knowing all we can about heart attacks can only be better in the long run.

Redditor u/Mr_Cakes11 was hoping to hear from everyone out there who has been lucky enough to go on with life after a few scary health concerns by asking... People that have experienced a Heart Attack, what does it feel like?

Lesson number 1... no person of any age is exempt. For example...

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