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We are fed tons of untruths from the womb, and not just by our nearest and dearest, they to are told numerous tales.

Society, religion and creatives all play a part. Like the rules of karma. Who actually believes in karma? If karma was real I'd see a ton more satisfaction in humanity as a whole.

I witness too many people still running around causing mess and with no consequences. That's just one example.

Let's hear some more words of wisdom that are fraudulent.

Redditor u/SavBeeing wanted to compare notes on all the crap so many of us are told through life, by asking:

What famous quote is complete BS?
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As much as the narrative of the drunken nighttime tattoo excursion has some appeal, the truth is that tattoos are important decisions.

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Almost all of us have gone through school and had a moment where a teacher taught you a lesson you could never forget. It was life changing, and a nugget of wisdom that impacted you for years. Teachers and educators are helping to mold the minds of the impressionable young people that grow up to change the world.

Teachers can also impact our own sense of self worth, the importance each individual has, and how we are all connected to one another. The people of Reddit let us know what those moments between teachers were and what they taught them

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Marriage is often one of the most difficult forms of relationships for young couples. The fun of dating becomes mixed with the hefty responsibilities that come with truly building a life with another person and integrating your lives together. It is not easy, often it will fail, there are times that will be painful however, if two people truly want to grow together they will find ways to overcome challenges in ways that strengthen their bond.

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Life lessons are hard learned and often not a fun process. What a gift good life advice can be from someone who has gone through the experience. The difficult thing is that sometimes, until we are ready, we don't understand the full meaning or value of that advice.

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