People Share The One Thing Everyone Should Definitely Do Before They Turn 30
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When you're young, it's easy to think you've got plenty of time to responsibly live your life and learn essential life skills. This is especially true in your 20s.

In your 20s, you're just out of school, working on advancing yourself career-wise, and you want to just enjoy your youth. While there's nothing wrong with that -- you should enjoy your youth -- you have to start some life planning as well.

By the time you get to 30, you'll realize you're too late to the party on things like getting your degree, living a financially healthy life, and, according to Redditors, dental care. Use your 20s to have fun, but make sure you also take advantage of being young. Sometimes, your youth is the exact right time to start good habits.

This is probably the philosophy behind Redditor give_me_wings101 question:

"What’s that one thing people in their 20s should definitely do before turning 30?"
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People Share The Three Word Message They'd Share With Their 13-Year-Old Self
Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash

Sometimes I sit around and wish I could go back and deliver a message to my younger self.

I think about ways I could encourage her or people I would help her avoid. I think about the people I'd tell her to wait for.

I think about the years of crap medical care we could avoid.

And then I remember 13-year-old me didn't listen to anybody anyway. Me and my Sony Sports Walkman had better things to do than listen to some time traveler.

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People Divulge The Weirdest Advice They've Gotten That Was Surprisingly Effective
Monica Melton on Unsplash

Life is full of obstacles and challenges. Sometimes you find a way to succeed on your own. Other times, you need a little help.

The help isn't physical. The people you need can't always be there in person, but their wisdom is always with you.

You've been given advice, and that's all you really need to succeed.

Some advice is sound from the start. Other pieces of advice sound strange at first but turn out to be amazing once you're put in a situation that relies on that weird advice.

That's probably what Redditor memereda_vanwolf was thinking when they asked:

"what is the weirdest advice you have heard that is strangely effective??"
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People Break Down Which Pieces Of Life Advice Can F*** Right Off
engin akyurt on Unsplash

Most people have become conditioned to invoke cliches when consoling or encouraging others.

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There has got to be a way to save the world.

We are on a collision course to destruction, y'all.

But we can change that. We can fix this mess.

If we really want to.

When you break it down, the answers are staring us in the face.

Let's start with denouncing greed.

Greed is bad.

Spread the wealth and continue...

Redditor P4intsplatter wanted everyone to listen up and start being smarter, because it's actually easy. They asked:

"What simple rule would fix the world, if everyone actually followed it?"
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