People Confess What Genuinely Disgusts Them
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No two people react the same way to a pungent odor, gratuitous violence in film and television, or unruly, off-putting behavior.

As some people have a fairly high tolerance for gore, aren't bothered by taste and smell, and are so patient that they simply aren't bothered by anyone.

Although, everyone has their limits.

And despite what they might say, there are very few people who don't have one thing which even the very thought of will make them gag, just a little bit.

Redditor Remarkable_Major_872 was curious to hear the things that truly revolt people, leading them to ask:
"What genuinely disgusts you?"

Do They Think It Will Just Vanish?

"People not flushing their poop or pee in public toilets."- Acceptable_Fee_1280

"It was that hard to pull the little lever down?"- Scotsgit73

Always Carry Mints...

"Another person's hot breath in my face."

"For any reason."- MaryEstradaGT

Nickelodeon Bad Breath GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsGiphy


"People who abuse their pets."- roseteaXx

Being Tricked Into Purchases...

"Ads with a fake close button that just redirect you to the link, particularly pop-up ads."

"I forgot about the mobile game ads with fake mini games that redirect you to the App Store."

"Those might be even worse."- Tyler_Martin1

Cleaning Comes At A Price...

"The goo in the sink drain once you’ve done the dishes."

"Touching this to clean the sink is always a gut-wrenching, vomit-inducing moment."- meiliraijow

Men Marking Their Territory...

"Sitting on a toilet seat with pee on it."- KAWAiiANGXL

We All Do It... Doesn't Make It Any Less Gross...

"Vomit."- criminallscum

I Mean, COME ON!


"Just hang onto your sh*t for two minutes and put it in a bin instead of just throwing it on the ground."- ElmerWolfeLO

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No Matter The Package, Always Bad For You!

"Dipping tobacco."

"Carrying around a bottle of your own brown cloudy spit that smells like absolute death just skeeves me out on a level I can barely even describe."

"Bonus points if you're the douche who leaves the spit bottles or cups for other people to clean up."- Porn_is_my_bae

We all have our limits.

But even if you aren't wholeheartedly repulsed by any or all of these things, that still doesn't mean you should tolerate it!

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