You never really know when you're in the throes of a fad or a phase. You're spending a ton of time enjoying yourself. Most of the time trends seem like they're going to be around forever. However when we look back we are always shocked by our lack of awareness. Who really thought fanny packs and socks with sandals were fashion forward? Thank the Lord for cycles. An end will always follow.

Redditor u/cy5266 wanted to compare notes with everyone to see what fads we're thrilled are in the past by asking.... redditors, what's a trend that you're really glad has died out?

not so much.....


Keep calm and... posters. It was cool the first couple times I saw it. The next 5000, not so much. Curious-Kaleidoscope


When I was a kid in the 1980s, there was this weird vandalism in public buses, some craphead hooligans would take a knife and cut into the seats so much that all the stuff was coming out, it looked absolutely repulsive. Back then, most seats in public transport buses were fake leather + stuffing, and sometimes half of them were gutted.

It died out somehow after 1990. The last cut up bus seat that I remember was like 1993 or so. DefenestrationPraha

"who's here watching in 2020"

"First" comments used to be everywhere, but I haven't seen one in ages. Does every commenting feature in the internet now automatically reject them? Blando-Cartesian

To be replaced by "who's here watching in 2020" posted to some Youtube video that's like 1 year old. lipsweater


I am sad to say that for my birthday party, either in sixth or seventh grade, can't remember, I had a My Little Pony mustache themed birthday party, and I got cups with the ponies on it and drew custom mustaches on every one. Filled 'em up with candy and fake mustaches and gave it out as a part favor. Even the cake had ponies with mustaches on it. Not to mention it was at Roller Palace, so that's a thing. So glad it's over now lol. harvestwheat27

So Nuts....


"Cray cray".... anonymousladyvotes

I say this to annoy my teenager.

"That's cray cray!"

"Dad, never say that again. Just don't." tweakingforjesus

Game Over. 

Those Facebook games that people would play and invite you to. FarmVille, the one with the mafia or whatever, etc. Corporate-Asset-6375

Thanks Darwin. 

That thing where people get out from moving cars and dance on the road.

Had no idea how many people qualified for a Darwin award until I saw that trend go viral. Onceabanana


Making cartoons looks gangster. Like bugs bunny with a pistol or spongebob with chains and a gold grill. Saying same to everything was so annoying too. Espada_6

I can't even imagine a non-gangster Tweety-bird anymore. MarkHirsbrunner


Using tanning beds. Maybe it hasn't died out completely, but usage has dropped significantly thanks mostly to education on the risks of developing skin cancer. lifewitheleanor

I don't know how there's people that freely venture into those things, I developed a mad fear of those from some horror movie where the woman literally fried in one of them, not to mention how claustrophobic they look. LeMetalhead

built to die.....


Trends are built to die. It's considered cool by people who do it when it's brand new, but eventually they decide to make fun of the people who follow along just because they can. Honest_Man_76


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