What makes us quirky makes us unique. What makes us unique makes us special. And that which makes us special is what are greatest attribute.... well, maybe most unique things. Somethings maybe just a touch of odd. An odd can be fun. Right?

Redditor u/numerousiceballs wanted people to share some unique behaviors by asking.... What is your weird quirk?

Eye Movement.


I can't read the description of someone winking in a book without winking myself. MauveBeardThePirate

Why did I wink as I read that? Astranautic

Why lick there?

I can lick my own elbow and I love bragging about it. I'm an adult and it's nothing to brag about. My arms and hands are flexible but I'm pretty much a brick otherwise. Tongue is regular lol Saussureious


I like to put smooth rocks into my mouth. When I was child and placed everything I saw into my mouth lol. I probably continued cause I liked the texture? I have no clue. Strangest thing but for some reason, uneven rocks are "dirty" while smooth rocks are "clean." I know both are probably equally disgusting even if I wash them but that's just how my brain works. I'd never suck on an uneven rock. ZyraThePotato

Don't Touch.... 

I'm very jumpy and when i get startled when someone/something suddenly touches me, i yell OWW. I don't know why because it's not like it hurts. PietNederwiet

I say ow if anything unexpected happens brush a wall "ow that hurt" step on a marble "damn oww" and it's always followed by an inner monologue of "what the hell? that didn't hurt dummy." Michael_chipz



I will sometimes get an itch on my scalp which hits a nerve when I scratch, forcing me to do a fast like tremor of my head. My eyes close and I make a crazy face. It's like I have a mini seizure.

Dunno why I've just always done. SuddenTerrible_Haiku

So Thirsty....

I like to have two beverages with my meals, one of them has to be water. So it'll be coffee and a water, soda and a water, etc. It's just how I like it, and I have no idea why, but my meal doesn't feel complete otherwise.

Edit: Well I'll tell ya, I've been told I'm weird for this just as long as I've been doing it, so it's nice to know I'm definitely not all that weird. It just makes sense to me to do it like this, so hey - thanks everyone! MamieJoJackson

The Tingle.....

Secondhand embarrassment produces an actual physical cringe for me. I have a hard time even watching movies with awkward situations. It's like reverse ASMR for me, where seeing embarrassment or awkwardness actually makes my neck tingle, but in the most unpleasant way. melocoton_helado

Loud in a Row....

My sneeze attacks are usually 10-20 in a row. For some reason people get weirdly upset by it. tikidon

Personally, I think, that it entirely depends on the volume that you reach. In my family the sneezes are short but very violent, so every sneeze will leave a lasting impression. numerousiceballs

I Can Explain....


I sometimes explain things to myself I already know. But it's more like I'm lecturing an audience, like a professor or something. Proved to be quite useful sometimes as I'm mostly prepared to give fluent answers yet its sometimes weird catching yourself standing in the bathroom and explaining to yourself what exactly the third impact was and how it worked. Larzelot

What's in a Name?

No matter how hard I try, I cannot remember names. Don't take it as an insult if I forget yours I literally forgot my middle name for a year until I looked at my passport and was surprised. FrozenChurchillian

The Collector... 

I have a bad habit of collecting bottle caps on my desk. Ever since I did an art project involving them I just keep them there. They keep piling up and I clear them off every week. doggies11

I feel your sorrow. I used to collect Coke codes back when that was till a thing. After they cancelled the program, I find myself noticing bottle caps I can pick up from recycle bins. I guess my brain is still subconsciously looking for them. II_Confused

Shut Up!


My internal monologue is entirely second person because when it's in the first person my brain screams at me.

I feel exposed if my legs and arms aren't covered and I'm not wearing a hat. LittleRedLamps

Yummy Moves....

If I really enjoy the food I'm eating, I'll slightly shake my fork/spoon up and down between bites.

It kinda pisses my wife off for some reason but I'm not mad, I'm able to successfully compliment her cooking even when it sucks. freesincemybirth96

Haha! I dance when I eat stuff I like. It may be a head bob, a shimmy, or a full body wave. But if I like the food, I can't help but dance. SunshineSaysSo


I have a lot, but the weirdest is that I can make my fingers seize to the point that they're basically vibrating. I have to scrunch them up like I'm holding onto an invisible object and then tense them in a specific way. I don't know how to explain it.

When I was a kid, I would do it whenever I got really excited. Even now, when I get a burst of happiness or excitement, I have to do something with my hands.

Making my fingers seize takes a lot of energy, so my body's natural reaction was to put all my energy in my hands.

If enough people were interested, I would take a video and upload it, but most people get wigged out when I do it for them. It's a little freaky, but I've been told it would work well in a horror movie. matiuhhh

Use your Words... 

I have so many ways to word one sentence that I scramble over my words and the fact I start crying when I'm super mad or stressed. metaaltheanimefan

I had that problem in my mother tongue as well, but weirdly it got a lot better once I learned English. Having a limited vocabulary really restricted me and made it a lot easier to write sentences. numerousiceballs


Yawns are especially contagious to me. Typing this out made me yawn, people yawning in comics make me yawn, advertisements about sleepiness on trains make me yawn, the word yawn makes me yawn. I yawned 3 times in total typing this out. KimKenji

An Apple a day....


Thinking of or even watching anyone eat apples with their skins gives me the chills. KaptainKompost

Use your Ears....

I can make my ears rumble and click. You know how when pressure increases you need to unplug your ears? It doesn't affect me at all.

Edit: this is the ability to control you tensor tympani muscle. Someone has put a link to a subreddit down below :) GrayReads

I can make my ears rumble and click too, but pressure still affects me. You lucky fool. Beast_of_Bladenboro

Out Loud.....


I talk to myself out loud when I'm alone. Not like have conversations with myself, but say I'm looking in the fridge I'll say "Dammit I'm out of milk. I should have bought some yesterday while I was out" instead of saying nothing like a normal person. I do this a lot... might be because I'm alone a lot and I find the noise comforting? Not sure.

Also I pick up and play with insects when I find them. jamescweide


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