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Some people feel bad talking about themselves. Whether it's being uncomfortable with having the spotlight on you or not wanting people talking about you, or some mixture of both, there might be incredible people all around you and you'd never know.

Thankfully, the internet exists to anonymously get those brags out.

Reddit user, u/lorenggg, wanted to hear what you should be bragging about when they asked:

Whats your biggest flex that you'll never tell anyone?

Stay Knowledgeable About Your Collectibles

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I have enough old, valuable Magic the Gathering cards to buy a car. A new, really nice car.

I don't tell anyone IRL because they're from when I was young and collected them, and my current social circle would think it's kid/nerd stuff and wouldn't understand. Doesn't get me down, though. Current plan is to hold on to them until they go up enough over time to match my mortgage balance, then use them to pay off my house.


The Bigger Question Might Be Is Why Is That Entrance Still There?

I lived with my grandparents my whole life who lived in a small little house across the street from a big fancy neighborhood development. They lived in the same house for 40 years before the development. It was a very bad hill on a busy road with the neighborhood entrance at the bottom of the hill which was across the street from our house.

Me and my grandpa would pull people out of wrecks all the time. Saved a bunch of lives but sadly saw over 10 people die on that hill growing up. The big fancy people in that neighborhood would always bring us food and gifts, they called my grandpa the gate keeper.


Going Viral Early On

I made a minecraft tutorial video when I was 15 that got 20K views


Taking Care Of People To Honor A Legacy

I raised $100,000 for a scholarship fund in the memory of my deceased twin brother. Since that time we've given away over 200 scholarships


You Know They're Talking About And Proud Of You

Had a class where the professor was pissed that everyone did really bad on an essay and was yelling at the class. He said that aside from one person who got a 97 percent he was disappointed with everyone there.

I had the 97 percent.


Immortalized Forever In Song

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I saw Elton John in Vegas. Red Piano Tour. During Benny and the Jets (I can whistle extremely loudly), I nailed the whistle part that is on live version of the song that plays on the radio. He smiled.


Saving Someone's Dignity

Woman in my office had a fairly long piece of TP attached to her shoe and I stepped on it and detached it from her shoe. I felt like a super hero. I still feel like a superhero about it.


She Talks To Dinosaurs

I saw a lizard in the middle of a busy road. I bent down on the side of the road and called for it as I put my hands out and he ran straight into my arms. I carried him to safety and didn't think anything of it until I heard a stranger behind me go, "Did y'all see that sh-t?? She's a lizard whisperer!"

Man I wish there was another witness because I bet I looked cool


Oh, The Delicious Irony

In my public speaking class I had to give a speech on procrastination. I wrote the speech an hour before class. In my feedback notes I was told I had great preparation.


From Big To Small, Everything Matters

When my girlfriend and I worked at the same bar, I threw a coaster at her like a frisbee. It arced over her and like twenty customers only to land perfectly on the neat stack of other coasters like 50 feet away.

It was so f-cking cool but nobody noticed except one customer who I later had to kick out for taking a nap on the bar. No point in telling anybody, but I look back fondly on that moment.


Charity Requires No Name

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When I was in highschool we did a "toy drive" with our homeroom classes around the holidays where each class was assigned a family in need to donate money to or buy toys for. By the last day almost none of the toys had been bought from the kid's lists, we'd just collected a modest chunk of money for the family.

I went home and told my mom that I didn't need anything but I would like to get some of those things the kid's asked for. My mom and dad talked, they'd both grown up poor and knew the money we'd collected would probably be used on necessities, not toys. So my mom and I went out and came back home with about $300 worth of toys the kids had asked for.

I brought them in early before school started and submitted them and the receipts for them to my homeroom teacher. Later on one of my classmates, who I had great disdain for ever since the third grade when he blatantly stole my new pencil, came in and announced he was making the biggest contribution of our class with a $40 donation.

The teacher made eye contact with me but I remained neutral and shrugged, so the teacher didn't correct him, just smiled and said thank you to him. I figure he needed that affirmation more than me and I never liked being center of attention anyway.


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