People Share The Most Cringeworthy Thing They've Ever Done
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Picture this: you're laying in bed, peacefully drifting off to sleep, when suddenly your brain reminds you of that time you embarrassed yourself in third grade. Suddenly, you're wide away and cringing as you reply that moment in your head.

Maybe that moment was when you were trying to impress a crush, or maybe you tried to crack a joke that flopped.

Well, we wanted to know what those embarrassing and absolutely cringeworthy moments were so we can have a good laugh about it.

Redditor LexiDuck asked:

"What is the cringiest thing you've done?"

Let's get into some second hand embarrassment.

Laugh out loud.

"Said 'lolololol' out loud. It was like the sad, pointless mating call of a prehistoric nerd."

- waitingtodiesince93

"Using this face I hope."

- shot_collar

"I say lmao out loud and make my friends die inside."

- ArcherInPosition

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Everyone knew they were lying.

"Told some female co workers that I spent 2 weeks in jail…. They knew I was lying. I knew I was lying. Why did I do that."

- gsdagaw91

"Idk, have you tried staying up all night thinking about it?"

- CoddlePhish

Teenage emo phase.

"All of these were when I was a teenager:"

  1. "Went into a barbers with a picture of an emo dude I found on the internet, and I told them I wanted my hair done like that. They told me my hair already looked like that."
  2. "Made a really stupid sexist joke in front of a girl I sort of liked. She definitely didn't find it funny."
  3. "Walked around in a T-shirt that had a huge American flag with a hammer and sickle in place of the stars. It wasn't for political reasons, I didn't even know about politics at the time, I just thought it was cool."
  4. "Following on from #3, I used to wear some ridiculous outfits to college that were radically different every day. One day it was a fedora with a white dress shirt and black waistcoat, the next it was bright red skinny jeans with a leather jacket and huge sunglasses."
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"I know this is all kinda cringe but I love you so much lol this is all the best honestly ❤️ we all had emo hair at one point and they were the absolute best days ever."

- ResourceNarrow1153

"Everything but #2 makes me think you're cool."

- chinchillah_killah

Paralyzing cringe.

"I was at my friends house and went to get something from the lower part of the fridge. As I squatted down I farted so loud that I got paralyzed for about 5 seconds."

"I don't know if this classifies as cringe or just straight up embarrassing."

- iCalet

"First time in a while I've laughed out loud from a comment."

- RedditRaptorV

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"When I was a stupid teenager, at Christmas, my uncle was poor. He gave me my Christmas present and having heard this joke elsewhere and thinking it clever I said 'thank you, I'll have the rest later.' The room went silent, I tried to explain but I made it worse. That was about 25 years ago and I still cringe at the memory!"

- Elaquore1

"Aw damn poor uncle."

- YakobChaiMilkTea

Bluetooth headphones.

"Definitely answered someone while they were talking on a Bluetooth. Numerous times."

- ChrystynaS

"That's on them for wearing a Bluetooth device, especially if it was within the last 10 years."

- jmurph704

"As a former cashier, folks on the Bluetooth would piss me off all the time. I'd ask how they want their things bagged, or say hello, and they'd hold up a hand to their head and say 'I'm not talking to you, hold on.'"

- uncommoncommoner

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All for a crush.

"Joined a dance performance at school because my crush was in the group. She dropped out a day before the performance and I still had to go on."

"The song was that car wash song from shark tale. I still hate hearing it and remembering this."

- ContemplatingMeth

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Not the more typical response.

"I was at target and just got done purchasing stuff and said 'you're welcome' to a target cashier after she said 'have a nice day.'"

- Jolly_Ad_1367

"For some reason, I laughed so hard at this! I guess because I can imagine myself doing the same thing."

- Prior-Resist4486

"I hate when somebody says something like 'ok sir you're all set,' and my dumbass will be like 'thanks, you too,' lol."

- CoddlePhish

"I was at a gig and it was being recorded by the venue owner. Really cool place, local brews from all around America, original music and local art on the walls for sale. Super cool crowd."

"I hate even remembering this and I never play the CD for this specific reason. I took a gulp of this delicious cider and said into the mic (too loud and in a weird announcer voice) 'Liquid Confidence!!' No one laughed. There were like 60+ ppl there. I'm so furggin dumbbbb."

- 1000spiderz

"Well you made me laugh so you have that going for you."

- Thisissuchadragtodo

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Miles high.

"I just realized this is 2nd most cringe. First most cringe was when I was first starting to travel for work. I was talking to my boss (25 yrs my senior, also a VP of our division) and his counterpart (30 yrs my senior, also a VP) about how I aspire to get enough southwest points to be an A-List member, and I said 'When I get on the A-List, I'll finally be in the mile-high club. Or, what is it? The 10,000 mile high club?'"

"They both looked super uncomfortable and I, a social idiot, was like 'What is it called?' Neither of them had the heart to tell me how cringe that was to say. Saddest part is, I never even made onto the A-List. The closest I got was 2 flights short."

- 1000spiderz

Laughing at him, not with him.

"In elementary school I was sitting at the front of the school bus preparing to go home and naturally got bored so I started playing around. I did the invisible lasso thing where you pretend to swing a rope over your head and 'catch' a nearby person before slowly reeling them in. Not only did the person look at me like I was insane, but because I was naïve I assumed that the laughing classmates and other kids were laughing along with me and not at me."

"So when they said, 'Do it again! Do it again!' I listened and did as they said repeatedly, smiling like an idiot the entire time and thinking I was the coolest person on the bus. It wasn't until years later that it hit me what really went on since the memory had almost vanished from my mind by then. Now it's one that visits me at random every time I think of the invisible lasso thing."

- Thisissuchadragtodo

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"When I was about 9 years old, I saw a group of older neighborhood boys playing nearby. I ran over to them and then pretended to fall down and hurt my leg. When I was laying on the ground, pretending to wallow in pain, they came over to see I was ok. I screamed "GOTCHA" and then ran away. I still cringe when I think about it. To this day, I have no idea why I did that."

- lonedandelion

"Nah that's not cringe, you totally got them."

- Extendable-Chair

"It wasn't so much what I did, I was more the target of a cruel prank by my friends."

"When we were teenagers we were all in our mate's house when his parents were away, and we had a few drinks. There was a girl in school I really liked and my friends encouraged me to phone her and tell her. The lad whose house it was said I could use the house phone upstairs for privacy (this was before we all had mobile phones) so I did."

"But they then put the downstairs phone on speakerphone but on mute and listened in as I told her how I felt about her, asked her out, and got rejected."

- kitjen

"I'm a waitress and a few years back I had a party of 9 or 10 stop by in really nice dress clothes. Upon greeting the table in my perky table voice I said, 'Hi everyone how are we all doing? You all look great, what are we celebrating today?!' They replied they had just gotten back from a funeral. I was so embarrassed but they were very nice!"

- luckybug_20

"I did the same exact thing when I was waiting! They were mostly wearing brown and gray suits on a Sunday afternoon, so I thought it was either from some church event or a wedding."

- DudeThatsAGG

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Not the best move.

"Told my wife she had thunder thighs."

"I told her this the second day we knew each other too… we were just talking and I immediately regretted it. Luckily things worked out but damn, what a stupid thing to say to a girl you like when you barely know them."

- atxsicknessss

"I once pretended I was Abraham Lincoln's reincarnation while trying to impress a girl."

"I was chatting to this girl who liked history and the American Civil War so I pretended I used to be Abraham Lincoln."

- TheWoebegoneGoat

"Someone started having a seizure during a game of charades and I thought it they were trying to act it out and I started yelling 'Freak out! Spazzing! Twitching!' When his mom yelled at me to stop telling me he was having a seizure. I just about died from embarrassment."

- Womper1

"Why didn't the mom help him out sooner, what the f*ck. You're not in the wrong."

- aew360

"Watching Serendipity (romcom about destiny) and messaged my crush 'if you're watching this too its meant to be..'. Yeah I know.. I then received a call from her! ... It was her and her friends laughing at me down the phone."

- Murren606

"Great movie though."

- Clark-Kent

Funny Face Reaction GIF Giphy

"High school girlfriend had just dumped me and I got a fresh haircut one day so I sped down the highway to pass by her school bus and flex my cut and thought maybe it would make her change her mind lol, found out later that same day that she left me for another guy. God it's so terrible it hurts just thinking about it years later."

- turdguy666

We are sorry to laugh at everyone's expense here, but a lot of us will find these are pretty common embarrassing moments. Maybe we don't need to cringe at them as much since a lot of people have done this before. It's pretty normal at this point!

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