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I've had dates at fancy restaurants and gone on pricey excursions––and those are fun, don't get me wrong––but there's nothing quite like getting some food together and going out on a little picnic. I once took a day trip into the mountains and had a picnic with someone I liked along the Hudson River. It was a really lovely time, actually. (It didn't work out, but the nice memory remains.)

After Redditor RaynbowArcher asked the online community, "What are cheap date ideas?" people shared some of their favorite options. Whether you're a fan of picnics, museums, or drive-in movies, there's bound to be something here for you.

"A walk in the park..."

A simple picnic is actually romantic. More time to talk to one another.

Another one is movie night which is very common but classic.

A walk in the park (or in the woods if you're already familiar with your date but if it's a first date or someone you met for the first time then NO.).


"She asked what I was doing..."

I took one to a flea market.

She asked what I was doing this weekend. I said going to the flea market. Wanna come?

She was really excited and had fun eating food truck food and haggling with vendors.


"Pack up an old blanket..."

Pack up an old blanket, a couple of sandwiches, a few snacks, and a couple of bottles of pop or water, and head out to a park or the nearest pretty nature spot.

Picnics are always fun and frugal.


"All you need..."

Making pasta. Super cheap. All you need is flour and egg. And time, but it's a date so you'll have time to chill and bake.


"There is a 'downtown' area..."

There is a "downtown" area in my city with old fountains. We love to find old pictures of different parts of the city and go see what has changed.


"Go to the country..."

Go to the country with a six-pack and watch a meteor shower, but you'll have to wait for the right date. There's a great one on August 11th, a couple of smaller ones before that.


"Go on a scavenger hunt..."

Go on a scavenger hunt around a park or downtown. Watch the stars at night. Go for a drive to a small town and wander around. See if any schools are allowing spectators in for sports or theater productions and support your local high school.


"My local drive-in movies..."

Go to a drive-in movie! My local drive-in movies are $10 to get in per car so me and my boyfriend load up on cheap pizza and snacks.


"You either find something..."

Open mic nights (music, comedy, poetry). Usually free. You either find something/someone you really like or you have a good conversation about the bad sets after.


"Stargazing in the woods..."

Stargazing in the woods, exploring abandoned buildings, checking out your cities most obscure alleys, midnight jogs in the park, sleepovers, hanging out in your basement trying out new lotions.


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