People Share the Weirdest Getting To Know You Questions They've Heard

People Share the Weirdest Getting To Know You Questions They've Heard

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*"Could you repeat that?" "Pardon?" Those are just a few of the responses that are kneejerk when we're faced with the oddest questions imaginable. Sometimes we're all left in disbelief at the things that fall out of people's mouths. We all might think we're being original or interesting at the initial thought but most of the time we're just being weird. A first impression is important so don't waste it with an introductory question that will leave your audience baffled. *

Redditor _\kutaponk _wanted to know.... ****What are some good weird questions to ask someone to get to know them better? **_Know what NOT to say people. _**


"How much sawdust can you put into a Rice KrispyTreat before people start to notice?"


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My new personal favorite:"On an average day, how many pigeons do you think you could reasonably carry?" It's so far out of left field, it throws people off and gets them thinking. They also think you're weird for asking it, but it's worth it for the random answers you'll get.


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"What are you proud of, but never have an excuse to talk about?" That gets people to talk about things they've done and just want to bring up, so you see what's important to them.


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Would you cannibalize someone to survive on a stranded island knowing that there's a 25% chance of rescue/survival if you eat the corpse but a guaranteed death if you don't eat it?


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What is something that is important to you that you never really talk about?

Where do you want to be in an hour?

What is the last thing on your mind?

What is something I wouldn't believe about you?

What way do you have your toilet paper? Why?

If you had to pick between being the worlds best tether ball player and finding $100 on the street, what would you spend the money on?


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"What conspiracy theories do you believe?"


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I like to ask "What's your favorite smell?" you learn a lot about a person.


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When I was managing and interviewing people for a higher end pizza restaurant we had to ask every person

"if you were a pizza topping what would you be and why?"

Got some crazy responses!!!


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"If you could pick a day to relive over and over, Groundhog Day style, what day would it be and why?"


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"You come across an old lady and baby drowning in a pool. You can only save one. Who do you save and why?"

Had someone ask me this at a semi-professional event as an ice breaker haha. Much better than the usual questions.

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