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I used to be super freakin' gullible. It's easy to blindly trust people sometimes, until you learn otherwise. Because there are people out there that lie for fun, for some reason. I don't get it.

There are times it can be kinda sorta funny though! Here are some examples.

U/GregTheGreat657 asked: What is the dumbest lie that was actually believed?

The main culprits of these kinds of fibs are usually family members. Oh, the things they think they can get away with.

Seems legit.

My grandfather told me he got his gold tooth from not putting his tongue in the area he lost his baby tooth from. I'd try to get a gold tooth every time but I'd always cave at like a day or two.


It would be very, very hard not to cave. imagine if you did, and you fought the urge to put your tongue in your empty tooth, and then you didn't get a gold tooth.


Are you trying to poison me?

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Growing up my dad told us kids that eating pie without ice cream was poisonous. My mom thought it was funny until one day, when my dad was working out of town, she tried to feed us pie without ice cream and we all believed she was trying to poison us and would not eat it.


Pickle juice is good for a lot of things...but not that.

That drinking pickle juice will dry your blood up. My mom told me that (we're from the South we believe a lot of stupid stuff). IDK where my mom got it.

When I pointed it out to my High School Home Ec teacher she just looked at me like I was a moron... and I was an honor student.

It's actually good for muscle cramps.


Spotify is evil, but only because of the commercials.

My dad had weird rules to music. For the longest time I believe that Spotify would make me lose my hearing because he told me that the app used a certain frequency that the army used to torment POW.

Turned out he just didn't like the fact I was listen to music he hadn’t pre-approved.


​It sucks when the people in authority you’re supposed to trust end up making stuff up. It can get extreme sometimes!

This is why I don’t work at an office anymore.

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I was working for a midsized company. One day we had a company meeting where the CEO gave a speech where someone asked if they were going to put in cubicles. The CEO swore that there would never be cubicles at a company he ran. We all believed him.

Three weeks later workers showed up and started assembling cubicles. Then we had meetings with our mangers where it was explained to us that they were not cubicles. They were 'work stations' and anyone who said the word cubicles would be fired.


That’s a very elaborate lie.

I called out from work because I was sleepy and wanted to rest. Problem is, I'd been legit sick the week before. So, nobody would buy that I was sick again.

So, I called the boss and told him I'd stopped off at the bank on the way to work, witnessed an armed robbery there, I was the only person who could identify the perp so I had to go to the police station, fill out a bunch of reports and sh*t and then sit in on a police lineup to make sure they had the right guy.

The boss was usually kind of a d*ck. But he went for it, no questions asked.


Compulsive liars are the worst.

In college it was always a struggle to get home for the breaks. I lived over 3hrs away and my parents never came to pick me up. A guy who was a resident assistant with me in the same dorm said his parents owned a private jet... and offered to fly me home for the upcoming holiday. He talked about it for weeks prior to next break, told me the type plane, all the other people he was taking and other details. I even turned down rides to go home.

Welp. It was all a lie. I was waiting with my bags packed ready at the correct pickup time (early in fact). He never showed up. There I was waiting when another RA saw me and asked when I was leaving for the holiday. After I told him I was waiting and the story he laughed and laughed....then said "Derek? Oh that guy lies."

I had missed all rides and was nearly stranded on campus. Ended up on the Greyhound the next day.


There are times where it’s your own d*mn fault for believing it. But you know what they say, ignorance is bliss.

I cannot believe people still fall for this.

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That vaccines cause autism. Andrew Wakefield, who published the article claiming this, admitted to making it up, but that fact doesn't matter, because people believe him anyway.


If there was anyone I'd kill with a time machine, it would be him because that has a very specific butterfly effect.


We’ve all told this lie.

I never fart in front of my husband. It happens once in a blue moon. A few years ago it did happen, he was thrilled but I convinced him that the noise was from the chair I was sitting on. I lived with that lie for about a year until I told him the truth.


How did the collectors fall for this?

In the 1800's, a man named Denis Vrain-Lucas forged tens of thousands of fake letters from historical figures. He made hundreds of thousands of francs from prominent French collectors by selling documents supposedly written by Biblical figures such as Judas, Mary Magdalene, and Pontius Pilate, and got away with it for years. This would all be pretty understandable--except that all the letters were written in modern French, on watermarked paper.


As I'm writing this, my husband told me a story of his own. When he was a kid, his dad told him that salt and pepper were opposites. Meaning that if you used too much of one, you could use the other to even it out. Eventually he learned better, because his cooking is next level good.

Stop falling for dumb sh*t. This isn't just a reminder to you, but also one to me as well. Because lord knows I've fallen for many dumb lies too

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