WARNING: the following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm

You think you know someone.

Then they go off and die, leaving behind a web of lies, conspiracies, stories of innappropriate conduct, and a whole lot of debt to be settled.

Sometimes. If you're lucky..

Other times, like the stories below, can be much, much worse.

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We all do it. Just own up to it. We fib every now and again.

I know the Bible has condemned it, but I feel that is a bit over the top.

I mean a whole Commandment just about lying? I feel there are more sever topics that could be covered.

A lie with good intentions every now and again can save a lot of heartache and spare you a ton of drama.

Let's discuss how we try to keep each other smiling.

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They say that you're stronger together as a family. That those people who raised you, spent holidays with you, and were there in your darkest moments because that's what they believed they needed to do, are the ones who will make you the best version of yourself.

Then why keep secrets?

Some are fun, goofy mysteries kept from your ears for the sake of "keeping up appearances," while others are dark, classified tales that might make you reconsider your place in the entire unit.

*The following article contains discussion of sexual assault.

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Sometimes lies are all we have.

And that's ok. It takes a lot to keep going in life and to keep a smile on in this day and age is nearly impossible.

So little fib here, a tiny non-truth there... if it helps you through the day, use it.

As long as nobody is hurt and you're not in an extreme state of denial... lie away!

Redditor hidude100 wanted to discuss the fibs that keep getting us through the day. They asked:

"What's the most useful lie we tell ourselves?"
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