People Break Down What They Consider To Be Life's Greatest Lie

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Between our parents' words of wisdom and the annoying cliches we hear daily, life lies to us a lot.

The advice we get from our family and life seems like a good thing; at the very least, it's well-intentioned.

However, it's not always true.

My parents told me I could be anything I wanted. What they didn't mention was that not everyone has an affinity for science, and there's every possibility I won't be a physicist. That one was not fun to learn.

Redditors know all too well the reality of the world proving to us that life has many lies, and were eager to share what those lies are.

It all started when Redditor GandalfGreen95 asked:

"What do you consider life's greatest lie?"

Mother Knows Best?

"That I'm the most handsome boy in the whole wide world. Wrong again mom"

– nthroop1

"Human nature makes it so we always see our children this way, otherwise we might drown you in a tub. :P"

– ToxicAdamm

"No YOUR wrong mother always knows best"

– toastpandaYT

We're All Messes

"That other adults have it all together."

"No, just no. Everyone has some part of their life that is a sh*t show."

– Deleted User

"Lol looking back I got so much advise and looked up to so many adults from work in my late teens early twenties that were barely functioning adults. I just followed along cause I assumed they knew better and I was just a young kid."

– Talk0bell

"Married 17 years, 2 kids, a house, cars, dog, job with retirement plan but I DO NOT feel like I have my sh*t together. Everyday is a stress filled gut-punch of doubt and remorse."

– pinchhitter4number1

"I am a 40something married mom. We own our home and car. And yet, every single day, I feel like I am role-playing. I feel like I am a child playing house. The older I get, the stronger this feeling becomes. Maybe it is because my personal life as far as friendships, social outings, etc. has become very small. I spend 90% of my time in my home, on my phone spaced out playing games or surfing reddit. I barely leave my home, especially in the winter, and when I do, it is because I have errands or yet another doctor appointment or antibody infusion for breast cancer. I barely talk to anyone even online. I know there are days where the only time I speak out loud is to either discuss something with my husband, usually about the kids, or talk to the kids about what they have been up to."

"I chose all of this. I love being home and being with my husband and kids. I find it difficult to connect with other women and form friendships. All the friends I do have live minimum an hour away and I no longer drive because I don't trust myself (thanks to chemo and other medications I severely lack the focus required to drive. Last time I tried I backed into my mother in law's new car. I simply didn't see it even though it was easily seen). I have a good life as far as comforts and care and sharing my life with my husband and children. But I severely lack socializing, and all that brings."

"The isolation plays a huge part in how I feel like I am a child role-playing. I can totally understand how and why some think we are living in a simulation. Somedays feel exactly like that."

– metastatic_mindy


"That there is one person in the world that is perfect for you."

– Spodson

"Well statistically there probably are a lot of people that would be perfect for you. It's just that we will probably never meet them."

– creptik1

"Right? You married your soulmate huh? And she just happen to grow up and live in the same town as you? How lucky!"

– poopstinkss

Dirty Politics (Which Is Just Politics)

"Politicians are there to represent their constituents..."

– Hughja*s_60

"The lie there is that the constituents are the voters. Their real constituents are the people/companies that pay them"

– cormac596

We All Need To Pay Rent

""The money didn't matter.""

"Is not a lie at itself, but it needs to be clarified. The money is not all in the world, but it really matters. It can be more comfortable a bad moment or difficulty, or save you from a big problem. And if you don't have any mayor problem or so, is always good and healthy have some for any surprise the life have for you."

"I hate when I'm worried or mad because the money is barely enough (and always stuck with credit to complete), and say me "money didn't matter", "money came and go". I know money is not all what I must worries and must put time and attention in other important things, but I can't keep that important things (like my wife or my cat) if I have not money for the basics of the house or some emergency."

– MexicanAugustus

Life Isn't Fair...

"The belief that life is fair is a lie, and it's a particularly toxic lie, because people who believe life is fair tend to believe that everything which appears like injustice must actually be secretly fair somehow, and so they rationalize injustice."

– Bizarre_Protuberance

"People who believe life is fair also tend to be the ones benefitting from the unfairness."

– RedBoxSet

Hard Work Doesn't Mean Much

"Hard work = good life."

– iammeanbecauseiamsad

"If that sh*t was true every woman in sub-Saharan Africa would be a millionaire"

– kilbus

"Hard work=more years a company screws you and robs you out of your pension until you retire at 70 or 80 with only memories of working your life away as you slowly die."

– GandalfGreen95

Who Really Cares?

"That the people in charge care about you. They in fact, dont care if you or your loved ones die."

– Muhjigger11998823

"I care about my guys. Corporate doesn't."

– xs81

"They care that they'll have to hire and train a new worker if you die. They don't care about your loved ones one bit."

– Busy-Ad6502

The Company > The People

"The HR Department is there to protect the employee's interests."

"'s there to protect the company from lawsuits"

– MJN91075

College Isn't The Be All End All

"Going to college = success. The fact that so many people go to college, get their degree, and then get a job that has nothing to do with their degree "

– Deleted User

"That you need to go to college and get a degree to be successful. You really don’t, you can still find success without a degree, IT IS NOT REQUIRED."

– the_comedian-kid

Found Family Is Better

"Family is everything.This lie has imprisoned so many in abusive situations"

– Vixen35

"Yuuuup. "Blood is thicker than water" is another shiny gem."

– fleakie

Life Isn't About A Formula

"You must go to college, get a job, find a partner, buy a house, retire and die."

"That formula and the expectations that it puts on us is the basis for so much loss. All that matters is the time we have left and how often we get to spend with those that love us."

– OtterLakeBC1918

"Specifically if you work hard in school, get good grades, go to uni, you will get a good job and be able to achieve all this easily."

"Yeah it doesn't work like that. I switched career in my 30s and make more money now a couple years later than I did with 10 years under my belt working in the industry I graduated into (construction management) and am infinitely happier."

"Find something you enjoy doing for work, don't immediately go to university because your parents and teachers say you have to, try a few different things until something sticks, then work out if you need a degree from there."

– codemonkeh87


"The one where your parents are infallible. You don't realize it until you get older or become a parent. They were holding it all together by the skin of their teeth just like I am."

– potatoboat

"This one hits me hard. I grew up in a very authoritarian family and was basically indoctrinated that my parents had it all together and knew it all. Early adulthood was hard because I was living on my own and was afraid to make decisions without checking with them first."

"Many years later and now I can see all the faulty logic for what it is. Wish I had figured that out in my 20's."

– snap802

"Remember when you were young and you thought your dad was Superman... Only to grow up and realize he was just a drunk guy who liked to wear capes."

– Kebb

Yeah, I remember learning that one myself!

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