Honest People Reveal The Most Depressing Truths They Had To Swallow

Facing the truth about life is the hardest truth of all. It's never going to go the way you planned or hoped or prayed for. People are going to disappoint you and you're even going to disappoint yourself. The moments we realize this are some of the most depressing moments we live through but you can always find the strength and silver lining in the acceptance.

Redditor _u/haseo8998 pondered the thought, what is the most depressing truth that you've had to accept? The list is endless.


Elderly people really once were the same excited child I was not all that long ago. Same with dead people.


Loyalty to a company means nothing to the company.


That I'll be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.


Hey, as someone who uses a cane and probably will 'graduate' to using a wheelchair sooner or later: it's ok. Whatever mobility aid you use is there to help you, to make your life better. It helps you eg. get around, have an independent life (or more of one than you would without it), experience less pain/discomfort/etc. Glasses work on the same principle of making your life better when you need them and use them! I know it can take a while to accept you need this/any mobility aid, but it's a good thing, I promise.


Just because you think someone is "the one," doesn't mean they think you are.


Life will never be fair. You can do the right thing for your entire life and still get crap on around every corner.


There are people in this world who are going to live ruined, miserable lives they don't deserve, and there is really nothing I can do about it.


I peaked in high school, or maybe early college at best.


That some people do not care if they screw your life over. They're too sociopathic to feel remorse or care about the consequences, or they'll gladly do anything for a quick laugh.


I thought I could be happy being alone.


Sometimes old friends don't want to reconnect.


Facebook is the forum where you wonder why you weren't friends with someone, and then you realize why you weren't friends with someone.


My wife is not happy with the way our life is together and one day she will have to leave.


That I am probably no one's favorite person.


I am everything that is wrong with me. Any and all dissatisfaction I have with my life stems from my consistent inability to change it. I could be doing better in college, go to the gym more, network more, read more, etc etc and the only thing holding me back is that I have no motivation. I don't care enough about myself to do anything.


That death is forever and life isn't fair. Like clearly I know that and everyone knows that, but I had a cousin who was literally the salt of the earth, give you the shirt off his back guy. He was an paramedic, always helping people. He looked after his mum his whole life. He lived with her, took care of her, did absolutely everything for her. She died last Christmas at 92. It was a blessing in disguise, she had had a few strokes and ended up in a home and she said that she did not want to keep living like that. She also had been diagnosed with Huntington's, and so had my cousin.

Fast forward to Easter this year, my cousin was heading from his house to his sisters (like a 20 min drive away) and had a head on collision with another car. Other guy walked away, but my cousin took the brunt. They turned off life support the next day. It was so bad they had a cloth over his face when he was on life support so family didn't see how bad his face was. We thought when his mum died that he would get to live life for himself kinda thing, but he got four months of life before it was stolen from him. Yet you have murderers, terrorists and scumbags who live until they are 100. I still can't believe I will never see him again. RIP cousin xox


My chronic pain will be with me 'til the end.


Growing up I was abandoned by my dad, neglected by my mom. Knowing this, my mom still treated me like a maid. I ran away, worked several jobs just to graduate, always went hungry, wrote my thesis by hand, was always alone when I got severely sick, etc.

People would always tell me that all the suffering is just the world preparing me for something greater. Life will have so much goodness in store for me because of how much I've suffered. That's not necessarily true.

Sometimes bad people will continue to have comfortable lives and good people will continue to suffer.


Summer vacation is over for me. Forever. I still have that feeling this time of year that I'm due three months off. Where every day is a long day outside doing what I want to do, drinking out of hose spigots and dancing in sprinklers. Until it starts to get dark and you know you should head home for dinner but you play. Just. One. More. Game. Then your mom calls you in and you head home before the orange sky turns purple then black. And the crickets and frogs sing louder and louder.

Now I work, I'm not a teacher, and I won't have any of that again until I retire. And when I retire I doubt it will mean the same thing to me without the nine months of school/work preceding summertime. Plus: old.

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