School is a big developmental time in young lives. There, among your various peers and classmates from different backgrounds, you'll become exposed to different sides of the world. However, some things you learn from school won't always remain true. In fact, some information you're taught will radically change by the time you're an adult, either through scientific or historical discoveries. Nothing is sacred, be ready for change, and laugh at some of the "facts" that are no longer true.

Reddit user, u/ClubPenguin-For-Life, wanted to hear how the world has changed when they asked:

What were the facts you learned in school that are no longer true?

This Lie Has Led To Some Amazingly Watchable Stories


my grade 5 teacher told the class that we only use 10% of our brain and if we used 100% we can fly and make stuff levitate lol


Well, we do use a fraction of our brain at any one point in time (not sure how small of a fraction it is, or if that can even be easily quantified), in the same way that a traffic light only uses 1/3 of its light at any one point in time.


All It Takes Is One

D.A.R.E lied and said that smoking one joint is like smoking ten cigarettes at once. It isnt. It's not better for you, per say, but its definitely not ten times worse. Now that I think about it, they also lied about the amount of people offering me free drugs in the future.


What A Kooky Idiot

That Christopher Columbus was this great explorer who couldn't get anybody to fund his adventures because they all thought the earth was flat.

The truth is they all knew the earth was round, and they also knew that his calculations were the way the f-ck off and he would never reach the West Indies. They were right, he just got lucky and found a continent in between.


Differing Views On The Same Event

That the greatest day in Australian history was the arrival of the first fleet. ūü§¶Not only is it totally untrue, but it's incredibly insensitive to the REAL original land owners who inhabited Australia years before the British invaded. All the British did was dump their criminals on land they were not entitled to, killed indigenous people and years later stole so called "half caste" children to try and convert them into "white" people. (Google the "stolen generation" if you can stomach the horror stories.)

Even today Aboriginals are racially vilified and many are dying at the hands of police. When I was in high school we never learnt anything about Aboriginal history and culture, but we spent months learning about the arrival of the British and their "positive" impact on Australia. I honestly feel ashamed when I think about our history and what happened to our first nation people.


An Image So Ingrained In Our Minds

That atoms look like a solid core of neutrons and protons with electrons orbiting in circular or elliptical fixed orbits. I still see this outdated illustration of atoms from time to time (Big Bang Theory intro etc)


Never Learned About Time Crystals, Did You?

that there isn't just "solid, liquid, and gas"; there's plasma!


Don't forget about the little known 5th state BEC (Bose Einstein Condensate)


There are actually 20+ states of matter.


Holy sh-t one of those is literally called "time crystals". What the f-ck is modern physics?


Not A Guarantee

Going to college will secure you a job.


It absolutely will help you... when there are actual jobs to secure.


We've Clearly Learned Nothing From History

That the Mongols were unimportant barbarians and completely uncivilized


On top of that, that Russia is impossible to successfully invade. Just because hitler and napoleon forgot winter existed doesn't make it impossible.


Seriously. We Learned Nothing From History.

Columbus discovered America


A lot of American history tbh. Like I get that some things have to be filtered for younger kids, but that doesnt mean its ok to outright lie to them


*takes a look at all the typing we do


"You'll always write in cursive when you grow up"


The Penguins in grade school told us early-70s catholic kids that we'd need it in high school and college. I haven't written anything in cursive, except for my signature, since then.


K.I.B. (Keep It Boring)

I took a college class where one section of it involved how to write a resume and how to format it on a computer, etc, and then as a project we had to make one and submit it for a grade. This was the first time I ever learned about making a resume in school. We were told weird stuff in the class like to make it colorful so it will stand out and to give it weird formatting. I submitted mine and it had different shades of light blue for each section and a non-standard font and formatting, and it got a high mark.

A year or so later I was starting to submit resumes and I decided to use the one I made for class as a template. I submitted many resumes that way over the period of a year or 2 and I wasnt having any luck. One day, I met with my company's HR rep to talk about internal jobs and she seemed confused by my resume style, color, and format. She told me that employers dont want all that nonsense and they just want a boring white standard-format, standard font resume.


Not The Enemy Who You Think

The Germans in WW2 were the Aryans and every soldier was a Nazi.

Most of the "Perfect Aryan Race" came from the neutral northern Scandinavian countries because all of them are giants with blonde hair and blue eyes.

And the Nazi's were the soldiers in the clean black suits that almost never saw combat usually either by being a scientist, coming from a rich family, or the perfect aryan poster boys. The foot soldiers wore olive green uniforms and were German soldiers.


Just A Big Old List Of Stuff

Pluto is a planet.

Gay marriage isn't legally recognized.

Cannabis isn't legal anywhere in the US.

All US presidents have been/are white males.

Giant squid have never been caught on camera.

You'll need to learn math because you won't be able to carry a calculator with you in daily life.


This One Is About Half True

"You won't always have a calculator on you."


I wonder what they say in school now..i graduated HS in 08 right as the smartphones hit it off. So now evvvveryyyonnne..even 11yr olds have calculators on them at all times.


That even with a calculator, if you don't have any number sense, you won't know if you made a typo and got an absolutely stupid answer.

Like the people who make posts about $1.3 billion can be redistributed to give every American $4 million.


Not As Real As You Might Think

"...this will be on your permanent record and it matters."

Getting a two day suspension in 12th grade didn't stop me from getting into university, so... ha?


We, Apparently, Know Nothing About The Solar System

Mercury always keeps the same face toward the Sun. Venus is similar to Earth. Seasonal coloration on Mars indicates vegetation. Saturn is the only planet with rings. Whatever the number of moons I was taught for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, the numbers are a lot higher now. The solar system ends at Pluto.

I go back a long way.


Still Teaching This Nonsense To This Day

The map of a tongue neatly divided into sections responsible for tasting sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.


That wasn't even considered true at the time - the tongue map myth originated in 1940s based on a popular misunderstanding of a paper from the 1800s. By the 1970s the myth had been scientifically debunked but it persists to this day because it's fun to teach kids.


Okay, This One Wins Because It Might Have Actually Ruined Relationships


[Two] blue eyed parents can't have a brown eyed baby.

[I] can't imagine how many families that ruined


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