People Reveal The Fictional Characters That First Turned Them On Sexually

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Sometimes, when we were kids we were endlessly fascinated by something for an indiscernible reason. It could be a scene from a movie, a character, a cartoon....and well, we know why, now.

JimmyTheOtherCat asked Reddit:

What fictional character caused your sexual awakening?

Here were Reddit's answers.

Whaddya Call 'Em?

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Ariel from the Little Mermaid. The scene where she discovered she had legs was rewinded so many times by ten year old me I'm surprised the VHS didn't break. God I'm getting old..

Ok, I Believe You

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Lydia (Winona Ryder) in Beetlejuice. I still have a thing for goth chicks.

Ruby Roo

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I remember my first ever experience in being "turned on" was while watching a deleted scene of the Scooby Doo movie, where Velma is wearing a bikini. I just remember thinking, "This makes me feel strange, I wanna watch it again."

Ch-Ch-Ch Chip And Dale

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Gadget from Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers


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Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. She's perfect.

Psychic Energy

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Raven from Teen Titans.

Stone Cold

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Rogue from X-men the animated series.

Go Sailor Scouts

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Sailor Moon, all those miniskirts!

Brendan Fraser

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Rick O'Connell in The Mummy

As You Wish

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Robin Hood...from the animated Disney movie. I think it was just the accent.

In that same vein, Westley from the Princess Bride. Cary Elwes, ugh yes please.

Go Go

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Pink Ranger. I remember a dream where she visited my house and I was too nervous to say hello.

Home, Love, Family

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Dimitri from the animated film Anastasia. Meow.

The Gospel According To

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Katara. When she put on the fire nation disguise in ATLA, I became a man


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Android 18 from DBZ

You Owe Me A Bike

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Misty from the Pokemon anime.

Viggo Mortenson

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Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.

Robot Oddness

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Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot...


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Shego from Kim Possible

Is All My Dreaming At An End?

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Kocoum from "Pocahontas"

Will Turner

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Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean. At the time, delicate sensitive pretty boys were very intriguing. If we're going for animated, probably Prince Derek from The Swan Princess. Loved that awful movie.

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