People Describe The First Thing They'd Do If They Suddenly Owned Disney
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In case you were living under a rock, the Walt Disney Company is an entertainment industry behemoth and is globally recognized.

Basically, a singing and dancing rat dominates the world and he brings smiles to children and to the young at heart.

Many of our favorite Intellectual Properties–like Star Wars, Marvel, the Muppets, and companies like National Geographic and 21st Century Fox, and many others, now fall under the wide umbrella bigger than that of the one used by another widely known IP, Mary Poppins.

But unlike the beloved British witch who repairs broken families in London, Disney, the company, is not practically perfect.

Along with crushing box office records and making dreams come true for millions of guests visiting their world-class theme parks comes great responsibility–keeping legions of fans happy.
In spite of the pressure that comes with endless scrutiny, would you want to be in charge of the Mouse House?

Curious to hear from Disney fans online, Redditor Calm-Internet6926 asked:

"You now own disney, what is the first thing you do?"

Let's Get This Straight

"Disney the company or the frozen body?"

– federicoaa

"The company."

– Calm-Internet6926

These Redditors would meet these oft-requested demands if they held a high position.

Park Operations

"Lower cost of admission, bring back free parking at Disney resorts for guest staying on property, bring back free fast passes, raise cast members wages and get to work on deal to bring all Marvel characters to Disney World."

– Shrfleen

Righting A Wrong

"Pay all the authors they owe money to."

– blackcatmog

Addressing The Economic Impact

"After paying all the authors, let’s also stop Disney from being the biggest supporter of California’s Proposition 13, which freezes Disney’s property taxes at their 1975 levels, forcing new home owners to subsidize the taxes that Disney and other corporations would have to pay."

"Disney is one of the major reasons housing is unaffordable for young families in California."

– Ghost_Portal

Make Walt Disney World More Enjoyable

"Reduce park prices, reinstate extra magic hours for park hotel guests."

– Shepherdude

"Definitely lower price of admission. There is a very large number of families who can not afford to take their children to experience the magic and that's really sad. Also agree with bringing back the extended hours."

– Jazzlike-Process-382

A Most Magical List

  1. "Bring back Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as part of the core Mickey Mouse crew."
  2. "Bring Kingdom Hearts to the Disney parks"
  3. "Pull our licenses from all the video game companies and license them out to studios with good track records with stipulations that as long as they continue making high reviewing games, they can continue using the license"
  4. "Revive ToonTown Online"

– Podunk_Boy89

These creative endeavors may elevate the company's popularity.

Movie Attraction

"Make a Emperor’s New Groove ride. I have no idea where I’d even put it, but we’re doing it."

– missnikkibabyyy

Popular Gaming Experience

"Bring back Club Penguin."

– Rocket-kun

"It’s already back. It’s called Club Penguin rewritten and you can access it on browser."

"I would argue it’s better than before, because you don’t need a membership to buy clothes now. So you don’t have to be a naked penguin for being poor in real life."

"They even have a cool pirate event going on now."

– UndeadCollegeStudent

The Live-Action Treatment

"I've no ideas and just remake every classic they've produced. Ohh wait."

– CasualScrolls

Imagine This

"I’d let imagineering create original rides as well. Not everything has to be based off an existing property, their job description literally has the word 'imagine' in it."

– DrewCrew62

The studios could benefit from these requests.

Passing The Torch

"Sell it to someone else. I have no idea what I'm doing and some extra money wouldn't hurt."

– dado950

Return To An Art Form

"Hand drawn animation."

– shevmc

"YES. 2D animation holds up so well. Disney animation from 20 years ago still looks incredible. But now all 3D animated movies will look outdated in a couple of years with how hyper realistic everything is. Even more stylistic 3D styles just don’t do it for me. Personal opinion of course, 3D artists are exceptional. I just wish hyperealism wasn’t the goal."

– bing-no

An Old Favorite

"Release Star Wars Christmas Special on Disney Plus."

– VR-052

If I owned Disney, I would focus on improving the guest experience at the theme parks.

First, I would increase the minimum wage of cast members, who have faced many challenges in running a safe and smooth operation at the parks throughout the pandemic–the main challenge being dissatisfied guests.

I would also have the Disneyland resort bring back the highly-missed Peoplemover scenic attraction that was destroyed by a poor replacement in the late 90s that left their Tomorrowland looking like a sad shell of its former self.

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