People Explain Which TV Series They Can Watch On Repeat

With so many shows to stream on all the various digital viewing platforms at our fingertips, it's a challenge trying to allocate enough time to pick and choose which shows to watch.

My friends and I often recommend the TV series we're currently obsessed with every time we catch up, and even though we take mental notes of the shows we just "have to watch," it's nearly impossible to get to all of the recommendations.

But we all have our guilty pleasures when it comes to familiar TV shows that we have no problem revisiting–even though we know every plot twist and how all our beloved characters complete their journies.

Curious to hear about people's comfort TV shows, Redditor makosh22 asked:

"What series you can re-watch again and again?"

Screwball comedies are reliable for repeated laughter.

Blood-Suckers' Lifestyle

"Currently I have been rewatching episodes of What We Do in The Shadows, and I think this is a modern classic."

– LurchSkywalker

Gotta Love The Bluth Family

"Arrested Development, but only the original run. That show is a work of art and the newer seasons could never measure up to 1-3."

– sdvn19

Dysfunctional And Loveable

"Malcolm in the middle."

– WitherCro2

Hanging Out With The Degenerates Of Philly

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

– haloarh

"Yes!" To Leslie Knope

"Parks and Recreation ❤️"

– Peromano

Cartoons are a go-to for many to revisit.

Returning To Springfield

"Seasons 3 to 9 of the Simpsons, and Seasons 1 to 3 of SpongeBob."

– H3nt4iB0i96

Zany Look At What's Ahead


– Channon-Yarrow

"I've pavloved myself into only being able to fall asleep if a Futurama episode is on."

– Grube_Tuesdays

For others, serious drama is their cup of tea.

How HBO Does Procedurals

"The Wire."

– EitherProblem931

"Watching it for the first time, just finished S01. I'm actually glad I waited for so long... it would've ruined any other shows that I was watching."

– Halucinogenije

War Time Drama

"Band Of Brothers."

– dhireshh

"Once a year, usually in the spring."

– NeonGreenRelish

Getting Hardcore

"Season 1 of True Detective and Hannibal."

– Sandblaster1988

The Truth Is Out There

"X files."

– flyinhawaiian02

"I love x files but it always cracks me up how skeptical skully remains after all the stuff they go through."

– RazerBladesInFood

As a kid, I remember they would run Twilight Zone marathons on holidays like July 4th.

While my parents entertained guests visiting our BBQ cookout and pool party, I would sit on the couch and watch all the re-runs, hoping my favorite episodes would be making the rounds at some point.

That show, to this day, is classic television for me, and hearing Uncle Serling introducing each episode brings me so much comfort.

My favorites episodes of note were, "To Serve Man," "It's A Good Life," "The Masks," and "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street."

There are tons of other great episodes to mention.

Which is yours?

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