People Share Their School's Biggest Scandal

Think there was drama at your school? Was it anything compared to these stories?

Anbar48 asked: What was your schools huge scandal?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

10. Huge invasion of privacy.

My school district gave all high school students laptops that they could bring home with them to use for school work. They could also remotely activate the webcams and spy on students (although of course they didn't tell us this). One kid got caught smoking weed this way while he was in his room at home and I think was going to get suspended. He sued the district in response for invasion of privacy and won the case. It got national media attention for a little while.


Good for him! My friend's sister got suspended for an fight she got into after school, off school grounds. Their parents fought it and got the suspension reversed. I'm tired of schools thinking they have any say in what kids do on their own time. Unless a student specifically gets school personnel involved, it's none of their business.


9. Whoa.

The Assistant Principal died in a car accident. There was a big, somber school assembly in his honor.

His wife said a few words, and then his 14-year-old daughter came to the microphone to say a few words. She sort of snapped and unloaded about how he was not a good guy, he was a monster who had been abusing her and her little sisters - and she was glad he was dead.

I've never heard a room full of people grow so silent, so fast.


Damn. How'd the wife/mom react to that?


She just stood stone still. Hard to say if it was because she was shocked and didn't see it coming or because the terrible family secret was out.

The girl walked out and a teacher who was leading the assembly stammered for the band to play because that was next on the agenda. Only about 1/4 of the band kids even picked up their instruments but the rest of the family exited awkwardly at that point.


The only song I remember playing in junior high band is The Stars & Stripes Forever, so I just pictured a bunch of kids haphazardly playing that to break the silence.


8. Shoulda been obvious.

Everyone's favorite teacher was in fact banging that student he always hung out with, who would sit in his lap and would visit him after she graduated. They could not have been anymore obvious.

Edit: For everyone asking this was a performing arts high school in San Diego, from about 2005-2008.


She sat on his lap at school in front of people? How is that allowed?


It isn't, but surprisingly doesn't get talked about. It's a clear sign that something inappropriate is happening, but it is hardly ever reported.


7. This is why we need comprehensive sex education.

One ninth grader broke water on her field trip and one of the teachers had to help deliver the baby.


6. Corruption, embezzlement.

My high school districts's superintendent hired a relative who wasn't qualified for the job, increased the salary of administrators every year, used the district's credit card to buy meals, groceries, gas, personal electronics, and gift cards. When the state audit went through they said that the overpay of administrators and the personal spending cost the school district around 1.1 million dollars.

Her husband was also an administrator. When she eventually got caught, she just retired and for some reason never faced federal charges. When she retired she had a $260,518 salary. My favorite part is that the state audit discovered that the district's credit card was used to purchase logging equipment the same month the superintendent's husband filed paperwork to open a timber company. Everyone knew there was corruption in the school district, but no audits or investigations happened until someone was threatened by the superintendent's husband on Facebook.


5. Tragic.

The caretaker killed two local girls and hid them in the school, he tried using the clay kiln to burn them. He later dumped them a few miles away


Oh I lived in the UK when that happened, we had literally just moved there.

It was very sad. Didn't he get in the news looking for them? His girlfriend was shady too.

I don't care who you are to me, if you kill a couple of kids I'm going straight to the police.


It was sad.

He did, and that was what aroused suspicion. She was there was something that came out about their history too!


It turned out the girlfriend, Maxine Carr, knew nothing - She wasn't there. But she did - incredibly stupidly - claim she was to give him an alibi when he asked her to.

When it all came out she plead guilty to perverting the course of justice, but was cleared of aiding an offender.

It was a tragedy for her too. She was a teacher's assistant and the girls, Holly and Jessica Chapman?, had come to visit her unannounced. She was out and the boyfriend, Ian Huntley, abducted and murdered them. How do you live with the guilt of that?

She was given a new identity after being released, because a lot of people blamed her for the murders, and has dropped out of public view. The last news was that she had had a child (because the order banning her identity being revealed was extended to it too).

She deserves to live her life in peace. It's been hard enough on her.


4. Way to stand your ground.

My highschool guidance counselor f*cked a science teacher's wife and everyone knew about it. They got a divorce. Both teachers still work at the same school to this day, and students will never ever let it go. The story has been handed down from year to year.


So it is written, so it is told.


Lol, that's pretty ballsy to just not give a f*ck and stay on.


3. Bro...

A year after I graduated HS, a woman was stabbed 40+ times with a pair of scissors while jogging on our track on a Sunday. One of the guys in that year's senior class wound up hanging around the track over the following days, obsessively pestering investigators with questions and theories, so naturally some suspicion fell on him. When the woman's description of her assailant (she survived!) matched him spot-on, he was arrested, and both the scissors used and his bloody clothes were found at his house. Dude was sentenced to 10+ years in prison.

End of story, right?

Wrong. Two years after the trial, the jailed kid is ordered released after his little brother, one year younger and a dead lookalike for his big bro, is popped for violent assault on a woman, and confesses to the stabbing during questioning. Turns out the older brother took the fall for him, falsely confessing so that he could keep his younger sib out of jail. Dude never told anyone, but did admit the lie after his younger brother's arrest and confession.

I knew both kids when I was a student there. Both brothers were definitely thought to be weirdly intense, but their behavior was attributed to their military dad's strict style of parenting, and not anything darker.


Amazing how the human body works. On one end you have "man gets punched once in bar figh, dies" and on the otherits "woman gets stabbed 40 times, survives".


2. Lol wtf? How bizarre.

I went to a small Christian high school that also had a middle and elementary school on the grounds. The principal of the high school had a child that was in my grade. One day he comes over the intercom and announces that he's stepping down from his position. He then goes on to talk about how he and the female gym coach had been having an 'emotional affair' for the last few months. This announcement goes through every speaker in all three schools. I remember everyone in my class looking over at his daughter who had a look a complete surprise on her face. From what I gathered this was the first time she was hearing about all of this.

Shortly after the gym teacher also left her position, but the most interesting part? The gym teacher had no idea this was going on. She was just doing her job and thought she was friends with everyone. The principal read more into their relationship and decided to go to the church with it and they made this decision. The gym teacher left her job out of shame and had to spend a lot of time explaining to her husband what exactly was going on.

EDIT: Adding information that others have asked about. The gym teacher's husband took a little time to realize that there was no actual affair that went on. After that they rumors and gossip in the area got to be too much and he ended up getting a different job pretty far away and moved them both to start fresh.

The principal and his wife got a divorce within a day or so of the announcement. The wife got custody of all three kids, plus I think eventually their house and a fair amount of money. The former principal took a job selling either cars or furniture, I can't remember which, and pretty much faded from the radar. I don't think his eldest daughter had anything to do with him after all of that. I wanna say that she intentionally made sure he stayed away from her wedding.


What an absolute loser. "Oh no I have a crush on a pretty lady who only sees me as a friend/coworker, time to throw my life away."

I know emotional affairs are real and a serious issue in a relationship, but if the other person wasn't even aware of it, then I seriously doubt it counts.


1. Yeah, ya can't do that.

A very popular guy at my school was arrested for videotaping people using the restroom. He was 18. They were not.


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