People Reflect On Which Aspects Of Their Lives Are Going Well

People Reflect On Which Aspects Of Their Lives Are Going Well
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Self reflection is a critical skill. When we reflect on our lives, our work, our academics, we actually learn more about ourselves and can improve in the future.

Not only that, but looking at the positive aspects of life can actually improve your health.

The Mayo Clinic says positive thinking can reduce stress and depression, increase resistance to the common cold, improve cardiovascular health, and even lengthen your life span.

Redditor poodewoopwoopwoop wanted to know:

"What is going good in your life?"

Let's take a moment to reflect on what good is happening in the world and in our own lives.

The treatment is working.

"My cancer is finally showing signs of shrinking from treatment."

- 22poppills


- Microsofte

"F*ck yeah. F*ck cancer, go you. I hope you're feeling well. Treatment can be a b*tch as well."

- poodewoopwoopwoop

It's good to be grateful for you're and it's also okay to have thing you're sad about at the same time.

"Good Health."

"I have fortunately been blessed with good health, and I'm even more grateful then I ever would have been before the virus."

"But at the same time, my social activity has been really bad. I'm unfortunate enough to live far away from my entire family. I want to see them all so badly."

"Even though I may be out of lockdown, borders are still closed. This really makes me upset at times, especially considering I have some new family members I want to meet."

- uhhiiguessuhm

​There's a lot to be grateful for.

"I'm coming to appreciate the basics on a day-to-day basis."

  • "I have a roof over my head; there were times I nearly didn't."
  • "I have a job that always pays on time, and pretty well given my lack of degree; there were times I made minimum wage in a clay factory."
  • "I can afford food; there were times I couldn't."
  • "I have a car and enjoy it; there were times where I could barely keep a beater on the road."
  • "There's a couple people I could call upon if I need help; there were times where I didn't and it was terrifying and lonely."
  • "Despite chronic pain and spine issues, I have all my limbs and they work. My organs function pretty good, too. I can be active and still enjoy life despite that."

"I still get caught up in both boring and existential anxieties about the future, because of course. Will the job last? Will the chronic pain send me back into another depression? Will I ever be able to retire?"

"But I like to take a step back and have that moment of, 'You know what? This isn't so bad, and you know what? It's not just not bad, it's pretty good, too.'"

- NotChristina

A new love.

"My relationship is amazing."

- BriaCass

"New relationship, nearly together for 1 year. Getting over a past ex, therapy going well which is helping me to ruminate less."

- Jusmumbo1

"I never thought I'd date again. Forced myself anyway and found the person for me. You couldn't tell me love existed. I'm moving into his house soon. It doesn't feel real to be loved like this. It's awesome."

- Ariannaree

New jobs.

"I have a great new job. I'm so happy here."

- AdZestyclose353

"I quit a bad job with no backup plan, and then I got a letter saying 'Btw you had a 401k you can withdraw from if you need.'"

"I'm not planning on it but it's helping me avoid getting over-stressed."

- Jusmumbo1

"I have less than 2 weeks left at my current 2nd shift hell job I've been at for 3 years (though to be fair, it only started sucking HORRIBLY this past year), and will be starting a M-F 8-5 government job later this month."

- legolug

"I'm leaving my current job which has turned into a depressing nightmare and landed a job with my #1 engineering firm."

"Worked with them in my current position throughout the years. They all seem friendly, like their jobs, and I like the kinds of work they do."

"They're also located in our downtown area and I'm trading a 30 minute driving commute for a 30 minute bus ride. No time saved but I don't have to be functional for it, so it's a win to me."

- FistedTate

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"My last day working at a job that makes me miserable is on Friday, and I'm about two months away from being permanently reunited with my fiancé and our doggos."

- thatsapaddlin31

"Well, I'm 27 years young and about to be making 18.50 an hour once my job gets the details about all of our raises ironed out. Which is awesome. Financial security is a huge stress relief when you come from a family who is still not financially secure on their own. Also sticking to some pretty healthy boundaries and I've been happily married almost a year and a half!"

- beautifulbloop

"Almost 4 months sober and a new job!"

- Icy_Ad_6066

"I got out of rehab 3 months ago and just got my first 'adult' job. Finally feel like I have at least some semblance of a path, albeit not one I've dreamed about. It's progress nonetheless and I'm learning that sometimes a wrong choice is better than no choice at all. Happy to end a long period of stagnation in my life and hope this flourishes into something I can take pride in one day."

- Glum-Fishing5

Thankful for family.

"My daughters. Only thing keeps me going."

- Mrlostsoul90

"Having my 2 wonderful kids. They are what puts a smile on my face every day and keeps me pushing forward."

- Open-Platform7196

"My daughter is the most amazing thing in this world. She's beautiful, smart as a whip, funny as all hell, and more loving than anyone I've ever met. Two weeks ago she made me the most proud father ever. We were at a little pond and she hooked, and fought for about 5 minutes, an 8 pound largemouth. Later that night I found out she got the highest grades in her class. She is five years old."

- WranglerSilver6451

A frank discussion.

"Despite being 26, I've never had a job or really gotten started on being an adult because my overly lenient and emotionally distant father never helped me get the proper stuff to get the ball rolling so to speak."

"But it seems like that's finally started to change after a pretty blunt discussion I had with him about it after he tried to tell me that I need to start taking responsibility for myself."

"We've talked about finally getting me an ID so I can start working at a nearby gas station that my friend works at that pays decently well for a first job ($14 an hour) has full benefits and is really close, and while I'm nervous it also feels good knowing that I'm finally taking some real tangible steps forward in my life."

- FrameUsual

Thankful for friends.

"I have a good group of friends and i am about to start college in a year."

- not-creative123

A new home.

"29 and just bought a house."

- No-Worldliness-3741


- missyo5

Confidence in school.

"I actually feel like I'm trying in school, whether or not that backfires in my face when I get a report card I don't care right now. I have some academic confidence and it feels pretty nice."

- SomeKidWhoPlaysGD

"A year ago, I decided to go back to school to get a certification in the medical field. My kids are getting older, my husband would like to retire or at least work less, and I wanted a new marketable skill for myself. Here it is a year later and not only did I graduate from that program top of my class, but I went for second certification in a related field and I graduate next week. Job prospects look good too. It just blows my mind that a year ago I had none of this."

- PacificCoastHighway2

"Gained a habit of studying everyday (sometimes with one day off). Makes me way happier than procrastinating all the time."

- RaccoonsBurnInHell

"Hockey! I'm hoping to make varsity at my high school so fingers crossed!"

- tottheshmeeg

Making a nice meal.


"I was terrible at cooking before I met my fiancée, and now we have started cooking together every night and I have improved quite a bit. It's quite relaxing and exactly what I needed in my life."

- MourningPath

An upcoming birthday.

"I'm like 6 months away from being able to legally drink myself to death. This also means the ladies will want me more. Right? Right fellas? Fellas?"

- MarvinMelancholy

"Y.. yeah. Sure man, they will. Absolutely."

"So um, how's it going? I heard therapy is nice and all."

- poodewoopwoopwoop

Stocks are up.

"Stocks are flying high lately. Looks like risk-on trading is back on the menu, boys!"

- Hrnghekth

Sometimes it's hard to see what's going well.

"Not much at the moment."

- _ManWhoSoldTheWorld_

If you feel like there isn't a lot going well in your life, that can be very overwhelming or depressing. Here's a list from Psychology Today of helpful ways to keep yourself going when things just aren't going your way.

Whatever it may be that you're going through, reflecting on what we have to be grateful for is an important practice.

It's part of taking care of yourself, especially when there's a global pandemic and the world feels really heavy.

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