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We can't explain many people's actions, especially if they are peculiar.

But as long as whatever activity they're engaged in isn't hurting anybody, as well as themselves, who are we to judge?

Ah, but plenty of us will silently be judgy.

Some of the activities unfolding before us can be outright bonkers, and we just have to wonder what makes them do the things they do.

Curious to hear about how others might be perceived in public for doing certain activities, Redditor LordP*yF*ker asked:

"What’s legal but if you do it you still look like a psychopath?"

Why anyone would do the following is anybody's guess, but at least the question was answered.

They've Gotta Latte Nerve

"Going to Starbucks and ordering a milk with ice."

– tsuave

Going Nowhere Fast

"walking backwards in public."

– CloudMojos

"So I saw this couple walking backwards down the middle of my street and thought 'huh weird.'"

"Looked out the window 1 minute later and there they were again walking backwards in the same spot."

"Went to the kitchen window and again walking backwards, but I had never seen them walk forwards to get back to that position."

"At this point I think I'm stuck in a time loop. I show my roommate to prove I'm not crazy and this time we see them walk forwards back to the top of the street. So we watch them for several cycles just walking forwards, then backwards, up and down the street, just holding casual conversation."

"Figure it must be a workout routine or something but wtf..."

– BearsWithGuns

What's Up, Doc?

​"Paint yourself orange, dye your hair green, stand in a hole and pretend your a carrot."

– _Raspootin_

Reach For The Sky

"Flying a kite at night."


Business Cardio

"Working out in a suit."

– Poob3

"I had a classmate who did phys ed (also) in a suit. He only had suits, about 20 times the very same outfit, including shoes and ties."

– DarwinWillSolveIt

Could something more sinister be at work here?

Not possible.

After all, these activities are NOT illegal, right?

Midnight In The Garden Of Evil

"Digging holes in your backyard at night."

"Just doing some night digging."

– Hydris

Poultry Facial

"Wearing the skin of a roast chicken like a mask."

– penny_lab

Here's A Treat

"Offering candies to kids with a van with homemade logos."

– khanabyss

Double Brides

"Wearing a wedding gown to someone else's wedding."

– Adventurous_Menu_683

"In pakistani culture its perfectly normal to wear your own wedding gown to someone elses wedding. The gowns are very color full and heavily embroidered."

– IFKhan

Just because it's a preference doesn't mean you won't get an awkward reaction.

Drop Trou

"Pulling your pants/underwear all the way down to pee at a men’s urinal."

– Sultan_of_Swing92

"I knew a kid in elementary school who did this. Normally he would use the stalls but one time he did it at the urinal and yelled 'oops I'm not in the stall' then turned and made and held eye contact when I looked cause he yelled."

– OutlandishnessNo3979

Look Ma, No Hands

"Eating in public without using your hands at all."

– DeathSpiral321

"Like... just face first?"

– clumsyumbrella

"Nah, feet."

– pyphais

For Texture

"Eating a banana with the skin on."

– Nipples_of_Destiny

As a subway commuter in Gotham City, I've seen my fair share of crazy on the train.

From unprovoked altercations, to riders taking up precious sitting real estate by spreading their legs wide open, there are many offenses committed by strap-hangers all the time.

My biggest complaint is a common one and it happens as I try to exit the train and my path is blocked by commuters standing on the platform who are simultaneously rushing to get in.

It happened very recently where a guy was standing directly in front of me, and he refused to step out of the way.

I asked him, "so are you just going to stand there?" His choice to stand on solid ground gave me my answer and I aggressively nudged him out of the way with my shoulder.

I didn't have patience for it, because like many of us stepping out of the train, we had places to go.

That being said, I don't highly recommend what I did. As I said earlier, I've seen my fair share of crazy on the train and you never know who you're going to piss off.

I can't wait to be a car-owner again someday.

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