speak now or forever hold your peace

The things we are faced with at the end of life are unimaginable.

The mind is ready to unload it all in those last moments.

I suppose it's because when we know the end is coming, it's our last chance to try and make it right or unburden ourselves.

Just in case there is a hereafter.

And the people who always catch these last-minute monologues besides our loved ones?

Nurses and healthcare workers.

Redditor maaraa_h wanted to hear from healthcare workers who have been there in the end. They asked:

"Nurses of reddit, what where the most haunting things someone said on their deathbed?"
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Wedding Officiants Share Their Craziest 'Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace' Experiences
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Years ago I became an officiant to preside over my best friend's wedding. I was super excited because I love a good spotlight performance, let's be honest, the officiant is the principal lead, at least at my weddings. I am also an avid daytime and primetime soap opera junkie.

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