People Explain Which Things They Wish They Started Doing Earlier In Life
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Time flies... before you know it, it's gone. Suppose there are things you really want to do: Getting into certain habits is a lot easier to do when you're younger. It's a lot easier to go to the gym and exercise on a regular basis, for example, when you're in 20s than when you're in your 30s, 40s, or 50s.

But there's nothing wrong with starting now––you'll notice the benefits eventually.

After Redditor Tr0az asked the online community, "What do you wish you started doing from a young age?" people shared their stories.

"I should have saved more..."

Saving money, and spending responsibly. I should have saved more when I lived at home and had no commitments.


"The kind of thing..."

Being kinder. I'm talking habitual kindness. The kind of thing where you do it so much you get a reputation for it and it comes more naturally than being disinterested/a d!ck.


"It's weird because..."

Making friends.

I can talk to large congregations with ease, participate in debates and discussions and shine.

I, however, do not have friends.

It's weird because you'd expect me to have great social skills and all. I have no idea how to make small talk, or just talk to anyone normally. I can't understand what their responses are and make an appropriate response to it. I can talk about Math, Harry Potter, Earthsea, Stalin, Yuval Noah Harari and a lot more. I can't talk with people. I don't feel lonely, but my parents are upset and I wish for their sake, I'd learn to appear more normal.


"Within a month..."

Taking medication for my OCD.

I started on medication when I was 12, which sounds relatively young, but I wish my parents had out me on medication sooner. I missed out on most of my childhood. I had so much psychotherapy as a child, which did basically nothing. Within a month on medication, I had essentially no symptoms. I suffered for years when a pill a day could have alleviated it.


"I tried learning..."

Studying music. I tried learning how to read music as a teen (privately, not school) and hated every second of it. Kodály can kiss my arse with his idiotic overcomplicated system. Notes have fixed names! Use those!


"I was politely asked..."

Yoga! I was politely asked to leave my youth gymnastics club as a little kid because I didn't have the attention span but I wish I'd carried on with some form of bendy, stretchy exercise. I get by alright as I'm only 29, but I think if I'd done yoga I'd feel a lot fitter and more youthful.


"There is nothing in this world..."

Learn about investments. Not just financial investments, but personal commitments as well. There is nothing in this world worth having that will come to you without some time and money invested.


"Being open-minded..."

Being open-minded about food. I was a very picky eater and now I'm mad at myself for missing out on so many delicious foods for so long.


"In general..."

In general, I wished that I had developed the idea that discipline is important for everything early on. A new language, an instrument, your studies. It does not matter. By sticking to it you will get better. And if you stick to it long enough, you will get some nice skills later on.

Nothing is stopping me to start these things now, tho. I am really excited for this year.


"I'm tall..."

Ballet. I'm tall and naturally graceful and I always always wanted to do it. Being one of four children of blue-collar parents it just wasn't in the cards for me. I tried a 100 level course in college and loved it but I was so far behind I get really self-conscious and dropped it.


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