People Explain What They Hate Most About The World Today

People Explain What They Hate Most About The World Today

There is a lot to hate about the world today. It seems like around every corner, awful news foretelling the end of the world is playing on every screen.

And we are expected to live in the middle of this? 2020 saw the rise of the term "doom scrolling" because the news about the world was so grim.

Redditor u/MeetMeOnNovember asked:

"What do you hate most about the world today?"

Here were some of the answers.

Money Keeps Coming Out

"Everything is subscription now. And I understand why (good, reliable monthly income for a company) but it feels like everything is turning subscription! Movie services make sense, maybe music, but photoshop? Virtual machines?"

"This is very old school of me but I want to buy something once and then own it. I don't want to pay a monthly price for everything."-cloistered_around

Being Honest

"Honesty and admitting wrongdoing is a liability, wherein the risk outweighs the reward."-liquorlanche617

"Car accidents are the worse. The at fault party will try to do EVERYTHING to pretend they weren't at fault. Insurance cards even tell you to never admit fault."

"I got t-boned by somebody who blew a stop sign and I couldn't believe how much she was trying to blame me when I had no stop and she blew thru hers."

"Cops quickly saw she was using every excuse in the book and luckily I had a couple witnesses who backed my truthful story."-Zealousideal-Wall471

The Plot Of Scream 4

"Not the worst (people have already said it), I hate how normalized wanting/needing to be famous on social media purely for validation (and not for your content) has become."

"I don't mean this as a dig, but if you are making content and want to become famous; you should probably have a marketable skill (comedy, acting, singing, anything else) prior to that instead of trying to make one up after you've got a following."-thehotdeskpodcast

The world today can really be an anathema for our peace.


"Lack of empathy everywhere. Dating, platonic social interactions, workplace, online in general people be treating each other like expendables. I don't know why. Or if the world was always this way and I am only noticing as an adult."-throwaway-_-friend

"It's actually lack of compassion more than empathy. Lots of people know how others feel and don't give a sh*t. What is lacking is people who actually care about what others feel."-touchtheclouds

The Worst Kinds Of People

"How much being a sh*t person is actually celebrated and encouraged....I don't understand this one myself. My coworker is one of those girls that prides herself on being a b*tch."

"She proudly states how many people she's ran out of our workplace, and it blows my mind. 33 and proud of being a mean girl... oof. The worst part is how many people encourage her for being like that."-PUTYOURWHATINMYWHAT

Lies Of Life

"My grandfather raised 8 kids supported his wife, and paid a mortgage on a 40-50 hour a week managers salary at Sears. They had a two weeks interstate vacation every year."

"It wasnt anything lavish, usually they went by station wagon to West Virginia (where my grandparents were from) or they went to Venice, Florida or something."

"But it was still two weeks of vacation for TEN PEOPLE. They never took government assistance."

"That is so far from fantasy these days it's not even fathomable. If somebody put that in a movie most people would be unable to suspend their disbelief. In fact it's absurd to even expect I could support just myself with a comparable job today."-nomoredrinkypoo

The Social Life Is Online

"People exploit social issues and mental health awareness on social media and pretend to care by making posts about them saying they care and are there for those people, but they only make those posts to make themselves look good publicly."

"The fact is most of them do absolutely nothing to help in their personal lives and they often ignore and turn their backs on the very people they publicly claim to care about and have empathy for. Actions speak louder than words."-lostwanderer02

The world's ugliness is more on display than ever before.

Engendering Desperation

"So many people will harm/kill others just for a measly amount of money. Even worse a lot just do it for the fun of it, the money wouldn't even matter to them."

"Every software company I get hired at they are scamming their customers and nobody at the company cares. I use to change jobs, but now I just have to find one that scams the least because they all do in my industry."-P3nNam3

Obscure Opinions People Are Fully Committing To | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

We all have a set of beliefs about even the smallest of topics. Like sandwiches should have structural integrity. That's something we can all agree on, right...

It's Coming Down To Nothing More Than Apathy

"Privacy- It scares me that so many people are surrendering to the idea of being constantly monitored at all times. I was talking with a younger coworker about how I will never have an Alexa or any similar device in my home, since cellphones are bad enough."

"He responded very nonchalantly, 'I've just accepted it at this point.' That bothered me very deeply."

"Big box stores over local stores- I also despise how there's a growing acceptance towards big box corporate stores over local stores."

"I know way too many people who will buy literally everything from Amazon, WalMart, etc because they don't feel like going out and shopping."

"I've lived in a large city for many years, and I'm seeing huge corporation chain stores replacing unique, charming, incredible stores that have been in some communities for decades."

"It's not a good feeling or sight to see when every community you go to begins to be an endless repetition. But everything is cheaper!"

"Yeah, everything also breaks more easily, and specialized workers will be replaced by workers that are just numbers on a corporate spreadsheet who know the company doesn't give a damn about them."

"I know I sound grouchy but it is as if I'm seeing a real degradation and no one seems to care because it's easier or that we should just accept that it's happening."-According_To_Me


"How people think it's okay to film you and invade your privacy. I got into a pretty bad car accident in a busy intersection a few years ago and some aholes decided to film me while laughing."

"I was bleeding from my face and obviously in shock from the incident. The accident was so bad that I had to go to therapy and I stopped driving for years after."

"When I'm having a depressive episode, I can't help but think about how cruel some people are."-MurakamiMadeMeDoIt

Shopping For Politics

"It feels like EVERYTHING is politicized now. Case in point: Our local Wal-Mart ran out of plastic bags for a few days last week, and people on our city's Facebook group were literally commenting things like, 'Well, this is because of such-and-such thing the president did. You voted for this.'"

"Like…??! Bruh. Someone didn't order enough bags for the week. The end."

"Joe's not like, sitting in the Oval Office menacingly rubbing his hands together and cackling at his evil mastermind plan of…making a few hundred people carry groceries with no plastic bags. It truly baffles me."-happybex

Back Off Brenda

"People, and specifically that there are so MANY of these grown a** men and women who act like petulant 3 year olds when something they don't like happens."

"Instead, they'll discredit facts, dispute proven science, move the goal post as much as needed to have the world around them fit whatever dumb narrative they're trying to make themselves believe."

"They don't want to face reality, so instead they'll pretend it doesn't exist and imagine one that they like. Worst of all, it makes them easily manipulatable."

"Seriously, if it ever becomes legal to slap people I'll be down to the bone before the end of the first day."-kdebones

The Great Resignation Is Here

"Only because I'm experiencing stress from it right now. My job. My job is so hard. Stressful. And minimum wage. But I can't quit unless I have another most likely shitty minimum wage 40 hour a week job lined up."

"It's a never ending cycle. My life is devoted to working. I don't have vacation days, and can really only call in sick if I really mean it. My life is honestly pointless. Everything is so expensive."

"I'm living with my abusive boyfriend because I can't afford to move out, I can't afford car repairs, I can only save like 20 dollars a pay cheque towards these things. Romaine lettuce is now 7 dollars for 3 heads!!"

"It's so expensive to live sometimes I think it's not even worth it. I'm 31, no desirable skill sets despite trying my best. Applying to every higher paying job to no avail."

"At this point it's unlikely I'll have children because it's too expensive to have them. That's what I hate about the world right now. How it's unfair. I know life isn't fair but that's what I hate about the world right now."-5ky5enberg

It's A Weird Time To Be Joyful

"How vocally miserable everyone is. To be clear, I'm not referring to legitimate injustices or suffering."

"What I'm referring to is how many individuals are jaded, spiteful, and overwhelmingly negative even though they don't necessarily have a reason to be."

"Someone else pointed out young teens going full bore with nihilistic existentialism. That's the kind of sh*t I'm talking about -- when someone just acts miserable, and feels compelled to bring down everyone they encounter."-Inferno8429

Time Marches On And All My Things Break

"Subscription plan, planned obsolescence everything. And the last couple generations being conned into loans/credit instead of outright ownership of things."

"Super unconscionable consumers going after the trendy throw away items, generally using credit. Little appreciation for things that are well built and actual outright ownership of items so now virtually every consumer product is form over function/reliability."

"Generally lasts only a year or two. And the subscription model is actually kind of built in under the guise of an optional 'extended warranty.'"-PilotHistorical6010


"I hate that a small group of investors, executives, and professionals are rewarded extremely well for cutting costs by creating dead-end jobs, reducing wages to poverty levels, and selling mediocre products with shiny packaging and advertising."

"Because of this process, everything is extremely boring and low quality. All stores, restaurants look the same. You rarely see anything unique."-Reasonable_Storm3640

The world isn't only ugly, though. The world can have beauty hidden beside the sheer overwhelming darkness of it.

Take a moment to stop and smell the roses, as they say.

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