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It's okay to hate things.

Some things deserve to be hated: internet trolls, people who mistreat animals, and individuals who talk during the movie are most definitely worthy of the scorn they attain. However, there are some items and topics which could do with a bit of rebranding. Instead of being "Hate Me," they instead deserve a sign that says, "I'm Really Not That Bad."

Reddit user, u/Alexdoesthedo, wanted to hear what shouldn't be hated all that bad when they asked:
What doesnt need the hate it gets?

They say you hate what you don't understand. Clearly, they were thinking of things like the entries below when they came up with that expression as all of these fit the bill of being hated for not being understood.

It Cycles Past Judgement Into Comfort

"Sleeping with stuffed animals. You're never too old for that."


"Somewhat mature: Not needing a stuffed animal in order to sleep.

Very mature: Sleeping with one anyway because you don't give a f-ck what other people think."


Long Live The King


Most unfairly villainized and maligned animal in the world all because of some stupid Disney movie. They are not scavengers at all they hunt 90% of their prey and lions steal food off of them far more than they steal off lions. They are highly intelligent predators with an equally important role to play in the ecosystem."


They Go Through More Than Anyone Will Realize


I can personally confirm that I was a piece of work in grade school--then high school. And it wasn't because of teachers--it was because of me."


"As someone in high school rn, I agree with this. They get paid too little to deal with my laziness and bullsh-t"


A Different Way Of Thinking?

"People who text one sentence at a time send Because I don't think of one big paragraph and then send it to you send I live in the moment and text how I think I'm carrying on the conv when new ideas appear in my head send And sending them straight away so I have your attention as if I'm talking to you send As I think you're likely to click off after reading one sentence so I try to keep you there send I don't plan my text it comes out random so I'm typing as I think- like I said. Who does walls of texts anymore? Most don't read or forget to reply. send I love receiving texts this way"


It's All In The Writing

"Speaking as a comic nerd, Superman. Maybe a niche thing but he's either dismissed as a boring one note OP god with no substance who can just beat his way out of any situation, or a boring cornball with no edge to him. Both very incredibly wrong, for different reasons."


Just Leave 'Em Alone

"Nickleback - I'm not a fan, but it's just kind of generic rock music that you are in no way forced to listen to."


People Break Down The Best Loophole They've Ever Exploited

You might have been told, either by a friend or a family member or some misguided news source, that the following topics are deserving of your hate. That their mere existence is something to shun and despise.

That's not the case.

Ignore The Trolls

"The Last Jedi.

And this isn't even that true. Objectively speaking it was a massive success that the vast majority of the audience and critics enjoyed. But the people that hate it seem to think they're the majority in the Star Wars fandom and act both like a smug majority and a defensive minority.

It's a good blockbuster movie that has great actors, themes, cinematography, and effects. Sure it has some plot conveniences and physics bugs but for the love of the Force you'd think the people that point those out had never seen a movie with plot conveniences or physics bugs before or consider a completely tight plot or perfect adherence to space wizard logic to be the most important things in a movie."

"It's become such a toxic thing because a lot of the people that hate it hate it with a radioactive passion that ruins Star Wars discussion for everyone else (8 hour video on how TLJ is a cinematic abomination, really?)

That's not even getting in to the people that sent the actress that plays Rose death threats. Though I think every sane person that has an opinion on TLJ can agree that those people are insane children."


It Tastes Soooo Good

"MSG. It's like salt but on crack and exploding with flavor."


This was a pretty racist phenomenon that got built up around Asian restaurants in the 70s and 80s.

"Essentially some study came out that MSG was bad for you and caused headaches, racing heart and basically anything else that might be considered bad. They even came up with a diagnosis for it "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" and it was recognized as a legit medical diagnosis.

However, the FDA had already tested it and on retest found that it was still basically as safe as anything else you put in your food. .

The original studies were really flawed in that they weren't blind and there was already this perception that MSG was bad because they were racists/xenophobic."


You Know Bananas Don't Normally Look Like That, Right?

"GMOs. Humans have been slowly doing that since we started cultivating crops, now we can just do it quicker. And there are millions of people who rely on GMO crops to not starve to death."


It's important to be cautious about your own safety and well-being. No one is trying to convince you to take unnecessary risks.

However, sometimes that thing you were worried about might not be as deadly as you imagined.

They're Just People

"Homeless people. Austin, TX just reinstated a ban on public camping/sitting/laying down, with zero allocation for actually helping the homeless population."


We Need To Increase This More Than Anything

"People who lack basic human compassion. It's a sentiment that we have lost, at least in the US, and it makes for some seriously cold f-cking people. Worse, it's more socially acceptable to be a cold-a-- prick than a compassionate human being. We need to fix that shit if we want to have a functioning society..."


They're Not All Chernobyl

"Nuclear powerplants..."

"People freak out because of the radiation but almost everyone is oblivious to the amount of crap a coal or oil powerplant dumps in the atmosphere."

"Nuclear waste is relatively easy to store and modern [nuclear] powerplants have good safety records."


They're Just Words

"Chemist here. The word 'chemicals'"


"Toxicologist here. 'Chemical free' ugggggg makes me so mad. Anything can be toxic at the right dose"


Seriously. Don't Be That Parent.

"TV shows made specifically for toddlers. They are toddlers. It's all colors and shapes and being excited over simple things. That's what toddlers are about. YOU don't need to watch the show. It's not for you."


Do certain things and people deserved to be scorned? A look at Twitter will say a resounding, "Yes." But with a keener eye, and a closer look, you'll see that misinformation or misunderstanding can guide misguided to hate.

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