People Reveal What They Don't Like But Wish They Did

Likes and dislikes are a lot of what goes into forming relationships with others. Foods and drink, music, and stories can have major cultural significance.

Life can be complicated when, try as you might, you just can't get yourself to like eating the local delicacy in your hometown.

Reddit user u/Ardad13 asked:

"What is something you really don't like, but wished you did?"


Pineapples because I'm from Hawaii and they look so damn good and refreshing but every time I go back in like "maybe I do actually like pineapples and I'm just trying to be different" I realize once again that no I don't like pineapples at all.



Getting out.

My gf is the kind of person who aways says "yes" when her family is planning a trip or a party over the weekend.

Over the course of our relationship i tried to enjoy these sudden appointments, but they still stress the crap out of me.



Dancing. I totally HATE it. When I go to a wedding, I always dance with my wife and pretend I'm having fun because I know she really loves it, but I'm dying inside. I wish I didn't feel that way, but I do.


... and it's super hard to explain because it's so incredibly obvious that it brings (many) folks so much joy.

Every time I've tried to describe it, everyone assumes that I enjoy it - like they do - but I'm too embarrassed or something. No, I literally just don't enjoy it. It's not that embarrassment is greater than enjoyment, it's that there's no enjoyment!

That being said, I love being around people dancing. Such a good vibe. I just don't get into it myself.



Coffee and Tea. They have their own cultures that I feel like I'm missing out on and will never understand.



Running. I'm even fairly decent at it and try to run at least 30 mpw, but I hate every second of it. I've never experienced the runners high that seemingly everyone else gets.



Lobster. I live on the coast of Maine. I can go down to the boats and buy it, fresh, from people I know for a couple bucks a pound.

And I hate lobster.



Adventurous first dates.

I really wish I was that guy that would enjoy going karaoke or kayaking or salsa dancing with a relative stranger but man I just don't have it in me.

I'm an anxious person, these things would cause me to feel anxious if I did them in the company of my closest friends (although I'd feel a lot more at ease), I would feel far too anxious to do it with someone who is (a) more or less a stranger and (b) someone I actively want to impress.

I'm a dinner or drinks kind of guy, but I think in 2019 that makes you a little boring.


I would never set up a first date for anything more than drinks/coffee. If things click, it's not that hard to get up and go somewhere else. And if it doesn't? Well, have that drink and part ways.



Watching Sports. Seems like a lot of people I know enjoy watching and discussing sports, players, etc and socialize through it. As for me I kinda just have to sit quietly until the topic changes.



Beer. I live in a town that has as many breweries as people. It should be like a smorgasbord, but I don't like it. It's like being vegan in Wisconsin.



Golf. I work in the legal field. Golf is important and I have zero interest in it.


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