People Share The Pettiest Reason They've Ever Rejected Someone

Standards for dating people are definitely very varied, because we as people are varied, and we as people are flawed. Little things might get to us from the get go, causing us to be very very picky about who exactly we let through a couple rounds of dating.

Those things can be really small. Do they wear white after labor day? Are they one of those weirdos that refrigerates their red wine? Have they recently been spotted at a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament?

So when Redditor scotty_puff_jr asked:

"What's the pettiest reason you've rejected someone?"

The answers were as varied as the humans who gave them.

So She's Making Things Up Again

"We went bowling and she started saying the bowling ball was hurting her fingers."

"She was convinced that there were bugs inside the bowling ball biting her fingers and that was the reason for her pain."-Wacky_Sacky

Okay But Only Psychos Cut Their Spaghetti

"I have a friend who has a whole list of petty reasons she's rejected guys:"

"•He cut his spaghetti before eating it"

"•He wore brown shoes with black jeans"

"•He cut his hair too short"

"•He dropped something and said 'whoopsie'"

"•After watching her favorite movie, Ever After, for the first time he said it was 'just Okay.'"

"And then once a month she cries about how she's still single."-Johannes_Chimp

Avoidant Attachment Style

"She smelled funny. Not bad. It clearly wasn't a case of not washing or anything like that."

"She just smelled... Weird. Couldn't get over it."

"For clarification: I didn't know how to broach the whole 'I like you and you're funny and smart and sex is great but you smell weird,' so I just moved to a different country."-BeefPicklesCheddar

It really is pretty interesting to see how people deal with these petty reasons as well.

Hoppy Beer Made Him Hoppy On Out

"I was rejected because I didn't like the taste of his preferred beer."

"That was it, I wasn't asking him to stop drinking it - I just didn't personally want to drink it. We were about to order another round, he asked if I knew the one he had just had, and offered me a taste."

"I gladly accepted because I try to be open to tasting new things."

"I just said I found it a little too hoppy for my tastes and I was happy to stick with what I was drinking. I wasn't rude, I said it was nice, but a little hoppy for me."

"His face dropped, it was almost comical. He then said something along the lines that he had changed his mind and he had better get home."

"That was the end of that first date. As in he literally decided he no longer wanted another round. The date was over. He had blocked me on Facebook before I walked the 100m to the bus stop."

"Pretty sure I dodged a bullet there."-Sharkoslotho


"My ex's name was Simone. She was studying business administration and had a horse."

"We broke up after she f**ked another dude."

"I got over it, and met another girl. Her name was Simone. She was studying business administration and had a horse. Nope."-somniumx

A Taste Log Of The Day

"This dude was super sweet and had a lot of good qualities."

"He was a plumber and casually admitted to me that sometimes he will bite/clean his nails after work and taste the remnants of what he touched that day. I could not get over that and had to move on."

"Things were really going great, like he said all the right things and he was a genuinely good person with similar interests. Up until the point he said that, I was considering moving forward with the relationship."

"Also, I see nail biting as a habit that could be changed, and even practicing better hygiene (which he mostly did, except for those damn nails)."

"Once he said it, and he was serious, my views and feelings for him changed. It's just one thing that completely turned me off from him."-AdmiralPendeja

Half The Fun Of Having Cats Is Having Them Be Bratty

"My perpetually single friend has turned rejecting people into a bit of a sport."

"I'll Tinder for her, which is all sorts of amusing, but one day, I had actually met someone for lunch and thought 'here's someone that's kind of her type, I wonder if she'd be interested!'"

"I ended up pulling up his website and showing her some pictures of the guy. We get to about the sixth photo in, of two of his cats, in a treehouse. She explains 'his cats look bratty.'"

"Yeah, well, that's why you're single. Still. Six years later."-disillusioned

And the reasons people will find just to get away from people and keep themselves alone is also very interesting.

Was It Worth It?

"Went on a first date with someone that was out of my league. Couldn't believe my luck! On our way to dinner, everything was going fine and the conversation was flowing. She seemed really into me."

"Suddenly she screamed at me to stop the car. Not pull over, stop right here right now immediately in the suicide lane of a 4 lane major road."

"Just before I came to a complete stop in the middle of this busy road, she opened the passenger door and tried to jump out. If a cop saw all this it probably looked like she was escaping a kidnapping."

"She jumped out of the car and played Frogger across two lanes of traffic, and I sat there stunned with my passenger door hanging open into traffic. A few seconds later, she came running back with something under her arm."

"I couldn't see what it was in the mirror. She had a huge smile on her face and as she climbed back into the car she squealed with delight as she showed me what it was."

"A f**king hubcap. She said it was to commemorate our first date, and that we could share custody of it. I could have it first."

"That was our first and last date."-Uncle_Baconn

Elton John Would Probably Laugh At This Story

"We spent our first date browsing various record shops in Manhattan and Greenwich Village. I took him to my favorite ones. I told him what Elton John album I thought was best."

"He disagreed and was adamant I was dead wrong. He was going to a party at his brother's after and didn't believe in subways (as his dad had died in 9/11)."

"The party was 100 blocks away in Brooklyn. Decided to walk him to the party despite having mild asthma and severe post nasal drip. Once there at the door he decided it wouldn't work out because he couldn't put our differences aside."

"His last words were, 'Do you really believe Honky Chateau is his best work?' Of course I do. He had this horrified disgusted face on and said, 'Yeah, no. That's just wrong. Not gonna work out since you have poor taste.'"

"Literally got rejected over Honky Chateau, but it's okay. My FIL thinks that album is the hottest sh*t."-intothethickofitoh

Tiny Teeth Committee

"I broke things off once because of the size of her teeth."

"They were tiny compared to the size of her mouth. It shouldn't have been an issue, but it creeped me out. I don't know why, but it was one of those things that I couldn't ignore and gradually became the only thing I could see."

"Grown woman with a mouth full of baby teeth... just weird."-CarrollGrey

It is really a wonder how humans are so easily poked, prodded, and annoyed. But it is part of what makes us who we are.

We wouldn't have fun, funny, interesting stories to tell each other otherwise. We simply have to honor these little, "petty" reasons for not getting with others.

Not all television and movies are loved by all.

A story and its characters have to appeal to you in order for you to be engaged.

It can take next to nothing for us to lose interest and let the screen go black.

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