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People Break Down The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In Human History
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History is full of mystery.

There are things we may never know.

That is true, but some answers have to be possible.

Are we looking hard enough?

Humans have murdered, robbed, and pillaged their way all over the Earth.

We've left a trail of unknown scattered throughout time.

This is why history is so fascinating.

There will always be new and obscure topics for documentaries.

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Who doesn't love a good true crime story?

But why are we so obsessed?

I've had Dateline NBC, 20/20, 48 hours and ID Discovery on loop.

Pretty soon the beginnings of a sleuth emerge.

We know when the clues are making sense.

How do the main characters not? Let's dive in...

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People Break Down Which Unsolved Mysteries Should Have Already Been Cracked
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One of the first things you learn as a storyteller is that good stories have a resolution.

Bad guys get caught.

Mysteries get solved.

People are found.

But not every story is a "good" one.

Conflict isn't always resolved.

Some questions never get answers.

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There so many questions I want answers to before I succumb to the slumber of the great beyond.

Some answers are to the ethereal and spiritual questions, and some are hardcore murder mystery and drama answers.

What happened to Hoffa?

Are all of the episodes of Dateline NBC correct?

I love a great mystery but an unsolved mystery just eats away at me.

I'm not alone.

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People Break Down The One Unsolved Mystery They'd Most Love To Crack

There are just some stories that will never have a resolution. And that is maddening! Isn't it? For instance, we all want to know, once and for all... who killed Jonbenet? The truth... we are all probably going to the grave without that answer. And we will never crack the mystery of many other life quandaries. Then there are the tales of the world of science. Is the big bang real... are there aliens... So much to ponder. So little time.

Redditor u/notyouravgredditer wanted everyone to discuss the what life mysteries that keep you up at night trying to crack by asking... [Serious] If you could learn the truth of any one mystery, urban legend or conspiracy theory. What would you choose?
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