There are just some stories that will never have a resolution. And that is maddening! Isn't it? For instance, we all want to know, once and for all... who killed Jonbenet? The truth... we are all probably going to the grave without that answer. And we will never crack the mystery of many other life quandaries. Then there are the tales of the world of science. Is the big bang real... are there aliens... So much to ponder. So little time.

Redditor u/notyouravgredditer wanted everyone to discuss the what life mysteries that keep you up at night trying to crack by asking... [Serious] If you could learn the truth of any one mystery, urban legend or conspiracy theory. What would you choose?

Most mysteries start at the beginning... of life that is. The world holds secrets that even the best detective or adventurer can't seem to discover. Some secrets have to do with species and science and others with government and cover up. Either way, there is always going to be a trail to follow.

How Big?

What deep sea creatures exist that we haven't found yet?

Just how big is the largest squid out there...



The Panama papers...LOADS of wealthy people involved and murders attached to it also.


You should know there are loads of other equally large tax avoidance schemes that have floated around since basically forever. Panama was the one that leaked but there are so, sooo many others.



jurassic park dilophosaurus GIF Giphy

I'd like to know what dinosaurs really looked like. I'm not even super into dinosaurs but I've always wondered how close we are in our guesses.


Mysteries fester and they can drive us to distraction because we know that there IS an answer. Somebody has it, but where? That is the key to the obsession for answers. It is especially difficult when the unknown is personal. When it hits home or just resinates with you, it becomes a haunting. Or you carry it like a responsibility.


The truth from when my gran died and the weeks leading up to it. She died on the 6th December She cancelled her life insurance just days before her death Wrapped every single present for the whole family and name tagged them (over 30 family members) when she usually wrapped them on Xmas eve She worked in a small gift shop along with the owner- both of them died within 3 hours of each other.

Has puzzled me for years and hopefully some truth comes out before I pass away.


 "Tamam Shud"

I gotta go with the first ever unsolved mystery that really made me think. Mystery of the Somerton Man. In the 1948 a guy was found dead on a beach in Adelaide, Australia. He was never identified and months after finding his body they found a fake pocket in his pants. It was torn from a copy of the book Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam (I googled that) and had a phrase on it which said "Tamam Shud" which means ended or finished in Persian.

They found the book that it came from but the owner denied ever knowing the guy. There was an encrypted message in the book that they found and it still hasn't been cracked. Apparently there's been a development recently that might identify him as H.C. Reynolds but it's not 100% certain. It's super interesting

Edit: thank you to u/Young_old-soul who has informed me that tamam shod actually means it's over instead of finished or ended.


What about Grandma?

A month before mom had a massive stroke and ended up in a nursing home she was obsessed with finishing some family photo albums. These albums and pictures were years and sometimes decades old but she wanted them in order and wrote notes explaining who was who and what was going on in the picture. She worked on them constantly. She said she had to get them done now and couldn't wait. Looking back I just think sometimes people know things are going to happen but just can't or won't explain it. Sorry about your grandmother.


Bye grampie...

My grandfather, one day, just walked out the door and never came back. This was before I was born (I'm 27). He left behind my grandmother and his three children. There was a state-wide search. My mom's family never got closure.

Although, me thinks he might've had another family that he ran away to. But it still baffles me sometimes at night. My grandmother finally held a pseudo-funeral/memorial for him last year.

Edit: Wow, I did not think this would get so much traction. I appreciate everyone for chiming in. Thank you for the silver, kind stranger, and everyone for your interaction.


So often a great mystery leaves you reeling. They have an effect on your daily thinking. I'm often left wondering about unknown answers after a rabbit hole day on the internet. Imagine what I'm going to be like for the next week after writing this article? When I'm done, I'm going to start research Reddit by Reddit. Just like the following group...


Jennifer Fairgate/Fergate. It's a fascinating mystery - a woman checks into the Oslo Plaza Hotel, a five-star establishment, and is found dead in her room three days later. Initially assumed to have committed a suicide, but there's no blood on her hands, no gunshot residue, no fingerprints on the bullets in the gun or the gun itself, which in addition to the odd position in which she is found on her bed really starts looking more like homicide. Additionally, no personal belongings in the room besides clothes, shoes, a travel bag and an attaché full of bullets.

Clothes and shoes have all producer labels/designations removed as well. Contents of her stomach indicate that she had died the day before she was found, but a member of staff who knocked on her door heard a gunshot go off right after that, indicating someone's presence inside. The door was also locked from the inside but no one was there when they got in. Probably my favourite true crime thing.


The Blood...

The Korovina Group (i think that's the name)

Basically a group of seven hikers start hiking the mountains when six of them start bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. They all scream, start seizing, one even starts bashing their head on a rock. The remaining survivor flees, but later comes back to the bodies to get supplies.

She's found a few days later but refused to talk about it

A lot of people say its a deadly nerve agent that Russia was using (this happened in Siberia? I think) but that doesn't explain why the last one survived, even going back and still being unaffected.



Wait What Wtf GIF by Saturday Night Live Giphy

When my grandmother was actively dying, she gasped and said "Bill (my grandfather who had already passed) is here and he brought a black lady," then she died. All of us there were looking at each other like WTF?


Like I said before, some mysteries are just going to stay that way. That is an outrageously unfortunate cold hard fact. Many, many, many of us will go to the grave never getting an answer about some of life's greatest mysteries. I myself would love to crack every cold case featured on "Dateline NBC," and learn the identity of "Jack the Ripper," but that will never happen. Let's hope there is an "other side" and when we pass we learn it all.


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