People Divulge The Most Disturbing Secrets They're Keeping From Their Loved Ones
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You know what the internet is really good at? Keeping secrets.

We super duper promise it's safe with us. No worries about it being screenshotted and shared around for randos to poke and prod at it.

No sir. Not at all...

Just in case, let's give these people the kudos they deserve for being brave enough to offer up their deepest, darkest secrets even their families don't know about.

*The following article contains discussion of suicide.

Reddit user, Throwaway001937, wanted to know what no one else knows when they asked:

"What’s the most disturbing secret you are keeping from your friends and family?"

Before we get too serious, let's have a teeny bit of fun.

The Mystery Will Live On For Forever

"Not so much disturbing, but I absolutely never want them to find out that I am the one in the family who draws little smiley faces in random spots for everyone to find."

"Everyone always accuses each other and of course I play along, but I am the one who does it lol"


She's Got It Going On

"I banged one of my mom's friends after mowing her yard."


"Does the friend have a daughter named Stacey?"


Snitches Get Stitches

"Mom believes my dad hired a private investigator and that that's who caught her cheating on him."

"It wasn't a P.I..."

"in reality, I was the one who caught her ON video and completely by chance"

"She'd come for blood if she was ever told the truth"


Life is hard. Sometimes, it's harder for others. And sometimes it's so hard and situations so difficult you can't help but emotionally check out.

Don't Look. Don't Look.

"My second tour in Iraq we were in a nasty firefight when I felt something wet hit the side of my face. I knew the guy next to me had been killed but I was a little too busy to do anything about it. After it was done the corpsman came running over making sure I was ok, and I thought it was because I was covered in the guy's blood. Turns out one of the guy's eyes was basically dangling on the side of my helmet."


Just So Very Tired

"My friends and family don't use reddit, so no throwaway necessary."

"Sometimes, I am passively suicidal. I am so f-cking tired of being alive, but I don't want to kill myself. 1). I'm afraid of what happens or doesn't happen after you die 2). I don't want to hurt them like that, even if I am in a lot of pain. 3). There's still some things I want to do, even though I do feel f-cking worthless/ugly/exhausted. As you can imagine I don't really have anyone to talk about it with, and I don't want to worry the people I love. It's a battle sometimes."


Nothing Beyond Tomorrow

"I can’t imagine the future. People ask me what my plans are and I just don’t know. I have no chance of making plans. There’s just no vision or hope or amount of wishing hard enough to try and plan or predict my own future."


Whatever your reasons are for not telling your family, we give you all the credit in the world for being honest here today.

Wishing For The End

"I have stage 4 breast cancer and a prognosis of stable. I could be here for years and years, doing my treatment and living my life. (Not secret)"

"I don't want to be a cancer patient for years and years. My treatment sucks and it makes me feel sick every day. My brain sucks due to chemo; there are some real cognitive difficulties. I had to give up a career I loved. I'm entry level call center from home now."

"I've been home, not going out to fun places, since March of 2020, because my immune system sucks. It's worth the risk to go to the doctor or my son's parent teacher conference, but not the bar."

"My secret is that every time I make a wish, I wish for the cancer to kill me faster. This existence, feeling like garbage and doing my call center thing so I can afford to feel like garbage, is disheartening and it sucks."

"I'm in therapy and an exercise program and I have hobbies, I'm doing what I can to keep slogging along, but damn. The "I don't wanna" is strong sometimes."


If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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