People Confess Whether They'd Give Up IQ Points To Be Better Looking
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"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the hottest and dumbest of them all?"

I know that is not verbatim the original quote, but it is close to the original.

Brains and beauty are always intertwined.

So often people confess about wanting to be more of the other.

No one is ever happy where they are. Why are we like that?

If given a chance, like a Disney movie, how do you trade?

Is it superficial to want looks over knowledge? Or vice versa?

Let's get deep....

Redditor BroodyBatman wanted to know who was willing to give up a little bit of brains for a whole lot of beauty, so they asked:

"Would you give up 15-20 IQ points to be really, REALLY ridiculously good looking? Why?"

I want more looks. I'm pretty smart. I could lose a few points. What do I miss? Math? I have a calculator.

Thanks Nan...

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"No because according to my Nana, I am already really, really ridiculously good looking." ~ AardvarkAndy

The Hard Way

"I’d give up 15-20 IQ points to just be really ridiculously hard working." ~ garrhunter

"This is the way. 18 years of school and Uni taught me, don’t worry about trying, you soak up enough to get by. Just putting half an ounce of effort and I realised I can do stuff that actually matters to me. There are subreddits that help get disciplined, I know I’m not ready to make progress, but check a few out. If you’re in the right place in your journey, maybe you can make a difference." ~ WetDogDeoderant

Full On...

"Most definitely. I'm not that bright to begin with, so I may as well go full bimbo." ~ ATrulyTerriblePerson

"Being 'smart' hasn’t helped me that much in life, might as well give being attractive a go!" ~ blueboxreddress


"Can I give up 6 IQ points for 6 pack abs?" ~ toeofcamell

"Actually, IQ can be changed in some extent. It is measured by your ability to resolve different types of problems, so... if you're trained enough, you can actually increase your IQ score. But of course, it'll be frustrating being outsmarted by a natural genius that put no effort to progress while you spend a lifetime developing your capacities. It can go the other way, too: naturally gifted people can regress if they don't train, although it will take more time." ~ Enilemme27

Bianca Says...

bianca del rio GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race Giphy

"No because according to Bianca del Rio, one of the greatest philosophers of our time, beauty fades, but dumb is forever." ~ and-she-did-it

Looks are so subjective. Brains are forever. I'm learning.

Be Better

Olivia Wilde Reaction GIF Giphy

"In a heartbeat. Unless it caused me to forget what I already know, I’m at a place in my career where I’m not learning that much, mostly relying on applying previous knowledge, and being ridiculously good looking would make my life better by making people treat me better in general." ~ Wit-wat-4


"No. IQ is already low enough. I can’t lose any more. Appearance doesn’t take long before it fades away anyways haha." ~ Sparkles0_

"One of the ways of calculating IQ is based off of how similar you are to peers of you own age. So test a 2 year old and they can perform at the same level as the average 4 year old and they have an IQ of 200. Or if a 10 year old is a bit delayed and is at the level of a 9 year old then they would have a IQ of 90."

"When this version of IQ is applied to some at age 50+ having a lower IQ would mean that the person is behind the average development of their peers, just in this case that development is actually a deterioration. So if one were to live to 100 and they trade 40 points they would be at the mental level of a 60 year old." ~ TheDotCaptin

Below 0

"Maybe that would push my IQ below zero and create an underflow error, turning my 18 IQ int 32768 IQ, and giving me knowledge of all things in existence, on second hand, I would probably learn something that would make me sad, so i don't wanna." ~ Warm-Swimming5903

Let's Get High

"No. As much as I would love to be ridiculously good looking, I have to remember why I personally dislike smoking weed. I can't freaking think in a straight line when I'm high. It's like I have to search for connections for things to make sense and it's frankly infuriating not being able to communicate my thoughts effectively."

"I would honestly hate to live like that day to day, even if it's not quite that bad. It's maddening when I can't make sense of things that should make sense but my brain just doesn't wrap around it. I wouldn't voluntarily take on more of that. Plus I'm already married and his eyes are already on me as I am, so I don't see any reason to do this." ~ Instant-Noods

Finding Life

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"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is." ~ FilsonWhisk

There is no wrong answer, née, preference here. Just be your best you. No matter how you chose.

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