People Break Down The Absolute Worst Things That Are Actually Socially Acceptable
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Society is an odd conundrum when you attempt to wrap your head around it. This phenomena typically occurs whenever you witness a new trend or share experience and everyone seems to go along with it. Only much later, when you think about it with a smigeon of critical thinking, do you notice something off.

Going against society can be strained, difficult, like pulling back a sticker that's been on way too long, however sometimes it's necessary to get rid of what we probably shouldn't be so welcoming of.

Reddit user, u/GoodBoyNSFW, wanted to know what we shouldn't be so accepting of when they asked:

What's the worst thing that is socially accepted?

How Do You Think You're Reading This Now?

the simpsons nerd GIF Giphy

Making fun of someone's intellectual/creative curiosity, cfr. the use of nerd or geek in the negative


World wouldn't be as advanced as it is without the geeks and nerds, so keep it up, I'm proud.


The Rat Race Ran By The Fat Cats

Spending most of your time working just to survive.

The fact that, if you are not rich enough, someone else owns most of your time, and in a sense, your life.


Let The (Legally Allowed) Girls Have Some Fun

Hating TikTok or Instagram just because girls are on there having fun. Yes I understand sometimes they are underage, and that's not good, but the vast majority of them are of age or more.

Think about it, tell me one thing teenage girls can like without being made fun of, either by other teenage girls or by boys or by adults. Honestly, I can't think of any. Girls will be made fun of no matter what, and I think that incredibly awful because it means that girls are pretty much not allowed to like anything.


Take Care Of Everyone And Everything

Killing/mistreating animals for fun.

I have leftover empathy for everyone, but if you're one of these you better rot.


yeah dog fighting is so messed up


It's Not Your Body

Asking women about their plans to have children and not accepting their answer.

I dont understand...why this is okay


A Mixing Up Of The Order

Serious relationships without actually knowing the other person.

Many, mostly young people seem to think it's important they get into a romantic relationship. They don't even bother taking it slow and get with people they shouldn't be with. So instead of it going stranger > friend > romantic partner, it goes stranger > romantic partner > friend.

And people wonder why there are so many "toxic" relationships.


Keep Your Kids Offline Until They Know

Posting dozens or hundreds of pics of your kids online and social media. That is so violative of their privacy and rights to grow up without the entire world creeping in.


When I was younger (11/12) my dad took a picture of me at the beach that I found really unflattering and embarrassing and revealing. I asked as he laughed at my appearance if he wouldn't post it and he said sure.

I saw it on his Facebook page the next day with several likes and several comments. I was humiliated and it honestly fed a lot into what is now hardcore social anxiety and close attention to how I look, including an eating disorder from a few years ago.

Please don't humiliate your children.


Forever In A State Of Slight Inebriation

Excessive drinking/constantly drunk/high


Agreed. It's quite literally one of the most unhealthy things I know of that is not only socially acceptable, but encouraged. Leads to countless health conditions, cancers, heart disease, GERD, Depression, just a ton of sh-t (that is all now super common in society) and yet if you don't partake, you're somehow no fun.


Hypocritical Values

Being proud if your son got laid or confessed to having an S/O but judging your daughter if she did the same exact thing


This. So many tales of fathers fist-bumping their sons for soliciting BJs under the bleachers (metaphorically speaking) yet threatening to kill any boy their daughter brings home (100% serious). Mothers slut-shame their daughters too, definitely, and they can be even worse sometimes. But it just feels - it might not be true, but it feels like - boys are not criticized or judged nearly as much for being sexually active teenagers.


Abuse Is Abuse. Doesn't Matter Who It's Against.

Women being violent to men. A lot of the time that gets brushed aside and laughed off.


When a woman slapping or punching a man is funny but the reverse makes him a criminal.


Prancing Around On Stage

speaking out season 4 GIF Giphy

Pageant shows for little girls. Looking at you toddlers and tiaras...


That's nothing but a bizarre off-label Munchauson's Syndrome by Proxy, just using performances instead of diseases.

I mean, you notice how it's 100% mothers as the primary parent? TBH, you might get the extremely rare (and invariably subservient) father involved, but they're never the ones in charge. It's the mothers using their infant/young daughters as fantasy proxies. Get a psychiatrist to poke around, and I'll bet you dollars to dimes that some pretty serious issues will come bubbling out of the woodwork with these women.



People talking over each other. Its one thing to do it in the heat of the moment, its another thing to be looked in the eyes and watch people do it like "yeah b-tch" and then apologize as if it didn't mean anything.


Who's All For Legal Gambling??

I would have to say microtransactions.

Or the lootbox (the gaming community is part of sociaty too)


Why Keep It Behind Closed Doors?

Not discussing salaries and being told it is inappropriate.

It ain't. And not discussing it is a tool businesses use to prevent employees from getting what they deserve.


Wealth Should Not Be A Factor In This

garbage food as a normal diet for adults and kids


Are We At The Point Where Billionaires Not Helping Is Ridiculous?

Owning literally billions of dollars and not doing a crap to help people or pay texas or treat your employees right because: If YoU JuSt WoRk HaRd EnOuGh YoU CaN GeT ThErE ToO or ThEy DoNt OwE YoU AnYtHiNg

Stop processing this fake illusion and start contributing to f-cking society.


Size Doesn't Restrict Influence

Treating cigarette butts as if they are not litter


As a smoker myself it just annoys me when I see them all over the ground. Definitely when it's next to a bin or ashtray. Just use it.

If there is nothing around while I'm smoking, I just put it out and put it in my back pocket until I get to a bin. That's probably gross but it's better than [littering].


A "No" Means "No," No Matter What The Movies Say

homer simpson no GIF Giphy

"Pursuing" someone after they have made it clear they are not interested. I blame most romantic movies.


100% agree, and reflecting on being a young man a long time ago... it's confusing as sh-t. That was so reinforced on TV and movies in the 80s and 90s... and when young guys are coming of age and just getting into dating, it's very confusing... lots of nerves and hormones and things, and even though your senses tell you that you should let it go, you have these voices all around you telling you to "not give up", or that "they're just playing hard to get"... or that "girls like it when you fight for them" etc...

Couple that by the fact that some women also actually do the whole "play hard to get, even though you're interested" thing (maybe because they're led to believe that's what they should do too?) and it's a big confusing mess for a lot of young people. I whole heartedly agree that it's really perpetuated by the media, and I really wish that sh-t would just stop...


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