People Break Down Which Toxic Behaviors Are Still Considered Socially Acceptable

People Break Down Which Toxic Behaviors Are Still Considered Socially Acceptable
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Some years ago, I had to advise a college friend to stop chasing the girl he was interested in at the time. She'd already turned him down. Explicitly. At least two or three times.

He wouldn't take no for an answer and didn't see anything wrong with his behavior.

Perhaps he'd seen too many movies where the guy eventually breaks through the girl's defenses and essentially coerces her into going out with him?

Sadly, this is behavior that is tolerated and yes, normalized in our society.

People were keen to share other observations after Redditor EnoughSandwich_7057 asked the online community,

"What's toxic behavior that's considered socially acceptable?"

"Trying to make people..."

"Trying to make people drink/smoke or drink/smoke more when they have firmly declined the offer."


This is a big one that can have disastrous consequences. I am thankful I got a bunch of terrible nights out drinking out of my system by my early twenties.

Being drunk to the point that you're incoherent is horrible.

"I hate the whole prank thing..."

"I hate the whole prank thing, especially when it's done for likes. Scaring or humiliating people for attention just means you are a bad person."


I don't watch any of those videos and I don't understand what people see in them.

"Overworking yourself..."

"Overworking yourself and then collectively judging others who don't do the same."


I had a coworker like that once, and she was a (minor) reason why I ended up leaving one job, but still a reason nonetheless.

"Taking your work with you..."

"Taking your work with you on vacation. I mean if you enjoy working then that's your thing, but I get sick of people like going through paperwork and having meetings while on vacation. Like dude, stop."


"Looking down on someone..."

"Looking down on someone because of their job."


When people say things like, "If fast food workers deserve $15 an hour..." that says a lot.

"Deliberately misunderstanding..."

"Deliberately misunderstanding what someone is saying so as to make it easier to argue with them."


"People tend to give drunk people..."

"People tend to give drunk people misbehaving a pass if they regularly do it, 'Oh don't mind Tom, he's just drunk.' That just reinforces that toxic behavior."


You can say that again. How many times have you run into bad behavior like this while out and about, perhaps in a bar? It's not fun.

"The fact that we reward..."

"The fact that we reward customers for being wrong. The number of times my old manager would be so exhausted from arguing over the cost of a carton of milk with a customer that she would just give it to them is appalling."

"It reinforces this mentality because even if the customer KNOWS they're wrong they don't care because they will still win."


Annnnd this is why I don't miss retail. I'm fine where I am.

"Verbally abusing..."

"Verbally abusing minimum wage employees who don't make the rules. If I could change the laws tomorrow I'd encourage businesses to ban pieces of garbage like these who can't operate in public."


"I'm here to do a job..."

"Toxic workplace behavior needs to be top of the list. I'm here to do a job and go home, not be harassed because you don't like some aspect of my personality. Managers who let this slide should be held personally liable."


When you stop and think about it, you realize we live in an imperfect society. It's astounding that some people just tolerate bad behavior and, in many cases, don't even see anything wrong with it.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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