People Break Down Which Things They're Absolutely Tired Of Hearing

People Break Down Which Things They're Absolutely Tired Of Hearing
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Every single one of us has that one thing that makes us feel like exploding every time we hear it. Maybe it's a turn of phrase that rubs you the wrong way, or a piece of advice that is absolutely useless - but we all have that thing.

One Reddit user asked:

What's something that you're tired of hearing ?

The answers ... well ... let's just say we totally get it.

This Isn't Normal

"This is the new normal"

- thedorfft

Back during the early panic stages of this year, this phrase was a huge trigger and terrified me every time I heard it. It basically translated to "your life has turned to sh!t and will never be good again" and I had to stop watching TV because I heard it so often

- BrewAndAView

I especially hate this phrase because we shouldn't be accepting this as "the new normal" or accepting it as normal at all. This isn't normal and the goal is to make things normal again, not to just say "welp, this is how it is now" as if this is how the world will always be.

- TheDonutPug


Oprah Winfrey Relax GIFGiphy

People telling me that I need to relax.

I know I need to relax. I would love to relax. I'm on my own damn nerves, if I could chill I would lol

People pointing it out does not help.

- J3nMJt

I hate that sh*t. It's like telling someone to "be happy."

No sh*t we'd love to do that, what did ya think we enjoy being upset all the time? No b*tch, it's something we can't control. People gotta learn that just telling someone to change their emotional state isn't gonna help at all. If it were that easy, there wouldn't be a reason to say it in the first place.

- XxSquirrelxX


My tinnitus.

- bluegreeneyez1

I read a trick on here a while ago to temporarily relieve it. You put your palms on your ears, like you gonna lace your fingers behind your head but don't, and then just use your fingers to thump the back of your skull for a bit. Your plans should cut out all exterior sounds and it should sound like a drum in your head.

I don't have full blown tinnitus, just occasional, and it's been successful for what its worth.

- HazmatHaiku

Yup, I've had mine for as long as I can remember. Can't imagine life without it. Of course, I don't really notice it unless I think about it or unless I'm in silence. But I do wonder what pure silence is like.

- Addeluge

This f*cking high-pitched tinnitus buzzing that's been there since I was too close to a car exploding.

It's gotten better, but I still get bad bursts and I cannot describe how annoying this shit is.


Sometimes for whole days. No I did not hear you the first time, just f*cking speak up. Fucking Athena is hatching in my brain so have some sympathy God F*cking Dammit.

- Weird_Church_Noises

Senior Experience, Junior Pay

"We're looking for someone with a little more experience"

Yes - because you want a senior for a junior pay

- starsreminisce

Wisdom of a 50 year old, experience of a 40 year old, drive of a 30 year old, pay scale of a 20 year old. Obedience of a 10 year old.

- mtwstr

We want someone with a four year degree and three years of experience, for minimum wage

- Ididntexistyesterday


"You know diet soda is actually worse for you?" Sure, whatever Connie, but I'm a f*cking diabetic, the insulin pump is on my side.

- Ringo5tarr

Ah, the old "status quo" issue. Product X is bad or useless for "normal" people, so it must be bad for the person it's designed for. Like infomercial products for simple tasks. "Who needs a Slapchop?" People who can't hold knives!

- mlarowe

My mom has frequently had people say "Why are you ordering diet, you're so skinny!"

Diabetes, dumbass! Maybe people should just mind their business about others' diets.

- SirRogers


happy new year drinking GIFGiphy

I'm tired of all the "2020 is almost over" when we have no reason to believe 2021 will be any better.

- TolerableMediocrity

Its even funnier because people have been saying something like this "this is the worse year yet' since like...f*ck I cant remember anymore 2014?

I cant remember the first year that people were actually all agreeing was a legitimately bad year all around, but I remember it definitely being before the 2016 election. And it did get a little better for a while too. Not exactly world wide but it was less of an oppressive "oh gawd everything's going to sh*t!"

For a year or two, where the main things were just a pop in celeb deaths, and less school shootings and rebellions in other countries.

- PoiLethe

Finally, someone with some common f*cking sense!

Problems like the world is facing today aren't going to go away if we just ignore them. In fact, in this very specific case, things tend to WORSEN for at least a little while (Unless we all develop immunity, but that'd take years as far as I know.)

- Zionuchiha

Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity is real. Basically serves to negate your feelings. I HATE the phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Bull. My mom died and now I want to die, too. I'm much, much worse off.

"Why are you upset? It gets better!" /s

I'm so sorry for your tremendous loss. I don't have words for you. Just love from a stranger.

- ilestledisko



I'm not even American leave me alone please.

- CrypticMint

My tiny village is voting for a mayor in November. We literally have one candidate. You either pick her or write anyone else's name in, but the other person probably wouldn't want to be elected.
The internet constantly shouts "vote! Vote!" and I'm like, okay, I'll support Susanne again. She's alright.

- TolerableMediocrity

Change Your Mind

"You are young, you'll change your mind."

Seriously. Every. Freaking. Time.

I don't want children - You'll change your mind!

I more the career person, finding a partner isn't really important for me at the moment. - You'll change your mind!

I want to do *job* after graduating. - You'll change your mind!

"You haven't tried it yet, you'll change your mind."

I'm asexual and I hear it all the time.

I mean, I haven't broken my nose, but I know I wouldn't like it. If you think I'll change my mind, please just shut up. I'm tired of hearing it.

- Darcy_Raven


All the variations on "boys will be boys". I'm not a desire fueled demon and neither are you. And if you are, it's not because of your gender so stop using that as an excuse and do better.

- IntrovertedAsexual

Boys will be boys shouldn't be used in any sexual or harassing matters boys will be boys true meaning is when boys do something so stupid it doesn't make any sense just for the memes.

- Tuke_31

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