People Break Down The Worst Movies They've Ever Seen

Every now and then I think of Ben and Arthur (written, directed, produced, edited, and imposed on humanity by Sam Mraovich) and just shudder. It's a film about a gay couple that somehow sets gay rights back several decades, such is the state of this vanity project loaded with production gaffes and featuring the most painful script written by someone who truly believed they were making something brilliant.

People were all too keen to share about the movies that have wasted their time after Redditor Ok_Frostings6152 asked the online community,

"What is the most worthless movie you have ever watched?"

"Did you know..."

"Did you know there was a sequel to Lawnmower Man? Well, now you know.

For the record, I didn't pay for it per se: my friend bought the first Lawnmower Man on DVD, and the sequel was included as a bonus because absolutely no sane person would buy it otherwise."


Oh dear... I wanted to forget that that movie existed. Now I've been traumatized all over again.

"As good as you'd expect..."

"Without a doubt, Incubus.

William Shatner, in the only movie ever filmed in Esperanto.

As good as you'd expect based on those two facts alone."


You never thought you'd hear WILLIAM SHATNER speak Esperanto, did you?

Well... Here you go.

"I loved the books..."

"The Artemis Fowl movie was AWFUL. I loved the books as a kid and had such high hopes. The plot was changed SO much it's barely the same story."


"We love most of the parody movies..."

"Disaster Movie, 2008. Had a rare opportunity to visit with my dad and that was the movie we decided on. Should've gone to the park. We love most of the parody movies, but there wasn't a funny bit in it. Genuine waste of time/money."


It stuns me that anyone would want to sit through any of the parody movies that came out after Not Another Teen Movie and maybe Scary Movie 3 (which is iffy enough to begin with).

"At the end..."

"Son of The Mask.

I saw it at the movies at age 12 with my mom and cousin. There was a man sitting in front of us just loudly guffawing the whole time. At the end, he turned around towards us and told us it was the best movie he had ever seen."


Forgot this existed until now. I did not see it but the trailer was bad enough! 2005 called and wants its terrible memory back.

"Where this new zoo was testing..."

"Zoombies. No, I didn't spell it wrong. It was one of those Syfy Channel-only movies. Where this new zoo was testing on the monkeys and the monkeys just made all the animals at the zoo zombies...not the humans, THE ANIMALS. At one point I saw the cameraman and the producer on a computer screen. Worst movie ever."


"It was kind of funny..."

"50 Shades of Grey.

I thought it would be so bad that it's funny. It was kind of funny for the first 10-15 minutes, but then it was just reallyyy boring and poorly made. Not outrageous enough to be entertaining, but bad enough to be frustrating."


This movie is single-handedly responsible for a lot of misinformation about BDSM.

"Took my girlfriend at the time..."


Took my girlfriend at the time to see it with me because we were both biology nerds. We had recently watched The Pianist with Adrian Brody (a great movie in my opinion) so we were pretty excited to learn that he starred in Splice.

That movie just got more and more awkward as we sat in the theater watching it. A group of high school kids started making funny commentary out loud in front of us, which honestly was the most entertaining part of that experience."


I actually enjoyed it––it just dips in quality because it goes from serious to schlocky.

"It famously only got made..."

"Movie 43. It is almost fascinatingly bad. It famously only got made because one dude pooled together decades of favors to get it done, and he basically blackmailed a couple of the actors (I believe Hugh Jackman was one of them) into working on it."


"It was supposed to be about..."

"Tesla. It was supposed to be about Nikola Tesla. The idiot Director decided to dazzle us with his style and make it his "art" film. The film should not be able to carry Tesla's name. It's awful."


Well, there you have it. You're not seeing any of these anytime soon, are you? Or maybe you'll surprise us with your um... eclectic taste.

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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