People Break Down The Most Overrated Movies Of All-Time

People Break Down The Most Overrated Movies Of All-Time
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Have you ever seen a movie that everyone hyped up for you, gotten through with the movie, and thought simply, "Oh, that's it?"

Movies are art, and art is subjective. That said, some movies are absolutely sensationalized--and there is a whole school of thought on the opposite end wondering what the heck anybody sees in any of those movies.

Even some of the movies taught in film school as perfect executions of technique aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Redditor u/mondo_burger_ asked:

"What movie is extremely overrated?"

Here were some of those answers.

No Sparks In This Story

"As a millennial woman, I absolutely do not understand the obsession with The Notebook. My peers have judged me for this but not quite as much as I judge them for liking this crap."-Augusta13

"As someone that can recite the entirety of The Notebook I also do not see the appeal. I've seen that movie probably actually 500 times (I watched it multiple times a day for a year)."

"It was one of four DVDs I had in high school and just had it on in my room on a loop. I do love the movie because it's comforting but I don't think it's all that great."

"They never ever explain why everyone calls him 'Duke,' the kids are mean as hell trying to get their dad to abandon their mom in an old folks home (how'd they raise such cold-hearted children???), and Allie shouldn't have left Lon for her teenage summer fling."

"You never see Allie and Noah actually resolve a conflict, they just give up and start making out. Not saying it's trash, trash, trash but it's just a run-of-the-mill love story."-1155f

We Can Leave The Movies Alone

"Every Disney real life remake."

"They all come out with huge box office numbers and people swearing how good they are. Then you start watching it and realize you've seen better acting in SyFy Originals."-underwear11

Did ANYONE Care For This Movie?

"I want to say Avatar (blue guys, not benders... that movie didn't exist), but I've never met anyone who said anything better than 'yeah I guess I kinda liked that movie.'"

"It must be overrated by someone, because it made ridiculous money for what it is."-The_Super_D

Like, we wanted to like these movies, but we were just disappointed, you know?

Youse Want I Turn Off The Film?

"The Irishman. 3+ hours of watching Scorsese trying to pass off an 80 year old for a guy in his 20s."

"The scene where De Niro stomps the guy out in the street was embarrassing to behold. I remember groaning when I realized I was only halfway through this film."-art_bird

Two Drifters Off To See The World

"Breakfast At Tiffany's. A movie about an orphan who at 14 is forced to marry a 40+ year old widower and raise his brood of kids."

"She runs off to NYC and becomes a prostitute who falls for a hustler. But is trying to marry a rich sugar daddy who dumps her when it's revealed she is involved with organized crime."

"Yeah it's very dark and too many folks gloss over that."-Meat_Bingo

Let's Back Off Here

"American Sniper. Especially once you know the real history of this guy. He was a proven pathological liar. He would just make crazy sh*t up!"

"Sniping civilians during Hurricane Katrina, killing car jackers by shooting behind his back, knocking Jesse Ventura out for badmouthing the troops. The list goes on and on."-TheMeanGreenGoblin

Snooze...In Space!

"Ad Astra, that movie was genuinely so boring. I went to see it with my dad and this was the only time where we've considered walking out. If you've seen that movie you know how slow everything goes."

"It might not be overrated but me and my dad had high expectations because we both love space and sci-fi."-RavensArePrettyCool

How did any of these movies win awards or even get good praise?

We Go Together

"Grease. Danny and Sandy have a summer fling, break up, he's a jerk to her at school 'cause of his reputation, they get back together for some reason..."

"He tries to sexually assault her, they break up, they get back together for some reason, go to the dance, break up again, she decides she needs to change everything about herself in order for them to be together, and they drive off in a flying car, happily ever after."

"This is not a good relationship! I'm going full Reddit 'Girl, run! 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩'"-NootTheNoot

I Sense There's Something In The Wind

"I don't know if I would say it's overrated, but I don't get the hype around Nightmare Before Christmas (and other Tim Burton claymation movies). Which I fully accept that I am *probably* the weirdo, and the style is just not for me". -PeanutButterKiwiJeli

Nobody Gets It

"Fight Club is one of my favorite movies. It was released when I was in high school and pretty much every dude was obsessed with it."

"But I loved it because of its cinematography and weird/artsy direction David Fincher takes with his films. The actual fighting part really had nothing to do with it."

"Everyone else I knew loved it because they thought the idea of a Fight Club was so bada**. People I know claimed to have started underground Fight Clubs but they were just rumors to make people feel cool."

"I even know some dudes who wore makeup to make it look like they got into fights. It was really cringey the way most guys were obsessed with it"-thedeathmachine

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