People Break Down Which Bad Movies They Absolutely Love

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Cinema aficionados love to enjoy discussing and engaging in debates about their respective favorite films.

While there are many excellent movies in historical cinema, fans also enjoy trash-talking the absolute worst films ever made.

What they don't disclose, however, is the fact that they embarrassingly enjoy campy films and appreciate revisiting them behind closed doors.

Curious to hear about the films moviegoers secretly enjoy and appreciate while being cognizant of the fact that they're total garbage, Redditor HorsesSuck120 asked:

"What movie do you enjoy that you will 100% agree is a bad movie?"

Action movies don't aim to win an Oscar. Nevertheless, there's definitely an audience for them–even the really bad ones.

We Dig That One-Liner

"The Core. I’m paraphrasing here, but there’s a portion in the movie where everyone says it can’t be done; but one guy takes a drag on a cig and says: 'but what if…we could'. The entire movie progresses on that point."

– tucktan

Oldie But Goodie

"Flash Gordon was released in 1980, but re-released this year in 4K. Bad, but in the best way. (And that Queen soundtrack!)"


It Kept Their Afloat

"Deep Blue Sea. I mostly enjoy that one unexpected scene. Check it out!"

– shiru2k1

Priceless Cast

"Street fighter with Raul Julia as Bison and Kylie Minogue as Cammy."

"Oh, and a Samoan bloke as E Honda, because 90’s."

– Molongoloid

From Zero To 60

"Gone in 60 Seconds . Say what you will , but I can watch this everyday."

– kindalikeacoustic

Campy films will always have a place in some moviegoers' hearts.

Dumb And Fun

"Fool’s gold. It’s a dumb movie that makes no sense but for some reason I go back and watch it at least once a year and enjoy it every time."

– milkynipples69

Can't Beat Funny

"Accepted. It's terrible and hilarious, has Justin Long at the peak of his teen movie years, and features Lewis Black as a version of himself as a jaded professor. So good."

– burnt00toast

We Love Ah-nold

"Batman & Robin is certainly a bad movie. I love it so much. It’s worth watching for Arnold and his puns alone. But the whole movie is just campy fun."

– randomnbvcxz

Sometimes we prefer the quantity of fantasy and animation films–regardless of quality.

Chilly Reception

"You know what killed the dinosaurs?"


– mr_blanket

Extraordinarily Egregious

"League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It's so much fun and I love the Nautilus."

– jim_deneke

Wolverine Wouldn't Approve

"Van Helsing. It's Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale ala the glory days of 2004. It's got a 27% on rotten tomatoes,. 6/10 on IMDb but there's something about the dry jokes smattered in what's supposed to be high tension scenes, or scenes of sexual tension. The special effects aren't the greatest but at the same time it also adds to the experience."

– Jakows

Hands down, the worst movie ever made in my opinion has to be the campy 1995 erotic film noir Showgirls directed by Paul Verhoeven.

The trite premise and performances in the unintentionally comedic drama were so embarrassing to watch, but the movie wound up becoming more entertaining for those reasons.

Elevating the rewatchable factor of Showgirls is the DVD commentary by solo comedy performer David Schmader, who leaves plenty of repeatable quotes that are absolutely hilarious.

Highly recommended viewing.

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