People Describe The Pain That Hurts So Good

People Describe The Pain That Hurts So Good
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So I have this cracked tooth that I haven't been able to afford to fix yet since ... ya know... American healthcare and all.

Anyway, since I've had it so long, me and "Mt. Crackatootha"—yup, I named it and yup, it's an awful pun—have been hanging out for so long, I've developed this weird habit of pushing at it with my tongue or sucking at it 'til it hurts juuuuuust a little.

I normally wouldn't ever have confessed that to y'all, but this Reddit thread has me convinced I'm not the only one who kinda likes it when something hurts so good.

Reddit user pythondrink asked:

"What pain do you enjoy?"

So let's go on ahead and walk through some of the stuff my fellow Reddit weirdos are into.

And no, there won't be sexual things here.

That's for a whole other article.

The Pain Means It's Working

"When you've got a tight muscle after working out and you roll it out. It hurts so good."

- katasylic

"This. My almost favorite. It's an acknowledgment of your work."

- trishsf

"Sore muscles after a good workout. That kinda pain means progress."

- pocashauntas

"That soreness the next day or even 2 days after a dope leg work out. Feel them gainz"

- Celestial_pilot


Emotional Piano Pain

"The heartache I feel when I listen to someone playing perfect piano."

- [Reddit]

"Emotional pain? Now this is interesting!"

- pythondrink


Boil The Itch Away

"Hot showers."

"Turn it up to scalding for a few seconds, quick sharp pain, then a nice release that gets rid of all itching or other annoyances."

- ajteitel

"Wow! You make it sound really nice and not at all like a scolding hell."

- pythondrink


Pain And Fizz

"I actually enjoy pouring hydrogen peroxide on cuts."

"While yes, it does hurt, it's also kinda fun to watch it fizz. Certainly more fun than rubbing alcohol, which only gives pain and no fizz."

- TheRavingRaccoon


Painful Relief

"Cracking my knuckles."

"I often sprain my fingers playing sports, to the point where I can't bend them properly, so I have to crack them to get them to bend all the way. It's quite painful, but it's a temporary relief."

- Main_Act_2361


A Reminder

"Missing someone so much that it hurts."

"I get this feeling every now and then; be it with friends who live far away, deceased people, people you no longer speak to, etc. It makes you realize how much you actually love them."

- rtncrts


The Burn

"When you take a drink of liquor on an empty stomach, and it burns going down, and just kind of warms your belly. You can sort of feel it travel up your spine and it the base of your brain, and all the muscles in your body relax a little bit"

- cold08


Ink Addiction

"Getting a tattoo, my first tattoo I fell asleep while he was working on my shoulder."

"Guy thought I passed out from the pain but honestly I was just really comfortable."

- mufasa329

"Tattoos. It's a rush and I thoroughly enjoy at least the first hour or two."

- Creepy-Narwhal4596

"Tattoo pain, can sit there for 7 hour sessions like a champ."

- Much_Committee_9355



"Getting my eyebrows waxed."

"I find the whole thing weirdly relaxing. I chill there, slightly reclined, warm wax, the sting of the hair getting ripped out. I can almost fall asleep while I get my brows done."

"And then that sweet sweet smooth feeling after."

- bijouxette


Push It

"Pushing down on cuts/bruises etc."

"I've always thought it was weird because I like the pain. It hurts…but in a good way?"

- flashtvdotcom

"I love it too!"

"I love that I see people on here like me. Anybody I told in real life that I enjoy some pain would give me a death stare 😂"

- pythondrink


Landing It

"I'm a skateboarder (have been since 1999) so here's one that's relatable to anyone else who skates, bikes, snowboards, etc."

"The feeling of soreness the day after successfully battling a trick for hours is amazing."

"There's a point during that battle where you know you're going to be really sore the next day so you might as well keep trying."

"Landing the trick feels absolutely incredible but the soreness the following day is a reminder of what you went through to see success."

- mike_hellstrom


Welp ... I feel way better knowing I'm not the only one who likes it when something hurts just right.

Now excuse me while I go poke some of these little bruises.

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