People Debate The Worst Ways Someone Can Die

I fear death.

I wake up in cold sweats dreaming about it.

I think about it in my waking hours.

It's an obsession and clearly, I'm not alone.

But there are more preferred ways to exit.

All we can do is hope to be lucky enough to skip the mercilessly awful.

Please just let me go quick and in my sleep.

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Being able to be your authentic self is life affirming. Trans and nonbinary people have been hiding for far too long, suppressing their identity for other people’s comfort. So when they come out, they need to stay out. But even with the best of intentions people will ask allowances of them that may make things […] More
People Share The Warning Signs Of Toxic Parenting

Parenting is an arduous, often thankless job.

If it's not something you ever really wanted, or even if it is, you have to be careful.

Toxic parents create toxic people.

And that is born from a lot of unresolved trauma.

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People Describe Their Greatest Workplace Horror Stories

Workplace craziness is an everyday occurrence.

And it doesn't have to be in an office.

The workplace can be lethal.

Firefighters, police, and EMTs aren't the only ones not coming home sometimes.

The easiest job in the world can be the deadliest.

That's because life is fragile and you never know.

Redditor Adventurous-Pea-4925 wanted to hear about all the drama and trauma everyone's jobs have caused. They asked:

"What is your workplace horror story?"
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People Describe Which Things Are Even Worse Than Stepping On A LEGO

Rare is the person who hasn't experienced stepping on a LEGO.

The building blocks are popular around the globe so the opportunity is widespread.

The feeling is so universal it's often used to describe a level of pain—as either worse or not as bad as stepping on a LEGO.

So what about those things that we categorize as worse?

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