Medical mishap stories are like trainwrecks—you can't look away, or not read up.

Something about trauma and drama is too fascinating to let pass by.

We just have to hear more, even if it makes us queazy and then faint.

One of the worst body pain topics—at least for people who have one—involves the destruction of the penis. Even thinking about violent pain "down there" can cause tears.

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Life changes as we age, and the things that irk us change along with it.

A sound or action that seemed perfectly fine 20 years ago might be the most annoying thing now.

These kinds of shifts in perspective affect all of us as we get older.

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Society has some strange and stringent expectations when it comes to bras. If you’re someone who wears a bra, you’ve likely already noticed this. And Redditor metoday998 was well aware of this, but felt unable to wear a bra while walking her dog. Her neighbors started making comments and now the original poster (OP) is […] More
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Picture this: you pour yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea. Eager to take that first sip, you don't wait until the liquid is cool enough. Ouch! Your tongue pulls back, your arm jerks, and now you've spilled your beverage.

When we experience pain, that's our body's way of keeping us safe. The nerves send a signal to your spinal cord and up to your brain to let you know, "Hey, this hurts!" That's acute pain.

There's also chronic pain, which is long-term pain that usually has something to do with a miscommunication between the nerves and the brain. There's a signal that something is wrong when really nothing is wrong.

Some people have experienced excruciating pain from accidents, surgeries, and illness. We wanted to know what was the most intense pain that people have ever felt.

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I didn't understand pain–the real, agonizing kind–until I had some health problems some years ago that landed me in the hospital. It was a horrible experience and I remember thinking that I would never experience relief from it.

I'm one of the lucky ones and have since recovered. But the experience was a humbling one, and I can tell you that it changed how I view other people's struggles.

Pain is debilitating! Be kind to the people around you who are dealing with.

That bit about being kind? That's the general theme of the stories here, which people were keen to share after Redditor PhilosoFeed asked the online community,

"What did you not understand until you experienced it?"
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