People Explain Which Things Only Hurt For A Moment And Then Feel Quite Good

Like many of you out there, I used to work retail jobs and I still remember how much my feet would hurt after long shifts. I used to head home (my feet hurting all through my long commute) and then just lie back in my bed once I'd arrived and wait for the feeling to pass.

Baths would help, as would sleep, but... ouch. The feeling of finally being able to lie down hurt, but eventually gave way to immense relief. Oh, and have I stressed that retail jobs in the United States really need to allow people to sit down while doing their jobs at the cash register? Seriously.

People told us about similar experiences after Redditor Grantsb asked the online community,

"What hurts at first, but feels good after a few seconds?"

"Rolling tennis balls..."

"Rolling tennis balls under your feet after a 10 hour shift."


Get some better shoes, or quality insoles. Made a massive difference when I finally found some shoes I liked!

"After our wedding..."

"Rubbing hat hair. After our wedding, I took out dozens and dozens of hair pins and my hair hurt so bad. I then spent the next few minutes rubbing my scalp in extreme painful ecstasy."


But if it's because of pins in your hair, is it really hat hair?


"Ending a bad relationship."


Yes! The relief you eventually feel is worth the pain.

"I love very firm pressure..."

"A deep tissue massage. I love very firm pressure on the knots under my shoulder blades... if I'm not sore the next day it wasn't enough! That sore, loosened up feeling is the best."


Such a relief! Which reminds me... I am well overdue for one myself.

"Had an abcessed tonsil..."

"Having an abscess drained. Had an abscessed tonsil and any touch caused throbbing pain. When the doctor put the scalpel to it I almost screamed (very bad with a knife in your throat), but the ecstasy I felt once he was cut open and drained is unmatched by anything other than sex and a few drugs."


I think you just introduced me to a fear I had no idea I had.

"Lying on the floor..."

"Lying on the floor after a long day of standing up. Complete agony at first."


Random muscles flex and tense up, back starts cracking, arms feel like jello then boom complete decompression and it feels good!

"Pulling out..."

"Pulling out an ingrown toenail."


I've dealt with this before! It was such a relief... and an even greater relief once the nail grew back correctly.

"Dragging yourself..."

"Dragging yourself to take a shower."


I don’t think people understand how much mental health can just block you from basic things like taking a shower and eating. It’s like disturbing your state for anything is agonizing but the second you do so, you’re like “I wish I had done this hours ago.”

"There's countless times..."

"Getting out of bed. There's countless times I wanted to sleep in because I was tired, I pushed myself to get out and it's not as bad anymore."


Definitely slept in this morning. I feel attacked.


"Admitting you were wrong to an understanding person."


Definitely an underrated answer. We've all been there if we've somehow hurt people we love.

It turns out life is full of plenty of examples that fit this criteria! And there are probably all sorts of other sensations we have yet to experience.

Have some examples of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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