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It seems like sex is the ultimate gift when we discuss the ideas of the pleasure principle. But sex is not the end all be all. I know, you're shocked. Don't get me wrong, I like sex, but... I have had better experiences while shopping. Or winning an award.

Sometimes it's all the simple things in life that bring about the most joy.

Redditor u/oooliveoil wanted to hear about how everyone has indulged in G rated joy, by asking:

What was the greatest pleasure you ever felt?

Two names... Madonna and Adele. Have you ever been to either of their concerts? It's life-changing, I promise. The tears, the laughter, the euphoria... the pleasure, it was all there.


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"I had a dream that I was a toaster. I "woke" with a feeling of anticipation. Then I made toast with pure concentration. Afterwards I was entirely fulfilled, having accomplished the ultimate purpose of my existence."

- Phantasmal

Through the Nose

"This one is kind of gross FYI - I got surgery to fix a broken nose so I could breath better, this involved having my nose packed with packing (essentially tampons) for a few weeks. It wasn't the removal of the packing that was amazing, it was the first time I blew my nose shortly after."

"It felt like a 1/2 cup of mucus was pulled directly from my brain and there was a golf ball sized result in the tissue - the best feeling I ever experienced was directly after that where breathing through my nose was so incredibly easy I felt like a superhuman who conditioned in the Andes for months of something, I laughed with excitement."

- dot-logic


"I have an extremely rare (maybe 100 in the US) genetic anomaly that makes susceptible to growing GI tract and other cancers. I just had my 45th surgery (my younger sister has had 70). It's not the anesthesia I enjoy, but the pre anesthesia drugs they give you in the waiting bed, while under warmed up blankets. Hours of near bliss and conscious to enjoy it. Gotta look at the sunny side, right?"

- sadlittleman1001

I'm Wet

"The greatest nonsexual pleasure I've ever felt was 32 years ago. I was swimming with friends in the Pacific Ocean at Balboa Park in California. I got wiped out by a huge wave. My friends helped me out of the water, and I went and laid on the grass underneath palm trees looking up at the clear blue sky. A feeling of peace just washed over my body. I've never felt that kind of thing again."

- Joesdad65


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"Had sinus surgery and removing the internal splints after about a week being clogged up was probably the best thing in the world."

- IrlCakal

Reliving physical pain is an ultimate pleasure. There is nothing like the relieving of a throbbing limb. And clearing up a sinus can be life changing. Tell me more...


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"Putting my feet on or near my radiator after coming home from a cold day."

- an0n123_4


"I had a small project go wrong. As I went to fix one part, a sub-part messed up. So I had to step back to work on that. Then a sub-sub-part messed up. I took another step back. What I expected to take 20 minutes took 4ish hours. But 3.5 hours in, I thought there was no way it would work out at all. When I got it all fixed, I did the Billy Madison I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE!!! I've been riding that high for a few weeks now."

- zachpledger

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Hey Lobster...

"A pretty rich school mate treated us to a fancy restaurant for their birthday and they served us lobster ravioli for a starter. I can't explain the freaking explosion of joy and palette pleasure as I ate something like that for the first time. I don't know if it was the lobster itself, or the sauce. No meal has ever come close to how good that was. I can still remember it vividly 12 years later. Silly, but that's it."

- IDinnaeKen

125 Pages...

"After consulting 3 high powered attorneys about my fiancé's citizenship case, and being told they wouldn't take it bc it was impossible to win, I, a layperson spent a week, night and day, studying the law and putting together 125 pages document, received in the mail that he won the case and got his citizenship in the US."

- psychick

Day Off

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"When school's cancelled for the day and you're half-asleep and overhear your mother tell your sister not to wake you up because school's out. Used to leave a smile on my face before snuggling back into my covers."

- lulucth00lu

Best Ever

"Probably when I began to go to the gym. The first day was very rough because I have never went to a gym before, so I was really tired. When I got home I just took a hot shower, I let myself fell into my bed and man... I fell asleep like in 5 seconds, bro I reeeeeally slept well that night. The best sleep I've ever had."

- Anthony_Rod23

Let it Go

"When a multi-day, vomit-inducing migraine finally lets go. I swear the brain gets flooded with good chemicals after that and you feel better than normal."

- sindk

"This should be the top comment. I lay on the bathroom floor convinced I was going to just... die. The pain just takes you to another place. Waking up the next morning feeling "normal" again was the best."

- XoloGlumTree


"Wake induced lucid dreaming and flying in said dream. Never felt anything more pleasurable before."

- International_Ad1287

"I used to be a competitive swimmer and was a lifeguard for the better part of 6 years. I used to have dreams of "flying" at the bottom of the crystal clear ocean. I still remember the sensation, the controlled breathing, my arms outstretched just gliding along."

- DontBuyAmmoOnReddit


"Watching people enjoy food I cooked. It never gets old."

- resetdials

"Oh yeah, as someone who has cooked in fine dining and it turns into an industrial feeling with out any flair or individuality is being put in the dish, when I get the opportunity to cook one of my own dishes were I have experimented and perfected it, this is such a satisfying event. I love doing this for someone, expanding there flavor palate, it's a chef's dream. Our food is our art and self expression."

"And it saved me a lot of money, and created way better experiences when I've cooked for the SO on say their bday or Valentine's day. It always seems to mean a lot to them, a lot more than some over priced dinner where I have 0 control over the outcome of the dish. At least I know when I prepare it they will love it. Because I love them and I show this through food."

- itsjustfrankthabunny


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"The moment my sister came home from the hospital after almost dying."

- Zome_Girl

I Got It!

"Getting a job offer (of your dream job) days after rounds of interview and assessments."

- ermermss

"Try months with several failed assessments, interviews, and majority of your emails being rejection emails. After almost 9 months after graduation and going ham on apps, got 3 all in one day. Biggest relief I've ever had."

- PhantomXT1

"Getting a job after months of unemployment was what pulled me of rock bottom. Helped great with getting over my depression. I'll never forget those days and be grateful for it."

- SnuggleBunnixoxo

Merry Christmas

"It was Christmas Eve day and I was eating a pomegranate when one of the seeds became firmly lodged between molars. I tried floss and dental picks and toothpicks and the harder I worked to get it out the more firmly lodged it became. I knew I was facing being stuck with that seed between my teeth until after New years if I couldn't find someone to help."

"I called every single dentist in the phone book and finally a receptionist actually answered the phone and said they would be there until 4:00 and yes they could fit me in, and getting that pomegranate out between my molars was the best Christmas present ever."

- triviaqueen

"Spiritual State"

"This is weird, but the day I decided 100% to quit my toxic, full time job and retake my life even knowing I had no fall back. Driving two hours from my girl's house with the windows down, on a summer night with a warm breeze tussling my hair like getting a headpat by an angel, "Spiritual State" by Nujabes playing."

"This overwhelming feeling of sincerity and resolve took me over. Everything was on point. It wasn't a blast of pleasure you get when you do something cool like jumping off a 15 ft waterfall, but more of a glaze over of goodness and self care. Like my world opening up again."

- kid-wonder

The Run

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"Sitting down for the first time after completing my first Marathon... I swear that feeling was better than any orgasm. It almost made me cry."

- liaotown

Pushed Magic

"I once had a massage where I could feel what I can only describe as strings of stress being pushed out of my back. I could actually feel these things being ungrouped and pushed out of my shoulder blades. I still try and get massages when I can but have never felt that since. It was a magical moment."

- throwawwway1million

That is a good list of fabulousness. Except the gym, I hate the gym. That is not a happy place, for me. Endorphins be damned.

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