Older Generations Break Down What They're Tired Of Hearing From Younger Folks
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Get Off My E-Lawn!

*shakes fists at the fact that calling it an "e-anything" is so incredibly dated. Of course, it's a virtual lawn. Who has lawns anymore? In this economy? And if they do, they haven't rented it out to influencers to promote their start-up goat lawn care company that PETA is vehemently protesting as cruelty and would like to euthanize the goats instead? Psh.*

If I sound salty and confused about all this newness it's because sometimes I am. I work in it every day, but "it" changes so fast that some days I want to give up and just go back to riding horses screaming through the countryside as a means of sharing news.

I'm not the only one.

Reddit was asked to air their beef:

"Older generations of Reddit, what are you tired of hearing from younger people?"

So I guess this is us elders lecturing you youngsters?

Get it together, people!

Nothing New

"There are a lot of younger people who seem to think that they are the ones who have discovered all the injustices in the world."

"I think every generation is like that, though."

"The young become aware of the bad things in the world, wonder why life is that way, and then blame the older generations for not doing anything about it, without recognizing how hard the older generations had to fight just to get things to this point (from much worse situations)."

"They don't realize that real social change takes a considerable amount of effort from a lot of people over time. Nothing changes overnight."

"I can remember thinking the same sorts of things when I was a teen and young adult, though, and I'm sure that young people from generations older than me were the same."

"It is a function of age, rather than generation."


Useful Schooling

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"Lots of younger people complain about school failing them by not teaching them every little thing in life."

"I've seen people use that as an excuse for not being able to cook, do laundry or taxes."

"You literally have the entire world's information in your pocket, but somehow can't put "how to cook pasta" on youtube?"


"Never seen anyone complain about school not teaching them how to cook or do laundry."

"But taxes? It's messed up if that's not taught"



"From my own generation, I hate how having 'no filter' and 'being a b***h' are considered okay these days."

"If someone is a rude POS people aren’t going to want to be around them. But then they blame you for that like your job is to be in their presence so they can criticize and berate you for the most ridiculous things."


"That’s not an age thing, it’s a trashy people thing."

"Can’t tell you how many times I’ve swiped left the moment I saw 'no filter lol,' and I’ve filtered out anyone under 40"



Shocked Perspective GIF by Digital PratikGiphy

"At 31, I’m not sure if I can answer this question."

"It applies to everyone, you just mostly see it from younger people: Judging people from history through the lens of today’s standards."


"This is called 'presentism' by historians, and is something that they actively try to avoid."

"Note, however, that this doesn't mean historical figures should get a free pass on sh*tty behavior. Many of them were awful even by the standards of their time."

"Columbus is a good example; his behavior towards the natives wasn't just shocking by current standards, it also horrified his contemporaries. Bartolome de las Casas did an excellent job documenting this."

"H.P. Lovecraft is another. While the average person in the 1920s would have had views considered racist by modern standards, Lovecraft's were exceptionally racist even for the 1920s. Calling him a racist is entirely appropriate."



"Referring to any and everything as a 'hack.' "

"Never figured out how to properly use something until someone on YouTube showed you? That's not a f-ing hack.That's called learning and using something as its intended."

"Found a faster/better way to scramble eggs with your egg beater? That's not a f-ing hack. That's called technique."


"Half of the time these hacks are just basic common sense."


Young and Dumb

Frustrated Buzz Lightyear GIFGiphy

"In my case I hit an age where I stopped hating the young for being ignorant."

"You're young. I was young. We said and liked dumb things. We were arrogant and thought way too highly of ourselves. Such are the trappings of youth."

"But when you're older, ignorant, and arrogant? F*** you. Play in traffic a-hole."

"But side note to all humans: You have 1 million times the content that was housed in the Great Library of Alexandria in your pocket."

"At all times. At least that much."

"If you're ignorant at all it's due to lack of effort and you should feel massive shame."


"The older I get the more I have to remind myself, they’re young kids being young kids; you were just like that at that age too."


No Offense...

"Honestly tired about everyone getting offended by everything."

"I mean, people will have different opinions than you. Not every difference of opinion is offensive."

"I shouldn't have to support something you believe if I don't believe it."


"I think the internet is partly responsible for this. People gravitate to the others that share their opinions and they get comfortable with believing they're right."

"As a friend once said, 'we used to have the village idiot, but with the internet we can make a village of idiots'. "


​Boomer vs Millennial 

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" 'Ok Boomer.' as a response to everything."

"Not every adult is a boomer."


"It's so stupid. It's literally just the same generational divide that exists every single generation."

"There's no difference between bitching about boomers as a young person and when older people would blame everything a young person does on 'Millennials'."

"They're the exact same type of people: Idiots."


"It’s the same thing as Boomers calling anyone younger than them a Millennial"



"61 here, nothing, they should be pissed."

"I hope they change the world for the better. The older generations have really f'ed them over. I am fighting for the rights of my grand daughter right now."


"Millennial here. Many of your generation did, but there were also many who really did, and still do a lot."

"I'm gay and respect the hell out of the queer activists before me that got me what I have today."


"This can't be overstated. The first wave of openly gay men in the 80s that tried to push for acceptance put up with horrific sh*t including beatings for kicks and straight up murder, compounded by the AIDS stigma, to get us where we are today."

"Nothing anyone is doing today holds a whiff of a scent of a f-ing candle to what they did."

"Also, I see loads of sh*tty gen Zs blaming older generations but doing nothing to help anything other than post on social media all day. Goes both ways. Incidentally, I'm a gen Y"


So Needy

Family Guy Love GIFGiphy

" 'Mommy I hafta go potty!' "

"Mommy can I have an apple juice?"

" 'Mommy! Have you seen my Cinderella?' "

"This younger generation is demanding AF."


"I Knooowww. She's three and asks me for food ALL THE TIME. Like jeez kid, get a job already."


"She ate yesterday! You're not made of money!"


Alright elder interneters, it's your turn on the soap box.

Hop up and tell us what's been annoying you about the young people these days.

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