People Who Have Accidentally Sent A Nude Photo To The Wrong Person Describe The Fallout

Person using a smartphone
Jonas Leupe/Unsplash

Whether everyone would actually admit it or not, most people live on their phones.

They can take care of last-minute work tasks on the go, confirm plans with friends via text, and entertain themselves while scrolling through multiple social media pages.

However, one must be super cautious and focused when juggling between all those open apps.

Because being a multi-tasker comes with a risk that involves mixing private and public lives with unintended, and very embarrassing, effects.

Curious to hear from strangers about a more NSFW faux pas, Redditor sollyman7999 asked:

"Ever sent a nude to the wrong person? what happened, how did they respond?"

Families can be close-knit but even they can have their hard limits.

WhatsApp, Doc?

"Sent a d*ck pic to my family whatsapp group instead of my girlfriend, who requested it. I got a lot of laughs from my sisters, a well done from my father, and not a single word from my mother, who to this day denies it happened. It was a horrible experience."

– Loud_Essay_7286

Sis Came To The Rescue

"I was meaning to text my boyfriend the picture, but must have still been in the iMessage chat to my dad at the time, and sent it without checking. Seeing that the nude had been texted to my dad, I immediately called him — I was going to ask him to delete the pictures, and that they were inappropriate and were supposed to go to my boyfriend. That way he wouldn’t see the images themselves; he would just know I had taken nudes. Somehow, by the grace of God, my SISTER answered his phone, as she was living at home at the time. I begged her for help, and she was able to delete the images off his phone. My dad never knew the incident ever occurred. I asked my sister how I could repay her, and she asked me to never ever bring it up again. I owe her one, eternally!"

– sjohns90

Sorry, Bro

"I was 26 at the time. Just shaved my junk. It was looking mighty presentable, so I decided the GF needed to see. I mistakenly sent it to my older brother. He replied with, 'I don't think that was meant for me.' I died a little inside. It was never spoken of again."

– ianj2807

Mother Approves

"Not me but my wife. She has sent a very explicit nude of hers to her mother instead of me."

"End result; 'Masallah, you're beautiful' as response from my mother-in-law, then similar responses from her sisters and sisters-in-law because yeah, her mother forwarded it."

– zztri

Leaders got more than they ever expected.

The Boss Gets A Surprise Message

"I accidentally sexted my Boss thinking I was talking to my Husband. He send back 'I don’t think this was meant for me' I sent him the biggest apology ever and we never spoke about it ever."

– Livinginthemiddle

At Attention

"I did the same thing with my platoon sergeant. D*ck pic with the caption 'love you' that was supposed to go to my ex. He just replied 'I like you, but this isn't love.'"

"Kill me."

– Reddit

Pay attention to which social media app you're using.

"Cute Lil Boobies"

"I have one like this that haunts me. When Instagram FIRST came out, like before I had ever even heard anyone talking about it, I thought it was a new photo editing app that let you put cool filters on your phone pictures and kept a little album for you, like any normal photo editing app would do. Keep in mind back then there wasn't really social media centered around pictures so I had no concept of that. I took some nudes on there and put lil filters on them and stuff and sent them to a boyfriend, then didn't think of it again"

"MONTHS later I get a text from a (very kind) ex saying 'did you know your cute lil boobies are on Instagram and everyone can see them?' I was mortifiedddd lol. Apparently he could find my profile because it recommended it via contacts or something, which I also had no concept of at that time, not many socials did that back then. So I have no idea how many people saw those pictures. Oops."

"To add insult to injury I wasn't signed into the account anymore so I was DESPERATELY trying to remember what email and password would get me in."

– Zenki_s14

For All To See

"Sent to the wrong person? No"

"Posted to my facebook feed? Yes"

"Few family members unfriended me, got a few DMs asking did I realize what I did, two DMs asking if I had more (not family - before you ask)"

– Craigothy-YeOldeLord

Nude Co-Worker

"I did once some years back. I (f) sent a snap to (f co-worker). I had absolutely no idea until I got a snap from her telling me I looked nice and asked if she was supposed to return the favor. Told her it was completely up to her but it was an accident! She sent me one back anyways. We left it at that and we would bring it up every once in a while and just giggle about it. Haven't seen her since I left that job but this question definitely brought this memory back lol."

"EDIT: I made this comment, went to bed, and didn't think about it this morning until I opened reddit not long ago. I was reading the comments and yall were making me laugh! It's so weird to have the most upvoted comment be me about sending a nude to a co-worker lol"

– MistressManor

And for others, it's all intentional.

Just Playing With The Homies

"The homies and I used to just randomly send each other photos of our family jewels and then make fun of them for looking. I miss it more and more every day."

– 28756

No recipient was harmed during this incident. I have multiple text threads, and it's very confusing to respond to one in which certain friends are also on other message threads.

One time I responded to a group thread explaining to them that I was going to come up with an excuse to back out of another invite mentioned on a different thread.

I guess I should have double-checked which thread I was sending it to because I informed the wrong thread of my plan.

At least there weren't nude photos involved.

My heart goes out to those who've shared their embarrassing stories here.

Let them serve as reminders to confirm your messages before tapping "send."

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