There's nothing like watching a movie only to see a sex scene that adds absolutely nothing to the plot. And they're everywhere!

While not in a film that should in any way be interpreted as a serious exercise, The Room features absurdly long sex scenes that resemble softcore porn.

Maybe that's what they were going for, but honestly, did you really want to see Tommy Wiseau make love to that actress's bellybutton? Really? They should have at least choreographed it properly, right?

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor Jfowl666 asked the online community:

"What movie had a sex scene that was completely unnecessary to the plot?"

Technically a series, but...

"The pilot episode for Stargate SG-1. The producers didn't want to have to worry about complaints for content, so they included a full frontal nudity scene in the pilot episode that was completely unnecessary (and in fact some later releases cut it out)."

"There is never full frontal nudity anywhere else in the entire series, and only suggested nudity a handful of times. The scene was only there as a way to set a bar so no one could complain about any future content."


It's actually restored on streaming services, believe it or not.

Awkward for the whole family!

The Chase (1994)

"The Chase. Kristy Swanson sitting on Charlie Sheen's lap while he's in a high speed pursuit. It's worse than it sounds."


And to think those two signed on to make this film with straight faces.

You're also probably one of three people on Planet Earth who remembers The Chase.

300 (2006)

"I’m not gonna sit here and name 300 but it definitely didn’t need to be that intense while I was sitting next to my girlfriend's mom and dad at the time... in high school, on the biggest IMAX screen imaginable."


Ouch... talk about awkward.

I'm cringing so much.

The Mule (2018)

"The Mule had Clint Eastwood as a florist turned drug mule in a gleeful threesome with two giggling girls that could be his granddaughters. Twice. Okay, Clint."


Clearly The Mule served as an opportunity for Clint to share his fantasies on the big screen.

Open Water (2003)

"Open Water. It's f**king unreal how completely irrelevant it was to the plot."


To be a little more fair, that happens before the couple even enters the water but we know nothing about them (and learn absolutely nothing from the sex scene either).

And technically ANOTHER series, but...

"My partner and I are watching Supernatural for the first time and in the early episodes Dean finds an old flame. They have an extremely long, drawn out, poorly acted sex scene that felt insanely out of place and forced."

"Could have had them just kiss, or smile and go into a room. No I have to watch him actively hump her for more than a minute."


To be fair, that was one of the worst episodes as acknowledged by the producers. Ouch.

The Room (2003)

"There’s only one answer for this and that answer is The Room. And there were multiple sex scenes."


See?! What did I tell you? The Room is egregious.

Final Destination 4 (2009)

"Final Destination 4. Did Hunt really need a sex scene before going to the pool?"


Why yes, yes he did.

And in 3-D no less.

Eternals (2021)

"Eternals. They could have just skipped to the wedding and gotten the same point across."


I read about this. It sounded rather comical–and the movie only just came out!

Top Gun (1986)

"I have this pet theory that Top Gun had both the sex scene between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis and that whole 'playing with the boys' soft-core porn volleyball game just to keep people guessing about which team Tom Cruise played for"

"Like you could literally snip out both scenes, and the movie would be no better or worse. They add nothing to the movie story."


Both of those scenes confused the hell out of me upon watching the film for the first time.

What was the point?

Perhaps the real question to ask here is what movie actually HAS a sex scene central to the plot?

Those are much smaller in number, but they certainly exist and are a better use of your time than any of these.

Have some opinions of your own to share? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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