As a lover of art and entertainment I loathe when a single moment ruins an entire experience.

Too many times we watch and get invested in a film or TV series all for it to be destroyed by a sloppy writing choice.

It's infuriating to watch your favorite characters run amok in nonsense for no reason.

Do writers just give up? Do they get drunk and forget? Does no one else have an opportunity to step in and say... "This doesn't work."

Know your characters and story like you want your audience to! Don't mess with my stories.

Redditorfriendlyxenomorph68wanted to discuss the times great entertainment was blemished, they asked:

"What single scene ruined an entire movie/franchise/ TV series?"

I have given up on many a show after some foolish decisions.

And films? Don’t get me started.

After Tim Burton left Batman... the next two films in the franchise, I refuse to acknowledge.

Wash Away

"Well, obviously, Bobby's showering in Dallas, after having been dead for 13 weeks." ~ VoyageurEnNoir


Ah Sweets

"Couldn't watch Bones after what happened to Sweets." ~ dream2012

"That was the worst character death. I didn't see it coming and I loved Sweets. I did go back and watch the remainder of the show a couple of years later. His death was on par with Henry Blake's in MASH." ~ organicvegetable

"I ended up really liking Aubrey, who essentially replaced Sweets. Completely different characters."

"He was fun. You're right, though, Sweets dying was so out of left field that it was awful." ~ HugsAndWishes

Sacred Heart

"May already be on here, but Scrubs had an amazing last scene, JD seeing his happy future as he says goodbye to Sacred Heart. Then they made another season." ~ Gartschool

"What I find most frustrating about that, is that the producers of the ninth season intended it to be a spin off show. The network kind of forced them to call it 'Scrubs Season 9' because of Scrubs' success. If it hadn't been named Scrubs, it probably would have been a decent season/show. Source: some episode of Zach Braff's and Donald Faison's podcast." ~ TerraNovatius

Wasted Time

"The finale of Pretty Little Liars, when the evil twin sister is revealed. Ruined the whole show for me." ~ cannolirule

"The time I wasted on this show... can never be regained. There were so many plot holes by the end it was almost comedic."

"At one point, almost all of them had murdered someone, been to jail, almost died and yet somehow managed to graduate high school." ~ Platano2

Bye George

"George Clooney cut himself loose from a space station in order to save Sandra Bullock. His velocity was zero relative to the station. He wouldn't have 'fell' and he wasn't 'pulling her down'." ~ InsomniaticWanderer


All good options.

That Bobby Ewing shower scene will live forever in infamy.

Like... WHAT?!


"The Dothraki charge into the night King's army."

"I just sat there and told myself: 'what the hell is this ridiculous crap?'" ~ Siphtrex


Hey Red!

"Honestly the Red John reveal in The Mentalist kinda pissed me off... it just felt like they had a hat with every minor character name in it and just picked one." ~ Conscious_Camel4830

"Of all the long story arc shows on TV, I think that Person of Interest was the only one that pulled it off in the end."

"Everything else, including The Mentalist which I loved dearly, drowned in their own plot devices." ~ GameVoid


"The final 5 minutes of the original Roseanne. 'Dan died, the sisters swapped husband's, mom's gay, Jackie's gay, this was all a book.'" ~ Aquaman8894

"The final season was a nightmare and creatively depleted so the writing room decided to try a retcon and failed (not really a thing at the time)."

"It doesn't fix the sheer terribleness of the last season but I'll give them credit for trying to breathe new life into an already-dead entity." ~ OGthrowawayfratboy

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Stay Faithful

"I really hated that in the movie for 12 Years a Slave they had him hook up with a woman while he was a slave. In his book (it's a true story that he wrote himself after getting out) he says he stayed faithful to his wife the whole time."

"I don't care if someone thought the audience wouldn't believe that, it's wrong for them to insert something like that when he clearly stated he didn't." ~ BlueGreenAndYellow


"When Rory ended up pregnant (not to mention completely washed up) in the Gilmore Girls Revival." ~ pienkChappie


Why Jamie?

"Jaime Lannister going back to Cersei. 8 seasons of character development, out the window in 5 minutes. Still hurts to think about." ~ AllForOnesBrother

"I have honestly blanked it out until it comes up on threads like this. Everything else I could have forgiven. Evil Dany? Plenty of foreshadowing."

"No point to the lord of light plot? No problem, a commentary on destructive faith maybe. Stupid Tyrion? He was a drunk and eventually it took a toll. But to take the beautiful, intricate dynamic they built between Jaime and Brienne, acted so masterfully by both performers, and toss it into a dirty dumpster like that… for what?"

"What was gained by that? Nothing. What was lost? One of the most beautiful redemption / anti-abuse plots in American television history. Jaime and Brienne were such a powerhouse story and they just blew it up for nothing, f*cking NOTHING at all." ~ TallNerdLawyer


"The scene where the mom had sex with a Mexican drug dealer on the hood of a car. The show was 'Weeds.'" ~ BradyBunch12

"To me it seems like the show is a classic example of writers feeling like they have to raise the stakes constantly. The premise was great, simple, had a lot of room to move around in... but no. No. Instead of a relatable, interesting show, we're going to crank everything up to twenty and assume that all our watchers are adrenaline junkies who'll happily sacrifice believability in favor of constant life or death stakes." ~ LeodFitz

Don't Go!

"Poochie leaving for his home planet…. Like wtf they just introduced this rad character for itchy and scratchy to hang with and then he just… leaves????" ~ kingweeman

"Poochie died on the way back to his home planet." ~ itchfaceluv

"Poochie was rough, but Roy's disappearance haunts me to this day." ~ prinskipper__skipple

90's TV

"When Zap left American Gladiators in 1995." ~ snakeiiiiiis

"That's when I knew the TV Industry was going downhill." ~ FancySack


5 minutes later...

"Barney and Robin getting divorced like 5 minutes after they got married." ~ crusemaister

"They spent a lot of time establishing that Ted and Robin were wrong for each other, and that she’d be a bad mother. It didn’t make any sense. And they nerfed all of the emotional development that Barney made over the last few seasons. 'After years of work, Barney is now a thoughtful, committed, and loving companion. Just kidding, he’s a man child now.'” ~ SupremeDictatorPaul

So Cruel

"The last 5/10 minutes of Veronica Mars." ~ RockDesk

"What always hits me is what it means for Dick Casablancas. He started out as just the worst, most awful dirtbag in the show, but slowly grows until he became my favorite character."

"The dude's brother dies (something that helps him realize that being an awful person effects those around you), starts to really redeem his character, confronts his father for also being pretty awful, and then his father dies too. The ending of S4 completely made sure he would lose the last person he had left. Dick lost his brother, father and best friend and it just seemed cruel to take away everyone from him after he'd finally become a fairly decent person." ~ FogerRedditor

I'm STILL Mad!

"The end of the movie Law Abiding Citizen, it was great up until then." ~ Pantaruxada

"Yeah that was some straight up nonsensical bulls**t. Clyde was supposed to be this super-genius CIA fixer who spent his entire career devising elaborate methods of assassinating high value targets without ever setting foot in the same room."

"It was just preposterous that Nick would manage to outsmart him. The scene where they meet Clyde's former CIA contact he explains that within the movie's universe Clyde is essentially overpowered as f**k and unstoppable so the ending defies the movie's own established logic. That ending still pisses me off 12 years later." ~ KYLO__R3N

Wouldn't Happen...

"Hospital dramas are a perfect example of what you want the hospital you go to to NOT be like. Like, for example, Grey’s Anatomy. There’s a part where they nearly perform an organ transplant on the wrong patient because one of the newbies screwed up. In any competent hospital that wouldn’t even happen. I don’t want my doctors sneaking off to f**k in the broom closet, I want them making sure I’m not dying." ~ XxsquirrelxX

Why Him?

"Jackie ending up with Fez in That 70s show." ~ Rolyat28


Too Sappy!

"The ending of Sex and the City. Sorry kids, but in real life Big wouldn’t have chased Carrie to Paris and things magically work out for them. I would have been much happier with Carrie riding off into the sunset as a happy single gal whose not ready to settle for a guy who jerked her around for years. And I’m a happily ever after movie/tv show kinda person. But it just didn’t fit the narrative of SATC for me." ~ Miss_Ann_Thrope55

Oh Rory. What happened?

So much mess in this thread.

Do better Hollywood. Lord knows you're paid enough.

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