People Share The Most Famous Celebrity They Ever Met

People Share The Most Famous Celebrity They Ever Met
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I love famous people.

I've met quite a few and have had overall great experiences.

I think they enjoyed me as well.

There is a level of fame though that can change the game.

Some celebrities are just too high on the list to meet without your knees buckling.

If I cross paths with Adele, my life is over.

And I'm ok with that.

Redditor mymiddlenameswyatt wanted to hear about all of the famous people run-ins we've had, so they asked:

"Who's the most famous person you've ever met?"

I once hit LL Cool J with a video camera while being an extra on set. And nobody could've been kinder.

He just laughed it off. Thanks LL.

Sporty Harry

Daniel Radcliffe Chaos GIF by The Roku ChannelGiphy

"Daniel Radcliffe worked out at my universities rec center for about a month because his girlfriend used to work at the rec back in her college days. They were in town visiting her family."


Let's Bolly...

"My wife was a PA on a Bollywood movie filming in Chicago years ago. I met this dude Amir Khan at a party and he ended up inviting me over to his temporary condo a bunch to basically be his drinking buddy. I think he enjoyed the fact that I didn't really appreciate how famous he was and just talked to him like a normal guy, because he's basically like the Tom Cruise of India."


My Favorite

"Ringo Starr. He and his wife were my passengers on a flight many years ago. They were both awesome!"


"Ringo will always be my favorite Beatle. Not because of anything in real life but in this weird a** druggie movie featuring the Beatles there was this weird looking guy and Ringo was the only one who wanted to be his friend."


Sir Yes Sir

"I met Tom Cruise way back in the Days of Thunder era when I worked event security. I was 19 he was easily the most recognizable famous person I'd dealt with and was a fan of at the time. I kept calling him Sir while escorting him to the sky box at a stadium. He told me if I called him Sir one more time he was going to deck me."

"To which I immediately said 'Yes Sir, Tom Sir, sorry Sir, sorry tom, Sir Tom, sorry' he stopped gave me a tap on my shoulder flashed that smile and laughed his a** off. Somewhere I have a autograph he had passed back to me addressed to sir from Sir."



Carol Burnett GIF by Golden GlobesGiphy

"Carol Burnett. I even asked her to do the Tarzan yell, and she did!"


"That's awesome. I've always liked her but that definitely moves the peg up the board."


I love Carol. How could one not?

I Know

Happy Star Wars GIFGiphy

"I met Carrie Fisher at Comic Con once. She gave me a big hug and I told her I loved her. She said, 'I know.' I got to pet her dog."


On the Job

"Alice Cooper at the Quiznos I was working at."

"The woman he was with wanted a sandwich. But he only wanted to empty our cookie rack. He got like 10-12 of em lol."

"Apparently I just missed Stephen King one day at another job."

"And I worked on Halle Barry's garage door once. But she wasn't even in town at the time."


The Good Guy

"Kobe was a regular at a restaurant I worked at. He was super nice and very engaging. It was a counter service place, which usually had a line out the door on weekends. He would sign autographs and take pictures with anyone who asked while he waited in line. I once offered to bring his food out to the back door so he didn't have to deal with all the fans. He declined, said it was all part of the job, basically. Super good dude, so sad he is gone."


Mr. Generous

"Ben Affleck... I met him like 10 years in Las Vegas. He came up to the bar and just sit down right beside me. We talked for a few minutes. He was asking me about what I was studying in college. I never let on that I knew who he was. He got up and told me to keep being kind to people and study hard and get that degree. When I got up to leave the bartender told me that Mr. Affleck paid for my drinks. Super nice guy.


So Professional

rocky balboa win GIF by RockyGiphy

"Sylvester Stallone. Due to the circumstance I had to pretend it was totally normal to be chatting with Rocky. He was very chill and professional, and he acted as though he didn't know he was 10000x richer and more famous than anyone else on that set."


Famous people... they're just like us. Well, mostly!

Do you have any amazing experiences to share? Let us know in the comments.

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