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People Break Down The Most Iconic Landmarks Where They Live

Reddit user orried-Stable-9963 asked: 'What's the most iconic thing where you live?'

Golden Gate Bridge
Photo by Ben Harritt on Unsplash

Those living in the world's most well-known cities might be lucky enough to be in the vicinity of iconic landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, Big Ben, or the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then too, some people might live in a town that might not have any places that are popular photo ops, but have a distinguished legacy all their own, such as Salem, Massachusetts or Bentonville, Arkansas.

Of course, even if they don't make the travel guides or the history books, just about every city or town in the world has its own claim to fame.

Some that residents proudly promote, others that people hope never get any major attention outside of town lines.

Redditor Worried-Stable-9963 was eager to hear the biggest claim to fame of people's hometowns, leading them to ask:

"What's the most iconic thing where you live?"

Think Carefully Before Taking A Group Shop...


"The giant blue horse sculpture that killed the sculptor."

"It has shining red eyes and is NOT helping the DIA conspiracy rumors."- BeastmodeBallerina

"The [Place] Where It Happen[ed]"...

"Alexander Hamilton was shot in the famous duel in 1804, right down the street from where I live." - Reddit

Bibliophiles Rejoice!

"'Anne of Green Gables'."

"And potatoes."

"But the cruise ships of Asian tourists ain’t here for the spuds."- Blue_Moon_Rabbit

martin sheen marilla cuthbert GIF by PBSGiphy

Doesn't Have Quite The Same Ring To It!

"A Golden Gate bridge that is orange."- CalGoldenBear55

Talk About Nickel And Dime...

"We have two actually."

"A Giant Nickel and the World's tallest Smoke Stack that I refer to as the world's tallest cigarette or 'dart'."- GrungusDnD

"My Kind Of Town..."

"The Sears Tower and Lake Shore Drive."- Acceptable-Yak7968

Beer Pong Chicago GIF by BPONGofficialGiphy

For Writer's Needing Inspiration

"Cannery row."- Zealousideal-Bug7138

"Driving there from San Jose is a nice drive through Steinbeck country."- kathatter75

The True Spirit Of St. Louis

"The Gateway Arch."- NowForMy2ndAct

"That’s the only thing here besides the Cardinals."- Andrew_The_Soviet

The Air Is Full Of Spices...

"Old Bay seasoning."- AlmostSane67

"Natty Boh too?"- i_love_ankh_morpork·

old bay japan GIFGiphy

All Roads Lead To Oregon...

"Mt. Hood, probably."

"Any part of the city with a bit of elevation you can look over on a nice day and see a snow covered volcano towering 11,000ft / 3350m over you."

"Doesn't quite compare to seeing Tahoma (Mt Rainier) from the Seattle area, but still cool."

"Also on a crystal clear day, driving north across the Saint John's Bridge, you can see Mt Hood, Mt Adam, Mt St Helen's, and Rainier all at the same time."

"Also the Portland 'White Stag' billboard."

"Hard to miss that one."- Beekatiebee

How Many People Run The Steps, But Don't Go In The Museum...

"Rocky steps."- Bulky_Ad_3608

"I was more impressed by imperfect love when I visited."- Brok3n_wind

He's Out There Somewhere...

"Mothman."- Deputy_Beagle76

"No recent sightings that I know of."

"But Point Pleasant does have a yearly Mothman Festival that’s really popular."- Deputy_Beagle76


Take Flight...

"Birthplace of the Wright Brothers, Air Force base, uhhhh."

"Yeah."- carolinethebandgeek

Don't Forget Your Beignets...

"Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras."- The_Pug

Jolly Old England!

"I live in the oldest town in England."

"We have the oldest church in the world."

"My house dates to the 10th century."

"Come at me bro."- schnitzelvk

World Cup Football GIF by Manne NilssonGiphy

Every town and city in the world will be remembered for something.

Even if some might only be remembered by its residents.

People Imagine How They'd Spend A Day With Their Favorite Celebrity

"Reddit user Beneficial-Course69 asked: 'You have one day to spend with one celebrity of your choice. Who do you choose and what will you do?'"

A blonde woman with sunglasses poses into the camera against a red background
Photo by Daria Volkova

One day with a celebrity.

How could that not be a good time?

To be able to spend one entire duration of 24 hours with one of the people who inspires you most is a memory you take to the grave.

So if given the chance, how do you pick?

Is there that ONE person, or are there several?

It may be hard to pick just one.

Redditor Beneficial-Course69 wanted to hear about how everyone would share time with their favorite famous person, so they asked:

"You have one day to spend with one celebrity of your choice. Who do you choose and what will you do?"


Dear Adele... if you're listening...

You and me... and gelato.

Well that is for starters.

Let's Pump

arnold schwarzenegger vintage GIF by Okkult Motion PicturesGiphy

"Arnold Schwarzenegger, we'll go to a gym and he's gonna teach me how to really do everything properly. Then go over to his place and watch 'Predator' or something."


He's Nice

"Paul Rudd and I play disc golf."


"I was thinking Paul Rudd too because he seems nice and easy to talk to."


"This but Ryan Reynolds dressed as Deadpool."


One Wish

"I don't really go into celeb culture."

"But I want to be with Robin Williams. Just bring him back for a day and let him decide what he wants to do... He was just the voice of my childhood and teens. His shows and voice were always on replay."

"If he wants to just talk about his life, or go surfing (I can't surf) or go bicycling (I can't cycle). I'll be cool with it. RIP Robin, you will always be Genie."


It's You!

"Bruce Campbell. It doesn’t matter what we are doing. It’s Bruce Campbell!"


"One magic evening about a decade ago, me and several friends attended a conference in Southern Oregon. We were out at a local Oasis, and frankly, throwing down. After a few rounds, the door opens with a flood of light into the dark bar. A shadow fills the door, then comes into focus."

"Because it could not possibly be Bruce Campbell walking into a bar I'm getting s**t-faced at, I say 'Hey, it's Bruce Campbell' he walks by, makes eye contact, and gives me the 'sup nod. It's actually Bruce. He lives nearby. My drunk starstruck a** is stunned into silence. He gets a table with some women he comes in with. I try to play it cool, but I'm sure my furtive glances are noticed."

"My group continues pounding drinks and somehow manages to leave him alone. I wish I could tell you he came over and partied with us, but the truth is he left after 90 minutes, as he probably recognized the vibe was going to shift to him at some point. I didn't slobber on him, and that's probably for the best. My wife saved the progressively drunker voicemails I left about seeing 'brooscamblll.' Fun time."


Ride High

Love You GIF by SkyGiphy

"Keanu Reeves, we'll go motorcycling."


"Keanu was my pick too, but since I don't know how to ride a motorcycle, I figured we'd just go do something good like go volunteer at one of those pet adoption events or give people free ice cream or something."


Long live Keanu.

We love you Keanu.

Does it Fit?

Happy Jeff Goldblum GIF by Apartments.comGiphy

"Clothes shopping with Jeff Goldblum. I can imagine he'd be so positive and share his style too so overall would be a great hang."


In the Track

"David Gilmour (Pink Floyd). Would love to sit and talk and play guitar. He’d teach me some stuff. Now that would be a great day."


"I was Gilmour in a decently popular Floyd tribute band. We played Shine On You Crazy Diamond as our opener every night. I can substitute for him in a pinch if you don’t hear from him. In all seriousness, no one else sits 'in the track' as far as spatial awareness and attack as Gilmour has. Ever."

"We can talk about Clapton, page, and Jimi soaring above the mix and right in your face, but no one ever knows exactly when to play, what and how to play like David. His genius is in the spaces. It took so long to realize that gear isn’t going to get the job done alone."



"Chase Utley. I feel like I can call him Chase because he and I are so alike. I'd like to meet him one day, it would be great to have a catch. I know I can't throw as fast as him but I think he’d be impressed with my speed. I love his hair, he runs fast. Did he have a good relationship with his father? Me neither."

"These are all things we can talk about and more. I know he hasn’t been getting my letters because I know he would write back if he did. I hope he writes back this time, and we can become good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a real homerun!"



"Bryan Cranston. We spent the day with him pretending to be my dad. He makes me breakfast. We play catch, and some board games, ice cream for lunch, and go on rides at West Edmonton Mall. Pizza for dinner. Then get drunk on shots at a dive bar where we swap work stories. It ends with him telling me he's proud of me then we never speak of it again to anyone. We are both old men so it will be ridiculous."


Just Hanging

Happy Stephen Colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen ColbertGiphy

"Pedro Pascal. I wanna take him hiking. I don't know why, he just seems like he'd be a fun hiking buddy. Then we can hit a diner in the middle of nowhere and have the best food of our lives because an old lady runs the place and uses all her family recipes."


Pedro is the future.

Who wouldn't want to spend the day with him?

Well, dear readers, who would you want to spend the day with?

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