People Share The Most Disturbing Facts They Know
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There are just some things in life that are not necessary knowledge.

Maybe we always hold out that tiny bit of hope we will one day be on Jeopardy... because you never know.

It's the creepy facts about life that leave me wondering and reeling.

RedditorsPanzer_ace_8wanted to compare notes on the things we're aware of that maybe we wish we could forget. They asked:

"What’s a disturbing fact you know?"

I mostly know disturbing facts about serial killers. As if that isn't enough. This should be fun.

Rest Well

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"The skin mites that live on your cheeks come to the surface at night to find mates and do the deed. Sleep well."



"If you were to eat another adult human being, it would be approximately 125,822 calories. I went down a rabbit hole on Google and yeah."


"How come it's almost 126K?"


"Math. Average human is say 70 kg, has 20% bodyfat, so 14kg of fat. Fat has 9kcal per gram, which makes it. 126,000kcal. Math never lies! But I do make plenty of mistakes. Probably it's more complicated - but directionally seems legit."



"Within three days of death, the enzymes from your digestive system begin to digest your body."


"I guess it’s reassuring to know your body decays before bugs can even get a shot to help your body decay, sort of like a medical death except your body willingly does it for you instead of doctors."


People on Earth

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"If you are 25 years old, approximately 1/3 of the entire world's population that existed at your birth, have since died."


How do people just stumble upon this sort of info? Y'all must read.


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"Some species of shark will 'waddle' onto land in order to catch more prey."



"During World War 2, Japan bombed China with fleas infected with the bubonic plague."


"Man they were just straight attempting to kill as many civilians of possible with that one."


"This is why a large portion of Chinese loathe the Japanese."



"It's believed the USS Thresher or USS Scorpion (don't remember which one) took around 20 minutes to go to crush depth in it's free fall."


"My Uni mate is a navy submariner and he said that if a problem isn’t your department you just ignore it, because ultimately it either gets fixed or you die, neither of which are scenarios you can do anything about. Him and a friend were playing Fifa in their bunk when the whole sub tipped to 45 degrees. They just kept playing at 45 degrees… it got fixed eventually but they’re reactor crew so nothing they could do to help either way."


"body farms"

"There are places called 'body farms' were scientists and researchers look at the decomposition process of human remains in different circumstances. Basically a big area somewhere outside were human, sometimes pig corpses are laid out to be exposed to the natural elements or they're even enclosed somewhere (like the trunk of a car). They're actually important e.g. for forensic anthropology to help solve crimes. And you can donate your body for research after you die!"


Miles Long

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"Your body makes blood vessels of about 7 miles in length for every pound of fat you gain. This in turn strains your heart as it has to work harder to pump blood through the new network of blood vessels."


Well there are things I never needed to know. But now we do.

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