People Break Down The Most Unprofessional Thing A Doctor Has Ever Said To Them
Bruno Rodrigues on Unsplash

Because we rely on a medical professional's expertise regarding our ailments or concerns, we have no choice but to trust them.

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People Break Down The Most Out Of Touch Thing They've Ever Heard Someone Say
OSPAN ALI on Unsplash

Don't you just hate it someone makes a tone-deaf declaration without realizing their words have the potential to hurt or frustrate others occupying the same space?

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marriedSo much of history is being looked at and studied and we're realizing... we really let A LOT of "artistic" crap slide over the decades.

There are some especially egregious issues in music. Some songs and lyrics can just give us all a little cringe.

Some cringe may be because of the artist, which begs the question... "can we separate the art from the artist?"

And some songs are foreshadowing that can be too cruel to take.

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We are in trying and interesting times. Everyone is on edge when it comes to how they're feel and what they believe. And there are some very real issues that we have the right to be on edge about. A real change is gonna come. But there are a few things that people are getting a little crazy about; like the tv shows or opposing ideas on icing for cake. People.... lighten up. Not everything is so serious. There are pills to help with levity.

Redditor u/Chanel-Number-5 wanted everyone to have an open discussion about all the things and sayings that others take issue with these days by asking.... What's the weirdest thing people get offended by?
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What people find offensive can vary greatly from person to person and one culture to another. Morality can be pretty different between different religions and cultures, and the same holds true for what is considered truly insulting or offensive.

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