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Mischievous people can't help themselves when it comes to screwing around with people.

Prank-happy folks like to plot out the schemes that entail hiding around the corner and scaring the living daylights out of unsuspecting coworkers, or concocting an alarming story to family members, only to reassure them everything is fine.
Imagine then, if these pranksters had the supreme ability to do so much more with humanity.
Redditor DoNotCareAnymore_ had an ultimate hypothetical and asked strangers on the internet:
"If you were God, what would you do to mess with people?"

These are just cruel divine interventions.

A Missing Garment And Power Failure

"I'd make people's socks disappear one by one. I'd also burn out the light bulbs in their refrigerators."


Disembodied Voice

"'behind you' in an ominous voice."


Some Rearranging

"Change people's furniture around randomly."


Invasive Marketing

"crappy mobile game ads randomly appearing in their vision."


"And make the 'x' so small that you can't remove it."

"Also this comment is sponsored by raid shadow legends."


Pop Tv Please GIF by Schitt's Creek Giphy

Sending special visitors down to earth is the name of the game here.

Mythical Creaturs In Our Midst

"Make all kinds of fantasy creatures real and have them live secretly among humans or hidden in unexplored places."

"Unicorns, Fairies, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons, Mermaids, Lizard Folk, Bird Folk, Angels, Demons, Werewolves, Vampires, etc."


Tipsy Archangel

"Every fifth visitation from the angel Gabriel to earth, I would send him down roaring drunk - I mean absolutely battered."


"With a flaming sword, so he can do party tricks."


Drawn-Out Manipulation

"Talk to them a whole bunch. Send a kid down there, perform some miracles and just really reinforce that I exist. Then just ghost them for hundreds of years to see what happens."


What happens next? The following experiments are all about observing the reactions.

Homogeneity ​

"Make everyone the exact same color and speak one language and see what happens."


Cause Chaos

"Answer their prayers. No one would expect it and it would create chaos..... The lottery being split between 50 million people would be a real bummer."


Reassurance In Times Of Distress

"Whisper 'I love you' several times in their ears whenever they're confused, stressed, irritated, tensed, angry, sad, in other sh**ty moods."


If I was a divine entity, I would cause alarm in people's kitchens.

When someone puts a frozen entree in the microwave, I would make it disappear.

By the time the timer goes off, the amateur cook would open the microwave and see emptiness. I wouldn't hold out on them though.

I would make their "heated" food reappear in the fridge.

Mean, I know. But hey, I'm just responding to the Redditor posing the question.

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No one wants war.

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