Men Break Down Which Things They Will Never Quite Understand About Women

Men Break Down Which Things They Will Never Quite Understand About Women
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Men and women.

What a conundrum.

Or mess, whatever description makes more sense.

I don't believe this battle of wills and thoughts will be answered in this lifetime.

But maybe some headway can be made with a few honest thoughts.

Some guys out there really want to "get it," ladies.

And by "get it," they mean answers to questions and logic that escapes them.

So how can you help?

Redditor GrouchyResolution974 wanted to know what the boys can't quite seem to grasp about the ladies, so they asked:

"Men of Reddit, what’s one thing you will never understand about women?"

Thankfully, I like boys, but's it's a fascinating topic. I'm listening.

Follicle Issues


"Based on the amount of hair I have seen in the bathroom, and that I somehow still keep finding in my clothes/bu**crack, how do you still have so much hair on your head?"


mark your territory?

"Are you planting hair ties and bobby pins everywhere to mark your territory?"

"This actually came up in a previous relationship when my girlfriend (at the time) found a 'foreign' bobby pin in one of the bathroom drawers, and freaked out about it until I casually explained that she is in fact not the first girlfriend I ever had and that I don't go through and scrub every square inch of my apartment after a breakup."


Chaotic Sizes

"Why are women clothing sizes all over the place? One store a size 4 could be a 9 at a different store."


"We don't get it either, and we don't like it. The fashion industry refuses to standardize sizes, make bras for well endowed women at a reasonable price, or put useable pockets on our clothing. It's freaking MADDENING."


"This is a topic most of us rant about at LEAST twice a month, if not every time we go clothes shopping. My best friend says women’s sizing depends on your horoscope and your immediate proximity to a chicken."


Why so Small?

"Why are their pockets so small? Who started this?"


"Pockets went away because 20th century fashion silhouettes were too slim for pockets, cost of installing pockets makes manufacturers not include them in designs, and women’s clothing is made of weaker fabrics that aren’t suitable for pockets. The purse industry thing is a myth."



Mean Girls Gossip GIF by Paramount MoviesGiphy

"Starting a conversation, then continuing the conversation after walking into another room where you can't be heard."


Women have super sonic hearing, it's a gift.


Jersey Shore Dancing GIF by Jersey Shore Family VacationGiphy

"I'm going to McDonalds, want anything? No. *Proceeds to eat all of my fries, bruh."


"'I'll just have some of yours.'"

"No I want all of mine, that's the point. I'll just get 2 and finish yours."


0 to 100!!

"How a woman can instantly tap into the rage (with 0 energy loss) they experienced from an argument we had 2 years ago, and I don't even remember it happening."


"It's because of the implications of the past rage. I think women tend to connect behaviors into a pattern more, rightly or wrongly. So X things is seen as a warning sign for something negative."

"Something happen twice is a pattern of behavior that indicates negative thing. I think men tend to view each incident as an isolated event. I don't think either one is right or wrong. I think you need both kinds of thinkers in a social group. A lot of women just tend to lean one way and a lot of men the other."



"Where do you want to eat?!"


"As a girl, I absolutely hate having to choose. I will never turn down a place when my husband picks. If I actually want something I will tell him. It should be simple. I get stuck making dinner at home most days and make those decisions- don't make me also figure out food out of the house too."


"Frankly this is a fair take that I’ve never considered."


Hats off y’all...

"Why the f**k you would ever want to be pregnant. I watched my wife push out two kids with no drugs, and y’all have my undying respect. No freaking way I’d do that dude. Courage is defined as a woman who intentionally get pregnant, knowing what that actually entails and all the terrifying risks associated with it. Hats off y’all."


Bad Company

"Toxic Positivity. Why are you always hang around people you don't like and pretend to be nice to them."


"It’s not necessarily a good habit for sure, but women's networks rely upon collaboration so if you burn bridges, women can do a lot of damage to you socially with a bit of well placed gossip. Sadly. Women’s weapons are psychological devices, vs mens which may be more overtly aggressive."


Googley Eyes

Want You Love GIF by NICOLE DADDONAGiphy

"How they can look at men and find them attractive. I’m an overweight turd and somehow I’ve managed to find one that finds me attractive."


We thank these ladies for answering these questions so candidly, in hopes of catching some of the men up to speed.

Do you have any burning questions or things you'd like to answer? Let us know in the comments.

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